Ask Michelle - The 7 Chakras - An Overview

An Overview of the 7 Chakras

The Chakras

A very powerful way to open up your psychic awareness is by opening, activating and balancing the chakras. There are many chakras that extend out from the body, and seven basic ones that are based in the body, starting at the base of the spine and reaching up to the top of the head.

Clearing and Balancing the Chakras

You can use chakra meditations to get the chakras opened, aligned and balanced. Mentally see an image of yourself in front of you, and visualize all of your chakras open and balanced with a golden light from the higher realms flowing easily down through all of them.

You can also work with one particular chakra at a time, tuning in to each one individually, as in a healing session. When I do a chakra reading, I start with the first chakra and go up through each one. Pay attention to whatever images, colors or feelings come in as you tune in to each chakra. These are messages about how the energy is flowing or not flowing through that energy center, if you will listen.

It is important to clear any blockages we find in the chakras. When we suppress emotions instead of dealing with and working through them, problems can eventually manifest first on an energy level, then physically, according to what part of the body is affected by that emotional energy.

There are also things we can do outwardly to keep our chakras balanced. To balance the root chakra, for example, go outside and if it’s warm enough, stand on the earth with your bare feet or sit next to a tree. Walk or dance on the earth to reconnect your first chakra to the earth energy that feeds it.

It’s important to remember that though the chakras are valuable energy centers, every single one of the trillions of cells in our bodies contributes to our health and well-being as well. We can create good health and energy just from visualizing the cells in our body as being healthy and well.

The Seven Chakras

NameSpiritual Areas


ColorLocationPhysical Areas GovernedMental/Emotional Areas GovernedAreas of Life Governed
First or

Root Chakra

Our connection to the earth, the physicalRedBase of the spineSpine, legs, feet, kidneys, immune systemSelf-esteem, sense of well-being, family relationshipsMoney, career, home life
Second or Sacral ChakraBeing accepting of others in relationships, creativity, manifestingOrangeLower abdomenStomach, sexual organs, gall blader, liver, spleen, pancreas, mid-spine areaFeelings about power, money, sexualityRelationships – balancing the active and the passive; making choices
Third or

Solar Plexus Chakra

Self-loveYellowUpper abdomenColon, adrenal glandsSelf-image and self-esteem, emotional balance, decisivenessEgo, self-esteem, our sense of ourself in the world
Fourth or Heart ChakraLove, forgiveness, compassion, empathyPinkChestUpper back, lungs, heart, shouldersAbility to release those we love without being possessive, feeling courage or fear, love or hate, calm or angerEmotional connections, relationships, empowerment, ability to heal
Fifth or

Throat Chakra

Divine will, declaring the truthBlueThroatThroat, glands, thyroid, gums and teeth, jawPersonal creativity and expressionSelf-expression, ability to “speak up” for and have faith in one’s self, decisiveness
Sixth or

Third Eye Chakra

Truth, knowledge and wisdomIndigoCenter of the foreheadPineal gland, brain, eyesight, hearing, spine, mental and emotional healthAbility to know the truth, emotional intelligence, mental clarityPsychic or intuitive seeing
Seventh or Crown ChakraHigher knowing, intuitive abilityWhite or VioletTop of the headMuscular and skeletal structure, the skin, physical energy levelsAbility to access divine consciousness, personal identity, trust, personal ethics and valuesLife energy, life purpose, enlightenment, humanitarian interests, inspiration

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