How to Launch Your Spiritual Business and 7 Important Things to Do Now

Don’t Overthink It, Just Start! 

So, if you’ve ever been interested in learning how to start a small business from home, now might be the perfect time. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever before are working from home and launching their own startups. 

Although starting a business from home has its perks, like starting any business, there is a lot to go through in order to set yourself up for success. Today, we’ll talk through some of those steps. 

A common question I hear when a person has a desire to deepen the momentum in their life calling and spiritual journey is “Where do I start?”

So many of you are embracing spiritual living and are ever so in-tune with this aspect of who you are and want to become. You also have question about how to share your passions and talents with others.

Your Steps to Launching Your Spiritual Business

First, take some time to really consider what topic of the spiritual industry you feel that ‘yes!’ energy with. For example, when you think of acupuncture, sound therapy, massage and the healing arts to you get real excited, impassioned or even just curious? That’s yes energy! So go that direction. You must must keep in  mind that you want to build a business that you love and feel a passion for. If you don’t feel that, then wait. Keep brainstorming, searching and being open to that which speak to you loud and clear. If you feel stuck or a block here, don’t be afraid to reach out and consult with someone you trust.

Allow yourself to explore what a spiritual business means to you and what offerings you can bring to those you wish to serve.

Some examples of spiritually based business can include:

Yoga Teacher
Jewelry design
Sound Therapy
Spiritual Coaching
Nutrition Coaching
Feng Shui
Meditation Coaching
Distant Healing
Next comes the question of do you start a spiritual home-based business or a spiritual business. This can feel a bit anxiety-inducing, but it really need not be at all. Do you best to make peace with the unknowns of the how to’s or find all that exact answers now. Embrace the unknowns! We are not meant to know all now. If we did…we would go nuts! Trust that knowing about things comes as you are ready. Let the passion, the desire and the yes! energy be enough to forge forward with.

Third, think about your mission and/or purpose and create your brand story. Meaning, there are oodles of people in the spiritual industry wanting to be entrepreneurs. They all indeed may share a similar purpose as you ( they want to help, contribute, change the world, inspire, give back). But, exactly how each person goes about doing this, how they define the way their business changes the world and what launched that passion into to being is very different and unique. Each person’s journey is one of a kind and very unlike anyone else’s story. So, build your unique story! There is only one you. There will not be another who has the same story and purpose as you.

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Let’s Talk About Your Why

Okay, let’s take this purpose and your story to the next step now and consider now, your WHY  behind what you are choosing. This will help you establish a place among your community and also connect with your clients.

To begin, really take a moment not to reflect on: Why do I want to do this? Think about how you might make and impact, what kind of freedom this may bring you and your family, the financial windfall potentials and so on. Really dig deep to discern what’s inspiring you from within.

It is ever so important that you are aligned with the offering or service you provide. We need you to stand behind it and believe in it. If you don’t believe in it, no one else will. You simply cannot serve others and build a successful spiritual practice if you do not feel completely connected to the business itself – even with all the unknowns!

Building Upon the Business? And Sometimes You Pause

Building your spiritual business is a process that will continue day by day, year by year. In that light, consider these tips now and then re-assess them periodically to ensure you are building a business that aligns with who you are and how you want to show up.

  • Your vision board of success – Take some time to look ahead and plan. Create a clear understanding of what your business goal and expectations are and what success looks like to you for your business. This vision might included major financial goals, property purchases or assets, authoring, speaking globally, or a deep seated desire to contribute on a global level or within your local community. Do spend time finding clarity in what success means to you! This will be a significant step in your ability to show up authentically and in alignment with your vision of success.
  • Commit to the business – As you have clarity on the business goals it’s time step into and commit 100 percent day in and day out! This will be different for everyone but could be as simple as education and training to enhance your expertise, creating meaningful content for your audience, designing new offerings or blogging. Sometimes, it even means taking deliberate time to simply pause and reflect. Understand that your business is ever-evolving and needs your daily love and attention. If you have a vision and a plan to make it happen, it is now on you to put those plans into motion and truly take control of your success as a spiritual business owner.
  • Embrace the rocky road sections of the path – There may be some setbacks! That is an inherent and expected part of any successful business. Some things may feel like they have failed, but many more others will not. You will make mistakes. Not everyone will resonate with your message. Tougher times won’t always feel good, but put on a forge-forward outlook nonetheless. Lean into your failures and learn from them. When you feel you have come to a stuck space, have a plan in place for that. A deliberate point at which you first see you’re spinning your wheels/stuck and then second, create Plan B. These points are opportunities to pivot, not stop.

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Marketing Your Spiritual Business

Once you have established your vision for your spiritual business and have confidence in your offerings, it is time to market your spiritual business and attract the clients you wish to serve. Below are some things to consider for marketing your spiritual business:

Do It Your Way – When it comes to marketing a spiritual business, you don’t have to be like everyone else. Always remember that you are in control of your business and by doing it your way, you will feel more aligned and connected to your success. For example, though there is something to be said for having a blog, it is ok to skip this is if simply does not resonate with you. You may prefer a different way of sharing, teaching and educating your audience such as bringing in a social media platform. The point is, do it your way! You will find the clients you are meant to serve by being true to who you are. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it.

Collaborate with other businesses! Do align with other businesses and people who are aligned with your values. Speak, present, get interviewed, author articles and publish with similar business in your industry in an effort to achieve this. Join forces, align and create projects together in an effort to serve your clients and the community. Remember, you’re not in competition with others you’re in collaboration! Lean right into your industry and community and allow yourself to find success through connecting with and boosting the success of those around you.

Be Yourself – Remember that your brand is all about your unique story! So be you, unabashedly! Your business might take you in the limelight or behind the scenes, either way it should reflect who you are. Your brand need not be what others are doing. Craft your brand through tuning into who you are and what resonates with you. Remember that your following was drawn to you for who you are.

Dole it out! – If you are a business owner you are likely an expert at what you do. Whether it be making a product or providing a service, you know your “thing” inside and out. However, it would be completely understandable that you aren’t also an expert at all things branding and marketing. For this reason, it can be a great idea to get support with building your business in those areas you’re not the expert! For example, if you’re not an expert photographer and you need quality images for your website or media related events, then hire a professional photographer to do your work. Equally, if you’re not a website designer and you want a quality site created for your business, hire the professional web designer who is affordable and who you trust. In short, getting the help of those with expert know-how is worth your while!

Specific Guidance on the Launch

Seven most important things to do now, to launch:

  1. Establish Your Business Name, Slogan and Logo. (Here’s where your personal brand story begins to be expressed!)
  2. Open a Business Bank Account
  3. Get an EIN Number
  4. Build and Launch Your Website
  5. Establish a Business Insurance Policy
  6. Hire and Expert in the Legal Industry to Review Forms and Contracts
  7. Consider Becoming Incorporated as an  LLC

Final Notes & Be Sure to Check Out My Article at Forbes!

Find a mastermind group – Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or simply making a shift towards a spiritually based business, having support can make all the difference. Consider reaching out to a like-minded group within your industry and build that network. Collaborating in this way is one of best tools available to you! From family and friends to mentors and spiritual business coaches, obtaining support can help uplift you, inspire new ideas and visions and allow you to confidently present your business to the world.

Be willing to evolve – As you build your spiritual business it is important to reflect on what your business means to you, who it is serving, and how it aligns with who you are. You may find that over time your vision for your business no longer aligns with who you are. It is perfectly acceptable to shift course midstream and change your business as you build it. Whether you continue to build on your foundation by adding more products and services or make a complete shift to something different, your spiritually based business should always be in alignment with who you are.

To take your busines to the next level and learn very specific marketing steps for your business and to receive one on one business coaching, be sure to schedule a session at our online booking system!

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Schedule a Business Coaching Session with Michelle

If you want to learn more or are interested in a business coaching session with Michelle, this is available to you through our easy to use online booking system.  We would love to hear from you! Unlock your inner entrepreneur and true career potential today!

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All About Sound Therapy: Tibetan Bells, Singing Bowls, Gongs, Drums and More!

Sound Baths and Therapy

The practice of healing bodies through sound is an ancient practice and has long since been considered a deeply healing spiritual practice that ‘cleanses us through music.’ A sound bath or also known as sound therapy is a transformative meditative experience where one is literally bathed in sound waves. The sound waves come from healing tools such as drums, shakers, Tibetan bells, singing bowls and gongs. The music is carefully chosen instrument working in harmony with one another and can even include human voice and chanting, ultimately bringing forward a deeply healing, soul fulfilling symphony of sounds.

Our Innate Sense of Sound

Hearing is is one of our physical senses we use constantly. When we use this on a heightened level to receive intuitive messages or insight we call this clairaudience, which means clear hearing. Sounds are all around us we are immersed in them at all times. It would make sense then that sounds impact us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What we hear on a daily basis, moment to moment matters. Sounds carry both positive and negative energy and shifts. Take a moment now to just listen to the sounds around you.  How do they make you feel? Listen to the layers of sounds around you, near then further out. Do you notice emotional, mental or even physical responses in your body having listened to the sounds? Sometimes the impact of sound is subconscious and we don’t even realize on a conscious level it is effecting us. If you’ll just begin to allow a relationship with the sound around you, you’ll begin to notice its power and influence more and more.

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How Sound Therapy Works

Sound therapy and healing is based on the principle of resonance which is a frequency or signal line our physical and spiritual body most naturally wants to vibrate along. If you are ill or upset and imbalance creates and your vibration moves off its frequency to an unfamiliar vibration. Since you want to maintain harmonious balance and flow we want to restore your body’s natural frequency. This is where sound therapy enters. Each chakra energy center in your body resonates at a frequency. So, the Root chakra, located at the base of your spine, resonates to a certain tone or frequency (let’s just call it note G for example)  – then if it gets off it’s natural vibrational line then sound therapy can tune it and restore it to it’s natural G note!

Sound therapy works with our brainwave states: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta

  • Alpha – Relaxed state, although passively aware. The first layer of a meditative state that feels a lot like daydreaming. It is hear where healing begins as the body’s natural pain reducing endorphins release.
  • Beta – This is our normal waking state. We are present, fully aware and alert. We can be reactive in this state.
  • Theta – Deep meditative state and feels hypnogogic. The is where higher levels of creativity are accessed. Think of it as opening the door to the subconscious. This is akin to dream state.
  • Delta – If Theta opens the door to the subconscious, Delta is a complete immersion with your subconscious.  Here we are in deep live sleep. Ultimate healing happens in this space. The body slows down immensely and we connect to higher vibrations.

Sound Therapy Tools

Sound therapy uses tools from across the globe. You might consider one favored tool you feel a natural affinity to for one reason or another, or a combination of several tools. I prefer a combination of tools: Tibetan bells, native drums and conch shell. I like to hear the sounds of these tools in my personal mediation. For healing treatments and therapy with clients I incorporate all three tools. That said, all of these tools are excellent options and one is not better than the other. Each tool does indeed carry its own very high vibration and unique sound healing properties. Remember to simply set an intention to receive the utmost healing and guidance that’s most aligned with you in your life right now as you work with each tool.

Some of the tools which I incorporate into individual treatments, group meditations and teachings include:

Tibetan Bells and Bowls

These tools are created to sing! They are made from seven metals: gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron, and mercury. Historically, these bowls are known to have been used in the practice of meditation, ritual and ceremony. Traditional bowls vs modern made bowls, hold a powerfully healing sound,  creating beautiful undulating tones that beautifully linger for many moments. Tibetan bells carry very pure clear tones supporting you in identifying the location of, and then releasing of stuck energy within your body. Use these bells to support you in mediation and bring body, mind and spirit harmony.

Conch shell 

Conch Shells are ancient secret healing powerful instruments for all the different kinds of troubles. It cleans mind, spirit, home, working space, environments and other instruments as well.

Crystal, Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls

Crystal bowls create a gentle sound and work directly with the Heart Chakra where one can reach energies of unconditional self-acceptance. Each crystal-singing bowl is tuned to a note on the scale which is then aligned with the colors of the rainbow and your energy body and chakras. These bowls work with sound, color and your chakra system to inspire healing. Profoundly breathtakingly beautiful and deeply spiritually transforming tones of these bowls has been described as an Angelic chorus. Quartz crystals bowls pass through the physical body to cellular structures releasing blockages on an energetic level. They inspire an abundance of prana and allow the accessing of altered states of consciousness.

Native American Drums

Drumming has been used to purify after sickness or death. Align yourself with the drums by playing to your own heartbeat then create sounds and rhythms on an intuitive level to raise your energy and access higher states of consciousness.

Rattles and Shakers harmonize and smooth out the energies at the end of a healing treatment or mediation, raising the energy vibration of the listener.

Symphonic Gongs

Often made of copper, the sound emanating from these tools is truly harmonic.

Tibetan Tingsha

Tingshas are hand-held tools that when chimed together in meditation support concentration and bring balance.


Steps to Create Harmonic Vibrations with Your Tools

  1. When working with sound tools first sit in meditation and clear your mind and space energetically.
  2. As you are lying on your back, take in a few deep belly breathes and release any stress and tension.
  3. Close your eyes and set an intention for a pure, positive experience.
  4. Tapping into your intuition allow yourself to create the sounds that flow based upon how your body and mind want to move.
  5. Let the music work through you, feeling it fully.
  6. You  might work with one tool or several different ones in one session. Setting one down as you feel complete with and choosing another.
  7. Allow the sound to fill your whole being and notice how your body comes into deep harmony.
  8. Continue to play until you feel an essence of completion.

Sound therapy is life altering. The deep healing, tranquility, rejuvenation and sense of inner peace sound baths bring have an ineffable effect on the soul. This ancient practice is ancient for a reason. As you stay focused in this healing practice you’ll begin to notice soul level transition that breathes new life, knowing, perspective and more to all aspects of your life.

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What’s Blocking Your Intuition

Intuitive Blocks Can Happen

Yes, your intuitive side can from time to time become blocked. It’s actually part of the process and can even increase your ability if you’ll pay attention. So, now that we know that and can embrace it, we have rendered that powerless.

The difficulty inherent in intuitive blocks is that you may not always know (at least right away) what they are or when they are presenting. Let’s now look at what some of those blocks could be so you can identify them.

What Blocks Your Intuition And Intuitive Abilities

Chakra and Aura Energy Blocks

From time to time our energy fields get a little wonky. We may have some energy blocks in our chakra and aura energy centers. Maintaining a balance in all of our chakras are very important. If there energy blocks in these energy centers as well as our aura this can disturb and even block our intuition and intuitive abilities.

A powerful way to open up your psychic awareness is by opening, activating and balancing the chakras. When your chakras are in alignment, your life energy moves easily up your spine to your crown, through which you receive the energies of the higher realms and eventually, enlightenment. When any of your chakras are blocked or imbalanced, those higher energies are blocked from flowing down into all of your energy centers. Have a listen to this powerful meditation at the Intuitive Hour on how to maintain balance in our energy body: A Powerful Chakra Clearing Meditation.

Releasing Doubt

Doubt about your gifts or ability is common but can create a block as well. You know you have allowed in doubt because you feel an emotion or sense of second-guessing, your thinking mind has taken over and worry thoughts have entered. You are most certainly in your thinking mind which is limited and bound by time and space. Your psychic gifts are beyond the mind. They are bigger than you. Set an intention to release doubt and say out loud, “I release doubt from thoughts.” Do this daily.

Are There Phobias?

Phobias and particulars about life come in all different manner of ways. Things you absolutely loathe and don’t understand, could very well be connected to past lives. Think for a few moments: Is there something in your life that you just cannot stand and cannot understand why. Is there a smell of particular odor, a particular food or even a sound of some kind like nails screeching across a chalkboard that creates a rare emotional or uncomfortable rise in you? Tune into this a bit more for a few moments. How do you feel in large crowds or small spaces? Are you frightened of spiders, dislike certain foods, have a desire to hide or be unseen not liking to be the center of attention? Do any of these things or others that come to mind as you ponder this, create anxiety? This is your indication it’s time to soothe your soul, let go of phobias and fears, that are lingering from the past.


When you find yourself saying I need to nail this or you have a sense you must ‘get it right’ or be accurate, that is ego! When you get remotely close that, catch yourself and let it go. Move then into a space of allowing. Meaning, relax and let the information come. Enjoy the journey as it is a process and it is that very process that is the gift. Your desire to be right or ‘get’ images is ego and will hinder your connection.

Your ego would control your life if it could. Be mindful of self talk in which you are comparing yourself to others, belittling yourself, worrying too much, and needing to compete with others to validate your self-worth all point to signs that you have lost touch with your intuition.

So, learn to live in your heart. Meditation absorbs ego right up as you begin to let deeper awareness of who your really are come forward in this quieted space.

The ego is the mind. The real, true you is of the heart. Your intuition is rooted in the heart, feeling-based space not logical thought. So be in silence as often as you can. Life will become effortless as opposed to controlled by the ego.


You are in charge of this work and your intuitive gifts. You have time! They are not going to get up and run away from you! Can we just stop and envision that for a moment. Doens’t that bring a chuckle! Your gifts don’t work that way. So, trust that the knowing of messages will come at the right time. You that the time is right because it is happening now!

You’re not Grounded

Staying energetically grounded is essential. Here’s how you know you’re not grounded: You feel disconnected from yourself and your surroundings. As your intuition becomes more powerful, you will harness deeper relationships with yourself and others, and you will have more empathy for all life on Earth. You will realize that you have the potential to impact this world in a unique way, and that you no longer need to rely on anything outside yourself to thrive on this planet. If you don’t currently feel this way, don’t get discouraged. Simply relax your mind and let the wisdom already within you come to the surface. The fast-paced world we live in can distract us from our true nature very easily, so make sure you unplug from the matrix every once in a while and connect to the vast knowledge of the higher realms.

Take a moment to visit this article here at Your Psychic Library on Grounding: The Essential Psychic Development Tool of Grounding

Damned be Nerves!

There are two kinds of anxiety: the good and the not so good. The good anxiety actually propels you forward. It’s what makes you act, move and do, regardless the anxiety. It motivates you! It’s why the athlete on the start line is shaking their foot or antsy-seeming in anticipation of the start gun firing off. The not so good anxiety is the one that makes you want to curl up into a little ball and hide in the corner and feel like you just want to shrivel up. Use your good anxiety at all times, and especially in intuitive development. Yes, you may get nervous when doing readings and healings or even receiving them. Find a way and a new perspective that supports you in moving forward in your work. Perhaps in these moments you create a positive mantra to keep you present on the gains ahead.


It is possible for any of our clairabilities to be blocked by fear. For example, clairsentience, the ability to feel things in your body can be blocked by fear if you are afraid that you might feel something scary or painful in your own body whenever you use this gift. This can most certainly cause your intuition t to become blocked. Clairvoyance, meaning clear vision, can also be blocked by fear for similar reasons. Meaning, one fears they may see something clairvoyantly that may scare them or that is unwelcome. Understand that your clairvoyance is a gift from the highest of good and love. You might also have an belief system that fears the ultimate outcome, or what people think of you or that your family or friends won’t love you because of your intuitive abilities and your intuition. This can block you from from being intuitive.

Your intuitive gifts are rooted in grace and love, no exceptions. Consider writing down a mantra in your journal to remind you that you are open and available for this divine gift and that you want it to grow stronger so you can help others.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions drop your energy and vibration down. The drag you down and distribute energy in a chaotic direction.  This blocks your intuitive abilities. For example, a very strong emotion that blocks intuition is resentment. Once you hold resentment towards someone or towards ourselves then it opens the door to bringing in any other emotions like anger, hatred or sadness. All of these emotions weigh heavy and they also tend to create a lot of imbalance in our chakra system. Another example is regret. Whenever we regret for something we’ve done in a past, or haven’t done in a past, our mind tends to stuck in that past moment and have that situation as a replay in our heads in a multiple interpretations. This pulls us from the present moment into the past where we get stuck. This does not allow us to stay present and in this moment, fully enjoy life and blocks our intuition from thriving.


Placing expectation is a very strong energy that blocks us from our intuition. As intuitive you may have expectations that you have to be able to see things on demand to be clairvoyant. You may also place expectation of the outcome or the accuracy you’re getting. Expectation like this is limiting and may not let us fully receive the information with accuracy. Once you let go of expectations simply be open to receive the high vibration insight in any possible way it’s coming to you.

Left Brain Mind Noise

We are humans and we are programmed to think. This is a good thing! However it’s the extra, unnecessary chattering in our heads they we can let go of. Before any kind of intuitive development work, learn to quiet your mind. Set the to-do’s aside and make an agreement with your subconscious that you’ll put all the necessary and important ongoings aside and come back to them later. This noise and thoughts are blocking us from our intuition and intuitive abilities. Just five minutes a day in meditation will calm the chaos of the chatter.

Three Tips to Release the Blocks

Psychic Prayer of Protection

Develop a prayer of protection. Say it out loud before and after energy work. Or, as you start and end your day.

This Prayer will root its power into your subconscious and send the clear message to the Universe of your intention for safe and protected, unblocked sessions. It’s important to establish this as part of your practice before you begin energy work, spiritual healing, readings or even meditation.

A protection prayer is not in place for fear that low vibration energies are a threat and will somehow invade your meditative or reading space. Rather, it is a tool to maintain healthy energy boundaries. It is designed to keep your energy within your own space and others energy within their own space. The prayer is a manifestation tool rooted ultimate love and grace wrapping you in pure positive essence of goodness and safety.

Take some time today to develop your own prayer. You may find yourself editing your prayer for a few days as the depth of it fully expresses. In time, you will find a place of knowing that you are complete with your prayer. Be sure to state it before readings, meditations or whenever feels right to you.

Create a Protection Rose

Your pure, positive essence is the only energy allowed in your space. In addition to your Prayer of Protection, a Protection Rose is another energy tool that assists you during your daily life, meditation or any kind of spiritual work to keep healthy energy boundaries in place. A Protection Rose acts like a filter or receptacle that absorbs energies near or around you that are not your own and don’t belong in your space.

A Protection Rose can also serve as a hello of sorts. For example, during my day when the thought of my Protection Rose comes to me, it is a clue to be aware. In these moments, I ground myself, make a conscious choice to become present in the moment (and not distracted by my thinking mind) and become more in tune to the events and occurrences around me. My Protection Rose is giving me a gentle reminder to be mindful of healthy energy boundaries coming in and/or going outward. Here are steps to create a Protection Rose:

  • To help you imagine a rose more clearly in your mind’s eye, while in a meditative space, first find a beautiful rose and study the details of it. See the green of the stem and the leaves, the texture of the petals. Smell it, feel it, and even taste it if you feel drawn to. Is there perhaps a little caterpillar or ladybug on it? Look at the rose and then close your eyes, and see it again in your mind’s eye.
  • The most important thing in creating you rose is its vibrancy—how alive it is and how detailed the image is. While it’s an image you are creating in your mind’s eye, it is a real and absolute symbol of true, raw energy, and this is powerful. Just because it’s an image in our mind doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Your logical left brain may not think so, but the Universe makes no distinction between thought and physical reality. The universe thinks there’s a rose there, right out in front of you, protecting you or doing whatever job you decided it will do. The Universe will honor the intention you set for that rose. The only thing stopping that is you and reality based notions that tangible can be the only reality or proof. As your intuitive ability grows you will begin to understand and trust this concept more and more.
  • Creating a Protection Rose can take a few seconds to several minutes. When I began using this tool, I spent time create it. I desired to see the details of my Protection Rose clearly. I wanted to see the color, the detail of it grounded to the center of the earth. Your process may be similar or much quicker. Honor what feels right to you.

The Power of Visualizing: Imagine a giant syringe and needle

Picture the syringe filling up with brilliant white light and tell the entity you are planning on injecting it with the needle. Usually, the entity or fear will disappear immediately. If you have a strong willed one present, he will still stick around and challenge you.
Imagine the enormous needle entering the Spirit body and slowly squeezing the white light into it.

Watch as the white light, engulfs the entity from head to toe. The entity is at peace now and is returning to the place it came from.

Congratulations on your first low vibration eviction! You will use any one of these techniques on future clients to help them heal or in your dreams or during meditation to evict low vibration entities.

Next Steps in Your Psychic Development

There is much to learn about psychic phenomena. Consider the Kickstart Your Intuition eCourse to help  you get started on learning all about your clairabilities.

In this powerful course, you have the opportunity to awaken your inner voice, gain more clarity around your Soul’s Calling and explore your psychic mind and its potential. Whatever your current understanding, Kickstart Your Intuition will allow you to dive deeper into your Spiritual self and give you the tools and expertise you need to better access your inner knowing. And finally, awaken your intuition.


Michelle’s Debut at the Rhonda Swan Show!

Meditation, Intuition and Looking Within

Looking within is a great place to start when trying to find a place of peace. Getting in touch with nature on a sensory level and doing this on a regular basis can not only ground you, but bring you to a point where you can think clearly. When coupled with meditation, your ability to lean into your intuition to make life decisions with clarity becomes your norm of operating.

These are just a few of the perspectives shared by Michelle Beltran when speaking with Rhonda of The Rhonda Swan Show. Trusting yourself starts with knowing and understanding yourself and Michelle’s foundation and ability to help others is built on core values instilled from her youth and through her journey in law enforcement as well.

Watch the insightful, fun interview!

How to Predict the Future Using Your Dreams

Have You Ever Had a Dream Guiding You About the Future?

If so, you sure would be in good company! So many people have experience dreams foretelling what’s ahead and even things like déjà rêvé, the feeling of dreaming something before it happened.

By and large, when we dream, we are in a passive experience wherein we project our thoughts, ideas and emotions into a movie screen of sorts. At some juncture, amidst this often abstract and creative experience there comes an occasional dream that seems “precognitive” in nature. This becomes apparent to the dreamer of course when that dream actualizes. It is here when the dream is met with a powerful awareness that what was once dreamed of, is now actual.

There is nothing supernatural or fanciful about this kind of dream. In fact this innate ability to imagine and or think about what’s ahead for us has given our species an enormous advantage through the course of evolutionary history. Remember this everyone: the forward-thinking capacity of the human mind operates in both waking and dreaming.

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Clues Your Dream is Telling You What’s Ahead

Listen to what you hear!

Pay particular attention the last dream right as you wake. Often, you will wake hearing a song or a few words and it’s not attached to an image or symbol. If this happens, pay attention! There is a reason you’re waking with this echoing in your mind. This is your subconscious requesting you listen to the dream and a clue of a connection to your daily life and/or what’s ahead. Be sure to listen and receive the words exactly as you hear them. Don’t make assumptions and take the message word for word.

Are You Inspired or Feeling Emotion?

If you feel a strong emotional urgency to pay attention to the dream then this dream may also be a suggestion that time is of the essence and the dream will come again in life. An example may be a dream of a birthday cake and someone birthday that is feel with especially intense emotion.

You can identify this emotion filled dream as it often comes amidst many placid dreams. So the emotional intensity of the dream is easily noticed and may even then repeat.

Have You Had This Dream Before?

Dream events and dream symbols that repeat over and over again and in a short period of time often suggest the likely approach of a waking event. If the dream occurs two or three nights in a row and has intense emotion, do take note!

What do you see? Symbolic Images

Precognitive dreams present a visual symbol letting you know time is of the essence. For example, preceding a precognitive dream you see a clock either facing forward or moving in a forward direction or hands of the clock facing forward. This lets you know to pay attention as this is to present again ahead, but in real life. The clock face becomes a symbol of a probable precognitive dream. This is just an example. You might also see a calendar, an hour glass, an image of the moon passing. Be mindful that you may receive a symbol unique to you that displays the message that time matters. Meaning: Let’s say you’re a musician, so your symbol showing time is of the essence may be a metronome, or a conductor of an orchestra.

Last Dream

The last dream before waking is an important one. This is in part because it’s the dream we remember. This is your subconscious being very intentional and giving you clear indication that information in this dream is useful. This doesn’t mean that other dreams earlier in your sleep or as you fall into sleep are not precognitive so do still look to these earlier dreams for insight.

It’s like a Peloton

Precognitive dreams often come in clusters, packs or herds. So, as you notice one precognitive dream present, be on the lookout for more to follow!

Specializing in Your Expertise

We all have natural talents that are inherent to us. You may notice that your precognitive dreams follow areas of your expertise. Over time of journaling your dreams of this nature you may have numerous precognitive dreams about finances if you’re seasoned in the financial investment industry. A therapist or counselor who specializes in family events or relationships may receive precognitive events of this nature. Some people tune into purely positive precognitions and others only find negative precognitions. Over time you may even notice that an area of specialization actually expands or changes as you grow and your interest changes.

We Dream of What Interests Us

Like the emotion filled precognitive dream, the curiosity filled dream, too, gets our attention. You may notice these unique dreams are all about people or things that you want to know more about or are very intrigued by.

Look for the Oddities

Did you have a dream of an odd object? Make note of that odd thing about a place or event as the ‘oddity’ tells you it is ahead. This oddity symbol or phenomenon suggests that our dreaming perception may recall more easily or pay attention to the odd or unusual aspect of a future place or event.

How to Inspire Your Dreams to Guide You & Things to Look For

  1. Set an intention to connect with your dreams. “Universe, I intend to receive guidance and insight about what’s ahead, using my dreams.”
  2. Start smaller: Say out loud before you rest your head to fall into sleep, “Universe, show me what image will appear on the front page of the New York Times on _____________ date.” You will be amazed at what presents!
  3. Keep a dream journal. In your journal record and date each dream in detail as possible.
  4. Sketching and drawing count. So, if words, emotions, images or sounds don’t manifest draw an expression of your dream as best you can. This is also a way your subconscious communicates with you, just like thought or writing words.
  5. Come back to your dream later. Insight like this can be subtle!  So, study your dreams, stay with them. Listen to their wisdom on a literal and symbolic level. You’ll begin to analyze patterns of events and meaning of certain symbols in your dreams.
  6. Be open and receptive before and after your dream! Your subconscious will begin to send you signs and symbols and messages, if you will listen. So, be especially tuned in and open to heightened messages. They may come to you in the form of symbols, thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations.
  7. Pay attention to your body when you wake. Did you notice an ache, tingle, or unusual sensations in your physical body after a dream? This can be information about what’s ahead for you!
  8. Put it all together. Precognition may manifest itself to you in what may seem like jumbled pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. Your job is to be patient and put it all together, over time.

Keep In Mind

It really is important to get a good night’s sleep.

Be sure to keep a consistent sleep schedule.

Set down the electronics at night.

It’s helpful to keep your sleeping area cool and dark.

Stay away from eating large meals or drinking alcohol around your sleep time.

Relax! The best way to do this is through meditation, soothing delta wave music, or something entirely your own that just feels right to you. Certainly not scrolling through social media.

MORE DREAM TIPS: 3 Simple Steps You Want to Know for Dream Interpretation

Bottom Line!

You can find truly profound insights through your dreams! If you’re a beginning, you might also tap into hidden creative or artistic expression and insight ready to come forward as well as meaningful inner wisdom regarding yourself and others. Connecting with your dream space is profound! Not only can you gain insight of the future but you just may find that this practice tuning into your dreams with intention supports you in unlocking your full potential in life!

Be sure to check out this powerful Hemi-Sync music specifically designed to support your psychic development and maintain deep, restorative sleep!

Be sure to tune into The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice! This podcast will empower you to learn how to magnify the powers of your intuitive voice. In her own unique style, Michelle raises her vibrational energy to link with higher realms delivering insightful messages with grace, integrity, and the utmost care. Listen in and expand your understanding of what it means to be psychic and how to awaken, amplify, and trust your inner voice.

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The Meaning of Ear Ringing

The Meaning of Ear Ringing

You might notice that ear ringing happens at various times in your day. What the heck does this mean, you ask. Well, let’s explore this!

The first order of business is to address this important bit of information: Ear ringing can be related to a medical condition called, Tinnitus, which occurs on the heels of hearing very loud sound. This might be experienced having just heard especially loud music or having been near or around equipment or machinery where there is excessive piercing noise. Be sure to visit with a doctor to rule this condition out.

The Big Picture & Ringing Ears

As you begin to experience ear ringing, you’ll notice there is a powerful energy essence when it happens. It’s mysteriously soothing, and you might feel a warm whooshing sensation throughout your head. Accompanying this, there may be a sense of knowing that you are receiving a higher-level message. You want to be sure to tune into this. This is your soul speaking to you. In other words, your subconscious is trying to get your attention. Be especially aware of moments of synchronicity or where you find yourself saying “What a coincidence!” Anything unusual or out of the norm would also stand out to you. Let’s take a look now at why, exactly, this ear ringing happens.

Transformation, Raising Your Vibration & Connecting with Universal Forces

Yes, that’s right, you are smack dab amid a spiritual transformation!

Ear ringing during spiritual milestones like this is a clear sign you are awakening, and spiritual ascension is happening.

There is a lot going on with our planet today socially, politically, environmentally, and so much more. All these global matters hold energy. Think of it like ever changing energy frequencies which are fast-tracking energies on earth. This ripples into our own energy fields much like a wave. Sometimes they come in more frequently like in clusters, but they can be quite random and catch you by surprise. It turns out that our energy bodies are affected by greater energy changes that we are all experiencing.

Many of us are also way more energetically sensitive and aware and can pick up on subtle energy shifts. This awareness brings a greater connection with the Divine and outer cosmos and we are better able to sense other dimensions and any communication within.

​Ringing in the ears, like seeing repeating numbers (444, 111, 888) repeated waking up at exact times (2 am, 1:11, 5:75) and other ascension signs is a loud and clear signal to your higher consciousness that an awakening is happening.

Epiphany-like Downloads 

Ear ringing will either come in right before or after a spiritual download. What is a spiritual down? Essentially, it is when you receive a flood of higher-level information at one time. A musician or singer could receive the lyrics to a new song. Downloads may be conceptual in nature as well. For example, you have a work project or even a family matter that is lingering and unresolved. You experience the ear ringing and later the right plan or perfect few words to resolve the situation just drops right in out of seeming nowhere. These downloads can come in intuitively, during meditation, a dream, vision, or randomly while you’re fully awake.

Great! And how, exactly, do I know I’m having a download?

Pay close attention to your body. You know your own body better than anyone! Take heed and notice if you’re having unusual sensations in your body. You might even notice repeated sensations, exhibiting in a pattern-like fashion. The more clarity you have with your body the more you will recognize and then receive higher messages to guide you in life. When I’m receiving a download, I often experience tingling in my hands. Pay attention to similar body sensation that may come to you. It could be chills, increased heat, or vibration in an area of your body, a tingling or even a touch sensation.

What are you feeling emotionally? Do you feel moment of bliss, joy, gratitude or even euphoria out of the blue? Spiritual downloads will bring an intense flood of these kinds of emotions. You could even receive a deep sense of calm or peace.

What thoughts are you thinking? Often what we think are thoughts are high vibration pockets of download. So be mindful of what you were thinking in the several moments prior.

Energy Upgrades 

Our energy bodies change and grow just like our physical bodies. We can start to perceive higher frequencies when our energy body, chakra system or aura experiences a level up. Each chakra and each aura layer are a unique color, but each also carries a specific energy frequency. This is precisely why healings, meditation and continued energy work is so important! We want to be sure to create harmony within our chakras and aura as they get bogged down and then physical symptoms and ailments begin to occur.

Physical ailments are a result of stuck energy. Spiritual tools like Ground, Running Energy and Neutrality can help you balance energies and alleviate these physical symptoms so that they no longer disrupt your day.

Remember that in the same way that our physical bodies might experience a dietary or nutritional detoxification process we might choose to engage in, our energetic bodies do the very same kind of clean out process.

Your Clairaudience Ability Is Expanding 

Clairaudience is a German word and means clear hearing. Your clairaudience ability is rooted in your fifth chakra. This chakra is known to be a blue color and spins like a disc. Your simple attention to this space allows the gift to begin to open. Those with this ability can hear beyond normal day to day sounds and can tune into high pitched frequencies. Clairaudient messages can also present as a buzzing, hearing your name being called, single words command like ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at times of necessity or urgency.

You may feel as if you hear sounds inside your head or outside your head. In other words, you may receive an outer (physical) sound or an inner (nonphysical) sound. An outer physical sound may present much like a human voice. Once as I was getting into bed late one night, I heard the voice of my sister call my name as clear as if she were standing right next to me. This is an example of a sound coming outside your head. Remember, these higher vibrational messages of hearing come from love and grace. Welcome them and ask for the meaning for them.  An inner nonphysical sound is more subtle and is like mind talk. It may sound like your own voice.

You may notice that as this gift grows, you become more sensitive to sound. As the ability developed for me, I often heard ear ringing and whooshing sounds. Also, for a time, it was necessary to sleep with earplugs because even slight sounds would wake me. Often, I even felt the sound vibrate through my body. All of these are normal as this ability flourishes for you.

Ringing in the ears is a classic sign that your clairaudience gift is opening, experiencing a recalibration or upgrade. Our psychic gifts are constantly growing and fine-tuning. So welcome in the ear ringing as it could be connected to awakening of your intuition through your ear chakras.

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A Good Result is Coming Your Way!

Yes, that’s right, some good news is on the horizon!

Hoping to hear about that financial windfall, job offer, home purchase or good health news? Struggling with a major life decision? A move or career change perhaps? Feeling stressed or lost about a relationship and next steps to navigate that? Whatever the case may be, ringing in the right ear is an indication positive resolve is ahead!

Someone Is in Thought of You

Someone is literally, in this moment of ear ringing, speaking of you.

Think of this in the highest of vibration and realize that this mention of you can come in different ways:

  1. Someone you know holds you in high regard and is speaking fondly of you, offering great praise.
  2. A person in your life holds envy, is prone to gossip or speaking unkind words.
  3. Your Spirit Guides are present letting you know that you’re the topic of someone else’s conversations. Spirit Guides will do this from time to time so that you are mindful to connect with those who are the best match to you.

This kind of ear ringing happens shortly before or after you’ve made a new friendship or began a new relationship with someone you feel a deep connection with entrusted or shared meaningful conversation or information with.

It’s a Warning and Oh Thank Goodness!

This warning is a particularly good thing! Here’s why: let’s say you just put in an offer on your dream home. Within minutes, you hear a ringing in your ear. This could be a warning for you to reconsider that offer or take a deeper look at the structure of the home for hidden issues. So, you see ear ringing is a gift in that it alerts you something is amiss even though you can’t see it in this very moment. Your Spirit Guides may also be guiding you to hold out for something better as another even better opportunity may be ahead.

A Situation May Not Go Your Way

Sometimes, ear ringing is bittersweet. Simply put, it means something may not go as planned. So, give some reflection time to the bigger issues in life that you’re facing and that feel like they’re holding you back. Deep down we know when something isn’t meant for us or isn’t likely to work out in our favor. Tune into that knowing. If you find yourself forcing or pushing too hard to make something happen, it likely isn’t meant to be. Say hello to the truth, embrace it and heed this ear ringing message to let go and move on.

Take a Deeper Look at Your Life

Our Spirit Guides and our Higher Self keeps us on track. An ear ringing, particularly during meditation or at the wee hours of the night is an invitation to go within and ask yourself, “Am I living the life that is honoring my soul?”

This kind of earing ringing happens at transition times in life. Perhaps you feel bored, like you’re spinning your wheels or wanting more for yourself. This can also be triggered by receiving unfortunate news. Regardless the case, ear ringing at these times is a strong message to re-examine and plan anew your life course.

Connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels & Higher Forces 

As you fall in and out of sleep or in mediation especially you may experience ear ringing. This may be your spiritual team coming through.

Spirit Guides are uniquely able to help where intuition is not. This is because spirit guides know all that has been and is now going on in your life. They are entities that may or may not work in concert with other guides on your behalf. They may appear to have male or female characteristics, but they are neither male nor female. Those characteristics are there to aid your human understanding and to give you something with which you can easily identify.

Spirit guides also communicate in a unique way. They come across through thoughts—strong thoughts. They send messages in the same way messages are sent to Spirit Interactors (mediums). Know that their connection with humans is always gentle. You should think about it as receiving a message unlike intuition or mental insight. It is stronger and more directed than that. The best way to think of spirit guide connections is to think of them as concerned messages with direction.

If your intuition is guiding you that this may be a guide or angel getting in touch, hold a relaxed state and tune in. You can call your guides to you now and see if they have a message for you.


Electronic Effect and Interference 

Living in the world we do; electronic interference is just simply unavoidable. Mobile phones, televisions, WiFi, power supplies, transformers and so on are here to stay. The good news is, we can co-exist in harmony!

Ringing in the ears can occur when there is an overload of electronic interference which we tune into with our more subtle intuitive senses. If you’ve been on this kind of overload, then this may be the culprit of the ear ringing.

Steps to avoid ear ringing in these conditions:

  1. Limit the time you spend on digital devices and computers.
  2. Take breaks every hour from digital devices, even for just 2 minutes.
  3. Create quiet time each day where there are no distractions.
  4. Turn your computer and cell phone completely off at night.
  5. Ground yourself daily by getting your bare feet on the earth.

The key to figuring out how to navigate this phenomenon is to tune into your intuition. Remember to ask your Spirit Guidance for clarity and support.

Turn It Down, Please!

I get it! Sometimes the ear ringing is just too much. So, here are two techniques to help you get a handle on the ear ringing and turn it down a notch.

Technique 1

Is the ear ringing keeping you awake? It should not be. You are in charge and you can control it, lower it, or even remove it if you desire to.

First, set an intention to quiet the ear ringing.

Next, in a seated position, with your bare feet on the ground, breathe in and breathe out several times. Next, say out loud, “The ear ringing is too loud. It is now lowering or alter to a sound that is tolerable and right for me.” You might also ask to turn off the ear ringing entirely. Now, just let some time pass.

For some bonus exploration, try raising the sound and then lowering it, at your own will and directive. Some of you may feel connected enough to do this.

Technique 2

Imagine a gauge out in front of you. The gauge is numbered 1 to 10 and represents the volume of your ear ringing, 10 being the highest volume. When the ear ringing happens the next time, and feels too loud to the following:

First, take a moment to pause and breathe. Then set the intention to simply turn it down.

Next, watch as the gauge as it gradually yet firmly moves down from 10, to 9, to 8 then 7 and so on until it reaches a noise level you are comfortable with. Simultaneously, say out loud “The ear ringing volume and pitch I hear is lowing now.”

As you visualize this and state this out loud your subconscious is hearing you and must listen – no exceptions.

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I Understand the Meaning of Ear Ringing. Now What?

Ear ringing is a wonderful way to receive messages of higher insight and knowing!

In time, as your psychic ability grows, you will get better and better at discerning what ear ringing means. As this happens, you’ll notice a few things. This will be your confirmation you’re on track!

  • You find your tribe. Like-minded souls are abounding. You no longer feel alone or misunderstood.
  • Certainty in decisions. You are in a high vibration state as your norm. Doubt is released. You know the right thing to do and when. Right action is present. You’ll notice you are creating and expressing from a higher place.
  • Immediate access to intuitive insight and information. There is no longer a delay in receiving of psychic and intuitive insight. It is accessible at any time you choose.
  • High vibration communication. This means you’re opening a direct line to Source. You may notice channeling abilities. Right words come at the right time.
  • Enhanced creativity. Writing, music, art, dance, and all things creative begin to find a way into your life. You begin creating healing remedies or offer healing services to others.
  • Increase in psychic functioning and healing abilities. You receive and understand psychic information with clarity and ease and your healing abilities increase.

Use this invaluable gift you have been bestowed! It is here to work for you and with you.

Are you desiring to learn more about your psychic abilities? Check out Michelle’s award-winning book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic!

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The Power of Distant Healings: How to Heal Yourself and Others

What is Distant Healing?

Distance healing is an alternative form of healing in which the practitioner sends healing energy to the recipient. The practitioner and recipient don’t have to be in the same place for the healing to be effective. A healer may send positive energy across the universe or even during a phone session.

Although both people aren’t in the same place, this type of therapy is accessible through the recipient’s energy body, which doesn’t involve a physical presence. A practitioner may work with mental, emotional, and physical aspects through the energy body.

The Truth About Distant Healings

There are many misconceptions about how distance healing works. Distance or remote healing utilizes positive energy in the healing process, just like Reiki healing. Energy can be transmitted in three ways:

  • Emotion
  • Intention
  • Thought

The perception that everything, including space and time, is fixed and only moves forward keeps many people stuck in their physical world and unable to manifest positive changes. When people are grounded in a limited physical existence, they go about their lives without making any significant changes. Shamans believe that all time is an illusion. If that’s the case, the concept that people always have to be “stuck” in circumstances they feel they can’t change is also an illusion.

Matter is made up of energy and atoms. Harnessing energy is vital in distance healing. When a person has an energy or psychic block, all of the body’s energy centers aren’t aligned. This misalignment can cause energy blockages. The practitioner focuses their intentions on the remote subject intending a specific effect. The receptive subject then receives those intentions.


What is the Distant Healer Doing? Is it Effective?

Usually, a healer will take the person’s medical history, including anything unusual they may be experiencing. The energy recipient will be asked to relax in a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed. The healer sends positive energy to the recipient, either by phone or telepathically. During the session, the healer may “pick up” on any issues that the recipient may not be aware of.

In one case, a healer sensed that a healing session recipient was experiencing bleeding from the bladder. The problem hadn’t been diagnosed by a doctor. Shortly after, the person was diagnosed with a bladder tumor. The growth was successfully removed, and no further problems occurred.

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Steps to Offer a Distant Healing

Remember that healing others can be done on someone in person or from a distance and it is equally effective. From a distance, you will do this with your mind’s eye in deep meditation visualizing the healing. Since you are at a distance you may also choose to use a doll on a chair to represent the person afar.

  1. State your Prayer of Protection and set up a Protection Rose to allow for healthy space boundaries and protection for both of you
  2. Ground yourself and the healee
  3. Run Earth and Cosmic Energy for 20 minutes
  4. Call in your Healing Guides or Spirit Guides
  5. Ask healee, “Would you like a healing?” and receive an affirmative response
  6. Remind participant to put their feet flat on the ground, sit upright and keep their eyes open for the healing
  7. Tune into the space slightly above seventh chakra and “match energy” of healee’s chakra to yours and blend with the energy of their space
  8. Bring their aura close around their body as if to snuggle them using your hands to guide this
  9. Comb the aura. This is soothing technique and is akin to a brushing of the energy to support it back into alignment and flow. Use your hands and fingers in a combing-like fashion brushing the aura and area around their entire body
  10. As you comb the aura check for tears or blockages. You’ll have a sense of this, intuitively. If there are any, hold that space and with the help of your Guides send healing energy to these areas
  11. Check their Grounding Cord for healthy flow and/or make a Grounding Cord for them if this is not in place. This will release low energy or energy no longer serving them
  12. Clean out two tiny feet chakras in the arch of their feet of any low or lethargic energy. Then bring in healing gold energy to these areas
  13. Bring up Earth Energy through the feet chakras, into the legs to the first chakra then back down the legs and out the Grounding Cord
  14. Bring down Cosmic Energy from above, making sure it goes into the seventh chakra then down the four energy channels of their back and down the Grounding Cord
  15. Check chakras, one by one, starting at the first and working with the backside and frontside of each chakra. Release what is no longer serving them and call in healing gold energy. Chakras should be in a balanced spin: Clockwise on the front side and counterclockwise on the backside.
  16. Create a Gold Sun or bubble above the healee’s head, state the current date and approximate time. Ask that the highest vibration energy necessary for this healee flow into the Gold Sun as you begin to close the healing. You may ask for things like: joy,  love, good vibration, simple life, freedom from worry, health, happiness, abundance, bliss, or whatever it is you sense or know the healee wants and needs. Ask that they receive the healing energy of “staying on their path and creating their greatest potential in their life, whatever that may be for them.”
  17. Now, let the Gold Sun release and envelope all parts of their body
  18. Create a new Gold Sun energy of your own and allow it to flow into your body
  19. Wash your hands with healing gold energy
  20. Create and process through a Separation Rose for cleansing and releasing or residual energy

Your Next Steps

Distance healing is an effective method of removing negative thought patterns that can affect a person’s personality and behavior. A distance healing session can release the negative energy and replace it with positive thoughts to improve your life and so much more!

Take your healing abilities to a new level and join Michelle in her online, one on one, Psychic Development Program!

21 Signs You’re A Psychic Medium

Do You Feel Different or Misunderstood?

Do you wonder if you have extrasensory gifts? Have you had some unexplainable experiences but you are unsure what they meant? In fact, you may not even be sure if they were even psychic in nature at all. Did these experiences make you feel different than everyone else or that you were misunderstood or didn’t fit in? If you thought you were nuts … take peace in knowing, you weren’t.

Early on I threw my hands up a time or two because I didn’t know what was happening to me meant. At times, I was sure I was just imagining things. Sound familiar?

Do you have vivid dreams, daydreams, or visions that come to pass? Perhaps you see shadows occasionally? If you do, it’s okay to embrace that!

So, let’s clear the air and put everyone’s mind at ease. Here’s a list of common traits and experiences psychic mediums have. Which ones have you experienced?

Signs You’re a Psychic Medium

  1. In life, especially as a child, you felt different. Did you feel like you didn’t quite fit in? You might even feel this now. Perhaps you can’t quite place these feelings yet you have always had a knowing there was something different about you. You might notice, as a fallout from this, that you yearn for real, true, deep connections with people in your world. It may even be that you can’t seem to find your tribe and/or people you resonate fully with.
  2. You see things in your peripheral vision or you see images and pictures that might present like a mini movie and which prove to be accurate. This is called clairvoyance. You might also see orbs, shadows, sparkly or flashing lights. You may be clairvoyant!
  3. Do you pay attention to your dreams? If so, you understand that dreams have an unfathomable ability to deliver profound messages, spiritual insights, and guidance, unlike other avenues of mental access. Do you have frequent or vivid dreams? You may even recall experiences of astral travel or have vivid dreams of past lives or people you never met. Each form of a dream is a message. If you are in tune to this knowing you are very well a psychic medium in bloom.
  4. You pay particular attention to your inner voice sometimes called gut sense and listen to its urgings and nudges. This is called claircognizance. Claircognizance messages may come to you in many ways. They can present in inspired ideas, dreams, through automatic writing, while drawing or playing a musical instrument. Often, messages present while in meditation or while giving or receiving intuitive or psychic readings.
  5. You may recall seeing spirits or passed over loved ones at a very young age. Children are still very connected to the spirit world since it’s not so long ago that they arrived. Futher, they don’t yet hold deeply entrenched belief systems that it’s not possible and even ridiculous to connect with spirit. It’s quite normal for children to play with seeming imaginary friends. If you had spirit experiences at an early age or sense the presence of Spirit as an adult, you could be have mediumistic abilities.
  6. You pay attention to your body and are in tune with it. Empaths very often experience this. In fact, many empaths are natural healers and will actually feel the illnesses, aching, pains or physical symptoms of others when they are near them.
  7. You hear voices, humming, buzzing, and whooshing sounds? Perhaps you hear musical tunes and jingles or experience ear ringing? This is known as clairaudience. These are very natural sounds and are nothing to be in fear of. They can seem like they’re inside your head (like the sound of your own voice) or outside as if someone were right there talking.
  8. Do you awaken at the 2 am hour feeling restless, anxious or ready to get up? This is a unique time in the day and often a most receptive time for spirit interaction and communication.
  9. Do you have a strong affinity toward angelic energies and/or feel like angels were near as a child? Spirit energies vibrate at a unique level. Think of it like a super-fast frequency. If you could sense that energy at an early age it’s highly likely you’re indeed psychic and connecting to higher angelic energies.
  10. Light interference! Have you ever noticed strange electronic phenomena happening in your presence? Better yet, are you turning on and off streetlights when you walk by? Do electrical appliances flicker or turn off and on when you are near? Perhaps you cannot wear electronic watches because they just stop working in time? This is a real phenomenon and happens because your vibration is so high – that of psychic energy.
  11. You receive guidance and intuitive insight through your body – clairsentience. Messages like this can present through your physical body in actual body sensations. Body messages can be felt either outside or inside the body. You may feel a touch on your shoulder or an itch on your skin. These all have meaning. From inside your body, you might notice a twinge inside your belly or an ache inside your foot. You walk into a room you have never been in and instantly you get chills, shiver or notice the energy in the room is different or even heavy. You might find yourself saying “It feels odd here” or in turn “I love how it feels here!”
  12. You feel the presence of Spirits. It’s as if someone is right there with you, but in spirit energy not real human form. Sometimes this will manifest in a feeling like you’re being watched. When this happens notice your emotions as you may feel a shift of emotions and overcomes with an out of place sadness or even glee connected to the spirit presence.
  13. You must have pockets of quiet in your day and you make time for solitude, taking advantage of opportunities to contemplate the mysteries of existence.
  14. You understand animals, can communicate and bond with them easily. In essence, you get each other. Is there an animal that captivated you as a child? Do you feel a deep connection to a particular animal? What animals do you see repeatedly? Consider animal traits/characteristics. Which animal most closely associates with your personality? Begin to ponder these questions more to help this ability flourish. The connection to animal kingdom is indeed an indication of your psychic ability.
  15. Do you cherish creativity and put time into feeding that creativity? Artists, authors, musicians and the like are accessing the higher realms as they open to and merge with their creative essence. Mozart in depth of his expression through the piano was firmly entrenched in psychic functioning.
  16. Are you afraid of the dark? Does the dark bring out an otherworldly knowing within you? You’re not alone. Many with unique psychic abilities have a similar fear and prefer to sleep with lights on.
  17. You felt a very strong bond to a loved one after they passed away. I was very close with my grandmother. After she transitioned to the Other Side I felt her near me at all times. It was unmistakable to me and I just knew she was present helping us all with our healing. I received signs and symbols such as seeing her name and birthdate everywhere and constantly. I smelled her perfume in the air amidst a long bike ride 50 miles away from home – the most unlikely place! Do you have a unique and special bond with a loved one? Even long after they pass, they may still visit you often.
  18. Do you find that family and friends come to you to divulge their life issues and problems? You always seem to give the right advice and the right time and sometimes you don’t understand where what you’re saying comes from yet the words and right counsel just flow. Sometimes you don’t even recall all that you’ve said after the fact. You see that those you help are always soothed and you too feel a sense of deep fulfillment. Why? You’re smack dab in the middle of channeling the Divine.
  19. Are rules and regimen stifling to you? Is freedom essential? Does strict regime, procedure and guidelines make you feel uncomfortable or controlled? This is an indication of your psychic tendencies.
  20. You are easily overstimulated? Meaning, you loathe loud or crowded places, bright lights or strong smells? Do airports, zoos, amusement parks and sensory rich places make you want to sleep for hours after you experience them? This is because you are an empath, highly sensitive and/or clairsentient – very sensitive to energy!
  21. Psychic ability is in the family and/or generational. Most psychics were in fact raised by a psychic or someone with such tendencies!

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What Being Psychic Does Not Mean

Now that you know the signs indicating you’re psychic, you also want to know what being psychic doesn’t mean.

First and foremost, your psychic ability is much like a faucet. You are in charge of it and you get to turn it off or on when you want to use it. You will not get psychic messages and images all day long. As you develop your abilities you will learn how to turn them off and on with ease.

Next, you don’t suddenly have the ability to read other’s minds. Being psychic is more about self-actualization and is a means to your own spiritual evolution and growth.

As a medium, able to see spirit, they come when you say it’s okay and call upon them. No, you will not see deceased loved ones everywhere. You are in charge communicating with those on the Other Side and when.

You may decide you don’t feel a calling to use your psychic gifts and that’s okay! There are many, many people who are psychic mediums yet they’re content to stay in their 9 to 5, corporate professions. That said, should you decide to put these wonderful newfound gifts to work, remember that you must ask permission to read someone. The one thing you can offer without permission is Grounding another.

While you might hone your psychic abilities and practice with family and friends, give this ability the level of respect it deserves. Give yourself time to practice and get better. If you offer psychic insight do so with care, discernment and only when it’s requested.

Take Your Time & Do This Right

It’s an especially exciting time as you realize and explore your psychic abilities. You may find your jaw drops time and again as you begin to see what you’re capable of. You may feel like you want to tell the whole world and offer help to everyone. Be mindful of slowing down, taking your time and allow the awesomeness of your gifts to take shape. Resist telling the whole world you’re a psychic medium. You can share the magnificent beauty of it all in time and as you feel fully ready.

Remember that we are all intuitive it’s just that some have this ability stronger than others and/or some are not inspired to discover this part of themselves yet.

MORE ON PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT: The Meaning of Repeating Numbers You’re Seeing

Enjoy the Journey! It Should Be Fun!

There are things in the world we can’t understand. All around us, things function without explanation or permission. Even the sun rises and sets without our input and would do so whether or not we were around to see it. There are concepts we can’t explain: unconditional love, devotion, honesty, and sacrifice. If we are serious about making the most of our lives here on earth, we will endeavor to find and be our truest selves. Tapping into your psychic ability will help you find that truest self you seek. If what has been presented here resonates with you, use the information to find a new and more expansive you!

To begin to explore your gifts further take a look at my psychic development book Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic!

Psychic Development Tools – How to Be In the Center Of Your Head 💆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Learning to Be in the Center of Your Head (Neutrality)

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