The Power of Distant Healings: How to Heal Yourself and Others

What is Distant Healing?

Distance healing is an alternative form of healing in which the practitioner sends healing energy to the recipient. The practitioner and recipient don’t have to be in the same place for the healing to be effective. A healer may send positive energy across the universe or even during a phone session.

Although both people aren’t in the same place, this type of therapy is accessible through the recipient’s energy body, which doesn’t involve a physical presence. A practitioner may work with mental, emotional, and physical aspects through the energy body.

The Truth About Distant Healings

There are many misconceptions about how distance healing works. Distance or remote healing utilizes positive energy in the healing process, just like Reiki healing. Energy can be transmitted in three ways:

  • Emotion
  • Intention
  • Thought

The perception that everything, including space and time, is fixed and only moves forward keeps many people stuck in their physical world and unable to manifest positive changes. When people are grounded in a limited physical existence, they go about their lives without making any significant changes. Shamans believe that all time is an illusion. If that’s the case, the concept that people always have to be “stuck” in circumstances they feel they can’t change is also an illusion.

Matter is made up of energy and atoms. Harnessing energy is vital in distance healing. When a person has an energy or psychic block, all of the body’s energy centers aren’t aligned. This misalignment can cause energy blockages. The practitioner focuses their intentions on the remote subject intending a specific effect. The receptive subject then receives those intentions.


What is the Distant Healer Doing? Is it Effective?

Usually, a healer will take the person’s medical history, including anything unusual they may be experiencing. The energy recipient will be asked to relax in a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed. The healer sends positive energy to the recipient, either by phone or telepathically. During the session, the healer may “pick up” on any issues that the recipient may not be aware of.

In one case, a healer sensed that a healing session recipient was experiencing bleeding from the bladder. The problem hadn’t been diagnosed by a doctor. Shortly after, the person was diagnosed with a bladder tumor. The growth was successfully removed, and no further problems occurred.

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Steps to Offer a Distant Healing

Remember that healing others can be done on someone in person or from a distance and it is equally effective. From a distance, you will do this with your mind’s eye in deep meditation visualizing the healing. Since you are at a distance you may also choose to use a doll on a chair to represent the person afar.

  1. State your Prayer of Protection and set up a Protection Rose to allow for healthy space boundaries and protection for both of you
  2. Ground yourself and the healee
  3. Run Earth and Cosmic Energy for 20 minutes
  4. Call in your Healing Guides or Spirit Guides
  5. Ask healee, “Would you like a healing?” and receive an affirmative response
  6. Remind participant to put their feet flat on the ground, sit upright and keep their eyes open for the healing
  7. Tune into the space slightly above seventh chakra and “match energy” of healee’s chakra to yours and blend with the energy of their space
  8. Bring their aura close around their body as if to snuggle them using your hands to guide this
  9. Comb the aura. This is soothing technique and is akin to a brushing of the energy to support it back into alignment and flow. Use your hands and fingers in a combing-like fashion brushing the aura and area around their entire body
  10. As you comb the aura check for tears or blockages. You’ll have a sense of this, intuitively. If there are any, hold that space and with the help of your Guides send healing energy to these areas
  11. Check their Grounding Cord for healthy flow and/or make a Grounding Cord for them if this is not in place. This will release low energy or energy no longer serving them
  12. Clean out two tiny feet chakras in the arch of their feet of any low or lethargic energy. Then bring in healing gold energy to these areas
  13. Bring up Earth Energy through the feet chakras, into the legs to the first chakra then back down the legs and out the Grounding Cord
  14. Bring down Cosmic Energy from above, making sure it goes into the seventh chakra then down the four energy channels of their back and down the Grounding Cord
  15. Check chakras, one by one, starting at the first and working with the backside and frontside of each chakra. Release what is no longer serving them and call in healing gold energy. Chakras should be in a balanced spin: Clockwise on the front side and counterclockwise on the backside.
  16. Create a Gold Sun or bubble above the healee’s head, state the current date and approximate time. Ask that the highest vibration energy necessary for this healee flow into the Gold Sun as you begin to close the healing. You may ask for things like: joy,  love, good vibration, simple life, freedom from worry, health, happiness, abundance, bliss, or whatever it is you sense or know the healee wants and needs. Ask that they receive the healing energy of “staying on their path and creating their greatest potential in their life, whatever that may be for them.”
  17. Now, let the Gold Sun release and envelope all parts of their body
  18. Create a new Gold Sun energy of your own and allow it to flow into your body
  19. Wash your hands with healing gold energy
  20. Create and process through a Separation Rose for cleansing and releasing or residual energy

Your Next Steps

Distance healing is an effective method of removing negative thought patterns that can affect a person’s personality and behavior. A distance healing session can release the negative energy and replace it with positive thoughts to improve your life and so much more!

Take your healing abilities to a new level and join Michelle in her online, one on one, Psychic Development Program!

21 Signs You’re A Psychic Medium

Do You Feel Different or Misunderstood?

Do you wonder if you have extrasensory gifts? Have you had some unexplainable experiences but you are unsure what they meant? In fact, you may not even be sure if they were even psychic in nature at all. Did these experiences make you feel different than everyone else or that you were misunderstood or didn’t fit in? If you thought you were nuts … take peace in knowing, you weren’t.

Early on I threw my hands up a time or two because I didn’t know what was happening to me meant. At times, I was sure I was just imagining things. Sound familiar?

Do you have vivid dreams, daydreams, or visions that come to pass? Perhaps you see shadows occasionally? If you do, it’s okay to embrace that!

So, let’s clear the air and put everyone’s mind at ease. Here’s a list of common traits and experiences psychic mediums have. Which ones have you experienced?

Signs You’re a Psychic Medium

  1. In life, especially as a child, you felt different. Did you feel like you didn’t quite fit in? You might even feel this now. Perhaps you can’t quite place these feelings yet you have always had a knowing there was something different about you. You might notice, as a fallout from this, that you yearn for real, true, deep connections with people in your world. It may even be that you can’t seem to find your tribe and/or people you resonate fully with.
  2. You see things in your peripheral vision or you see images and pictures that might present like a mini movie and which prove to be accurate. This is called clairvoyance. You might also see orbs, shadows, sparkly or flashing lights. You may be clairvoyant!
  3. Do you pay attention to your dreams? If so, you understand that dreams have an unfathomable ability to deliver profound messages, spiritual insights, and guidance, unlike other avenues of mental access. Do you have frequent or vivid dreams? You may even recall experiences of astral travel or have vivid dreams of past lives or people you never met. Each form of a dream is a message. If you are in tune to this knowing you are very well a psychic medium in bloom.
  4. You pay particular attention to your inner voice sometimes called gut sense and listen to its urgings and nudges. This is called claircognizance. Claircognizance messages may come to you in many ways. They can present in inspired ideas, dreams, through automatic writing, while drawing or playing a musical instrument. Often, messages present while in meditation or while giving or receiving intuitive or psychic readings.
  5. You may recall seeing spirits or passed over loved ones at a very young age. Children are still very connected to the spirit world since it’s not so long ago that they arrived. Futher, they don’t yet hold deeply entrenched belief systems that it’s not possible and even ridiculous to connect with spirit. It’s quite normal for children to play with seeming imaginary friends. If you had spirit experiences at an early age or sense the presence of Spirit as an adult, you could be have mediumistic abilities.
  6. You pay attention to your body and are in tune with it. Empaths very often experience this. In fact, many empaths are natural healers and will actually feel the illnesses, aching, pains or physical symptoms of others when they are near them.
  7. You hear voices, humming, buzzing, and whooshing sounds? Perhaps you hear musical tunes and jingles or experience ear ringing? This is known as clairaudience. These are very natural sounds and are nothing to be in fear of. They can seem like they’re inside your head (like the sound of your own voice) or outside as if someone were right there talking.
  8. Do you awaken at the 2 am hour feeling restless, anxious or ready to get up? This is a unique time in the day and often a most receptive time for spirit interaction and communication.
  9. Do you have a strong affinity toward angelic energies and/or feel like angels were near as a child? Spirit energies vibrate at a unique level. Think of it like a super-fast frequency. If you could sense that energy at an early age it’s highly likely you’re indeed psychic and connecting to higher angelic energies.
  10. Light interference! Have you ever noticed strange electronic phenomena happening in your presence? Better yet, are you turning on and off streetlights when you walk by? Do electrical appliances flicker or turn off and on when you are near? Perhaps you cannot wear electronic watches because they just stop working in time? This is a real phenomenon and happens because your vibration is so high – that of psychic energy.
  11. You receive guidance and intuitive insight through your body – clairsentience. Messages like this can present through your physical body in actual body sensations. Body messages can be felt either outside or inside the body. You may feel a touch on your shoulder or an itch on your skin. These all have meaning. From inside your body, you might notice a twinge inside your belly or an ache inside your foot. You walk into a room you have never been in and instantly you get chills, shiver or notice the energy in the room is different or even heavy. You might find yourself saying “It feels odd here” or in turn “I love how it feels here!”
  12. You feel the presence of Spirits. It’s as if someone is right there with you, but in spirit energy not real human form. Sometimes this will manifest in a feeling like you’re being watched. When this happens notice your emotions as you may feel a shift of emotions and overcomes with an out of place sadness or even glee connected to the spirit presence.
  13. You must have pockets of quiet in your day and you make time for solitude, taking advantage of opportunities to contemplate the mysteries of existence.
  14. You understand animals, can communicate and bond with them easily. In essence, you get each other. Is there an animal that captivated you as a child? Do you feel a deep connection to a particular animal? What animals do you see repeatedly? Consider animal traits/characteristics. Which animal most closely associates with your personality? Begin to ponder these questions more to help this ability flourish. The connection to animal kingdom is indeed an indication of your psychic ability.
  15. Do you cherish creativity and put time into feeding that creativity? Artists, authors, musicians and the like are accessing the higher realms as they open to and merge with their creative essence. Mozart in depth of his expression through the piano was firmly entrenched in psychic functioning.
  16. Are you afraid of the dark? Does the dark bring out an otherworldly knowing within you? You’re not alone. Many with unique psychic abilities have a similar fear and prefer to sleep with lights on.
  17. You felt a very strong bond to a loved one after they passed away. I was very close with my grandmother. After she transitioned to the Other Side I felt her near me at all times. It was unmistakable to me and I just knew she was present helping us all with our healing. I received signs and symbols such as seeing her name and birthdate everywhere and constantly. I smelled her perfume in the air amidst a long bike ride 50 miles away from home – the most unlikely place! Do you have a unique and special bond with a loved one? Even long after they pass, they may still visit you often.
  18. Do you find that family and friends come to you to divulge their life issues and problems? You always seem to give the right advice and the right time and sometimes you don’t understand where what you’re saying comes from yet the words and right counsel just flow. Sometimes you don’t even recall all that you’ve said after the fact. You see that those you help are always soothed and you too feel a sense of deep fulfillment. Why? You’re smack dab in the middle of channeling the Divine.
  19. Are rules and regimen stifling to you? Is freedom essential? Does strict regime, procedure and guidelines make you feel uncomfortable or controlled? This is an indication of your psychic tendencies.
  20. You are easily overstimulated? Meaning, you loathe loud or crowded places, bright lights or strong smells? Do airports, zoos, amusement parks and sensory rich places make you want to sleep for hours after you experience them? This is because you are an empath, highly sensitive and/or clairsentient – very sensitive to energy!
  21. Psychic ability is in the family and/or generational. Most psychics were in fact raised by a psychic or someone with such tendencies!

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What Being Psychic Does Not Mean

Now that you know the signs indicating you’re psychic, you also want to know what being psychic doesn’t mean.

First and foremost, your psychic ability is much like a faucet. You are in charge of it and you get to turn it off or on when you want to use it. You will not get psychic messages and images all day long. As you develop your abilities you will learn how to turn them off and on with ease.

Next, you don’t suddenly have the ability to read other’s minds. Being psychic is more about self-actualization and is a means to your own spiritual evolution and growth.

As a medium, able to see spirit, they come when you say it’s okay and call upon them. No, you will not see deceased loved ones everywhere. You are in charge communicating with those on the Other Side and when.

You may decide you don’t feel a calling to use your psychic gifts and that’s okay! There are many, many people who are psychic mediums yet they’re content to stay in their 9 to 5, corporate professions. That said, should you decide to put these wonderful newfound gifts to work, remember that you must ask permission to read someone. The one thing you can offer without permission is Grounding another.

While you might hone your psychic abilities and practice with family and friends, give this ability the level of respect it deserves. Give yourself time to practice and get better. If you offer psychic insight do so with care, discernment and only when it’s requested.

Take Your Time & Do This Right

It’s an especially exciting time as you realize and explore your psychic abilities. You may find your jaw drops time and again as you begin to see what you’re capable of. You may feel like you want to tell the whole world and offer help to everyone. Be mindful of slowing down, taking your time and allow the awesomeness of your gifts to take shape. Resist telling the whole world you’re a psychic medium. You can share the magnificent beauty of it all in time and as you feel fully ready.

Remember that we are all intuitive it’s just that some have this ability stronger than others and/or some are not inspired to discover this part of themselves yet.

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Enjoy the Journey! It Should Be Fun!

There are things in the world we can’t understand. All around us, things function without explanation or permission. Even the sun rises and sets without our input and would do so whether or not we were around to see it. There are concepts we can’t explain: unconditional love, devotion, honesty, and sacrifice. If we are serious about making the most of our lives here on earth, we will endeavor to find and be our truest selves. Tapping into your psychic ability will help you find that truest self you seek. If what has been presented here resonates with you, use the information to find a new and more expansive you!

To begin to explore your gifts further take a look at my psychic development book Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic!

Psychic Development Tools – How to Be In the Center Of Your Head 💆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Learning to Be in the Center of Your Head (Neutrality)

It is natural to slip into the chaos of the people, places and/or events around us. This is especially true if you are an empath. More often than not, at these times, your attention is focused outside of you, and you are completely entrenched with whatever situation is pressing at the moment. When you learn the psychic tool of neutrality you find peace of mind, clarity and balance in your life. Click the video below to listen in now …


#neutrality #centerofyourhead #michellebeltran

Do you have a question on psychic development, remote viewing, mediumship you would like Michelle to answer for you? Michelle offers private sessions and development courses. Email Michelle here:

I want to share more psychic development learning with you! It’s something so innate to us all and an ability we all do have – if we will listen.

It is quite possible for any individual to make the conscious decision to develop, rekindle, or magnify the powers of their intuitive voice—their psychic mind. Learn how here and get your 4 FREE chapters!

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Guided Meditation for Cell Rejuvenation & Maximum Body Balance 💪

Cell Rejuvenation Meditation for Maximum Body Balance

Tapping into the seat our soul, below our belly, Michelle guides you in this deep cell rejuvenation meditation for maximum body balance to support you in maintaining equanimity, clarity and mindfulness during this pivotal time on our planet.

Thriving, rejuvenation, and mindfulness on a global level begins with each individual holding that space within. May this powerful cellular rejuvenation meditation assist you in holding that space of ‘thriving’ as you heal your body at a cellular level.

Click below to begin the meditation now …


#meditation #rejuvenation #body

Do you have a question on psychic development, remote viewing, mediumship you would like Michelle to answer for you? Michelle offers private sessions and development courses. Email Michelle here:

I want to share more psychic development learning with you! It’s something so innate to us all and an ability we all do have – if we will listen.

It is quite possible for any individual to make the conscious decision to develop, rekindle, or magnify the powers of their intuitive voice—their psychic mind. Learn how here and get your 4 FREE chapters!

Click the link and get my FREE ‘Develop Your Clairvoyance’ eBook! Discover Powerful Techniques to Expand Your Psychic Ability:

The Michelle Beltran Beginning Psychic Development Program is unique in that you learn at your own pace, yet you still get to work with Michelle one on one. In this course, you’ll tap into your deep inner soul self. This is where true change happens!

My book is available! Get 4 FREE chapters at… In my new book I’ll show you how to access your psychic abilities!


What Is Running Energy For Psychic Development?

What is Running Energy?

What is Running Energy? When do I use this tool? How does Running Energy assist my psychic abilities?
Running Energy is a simple yet powerful technique you can use in your daily life to help you maintain more clarity, peace of mind and stay in tune to your Higher Self. As you Run Energy you are bringing in and mixing feminine earth energy and masculine cosmic energy in your root chakra, then dispersing it through your body and aura. Through this technique you will learn to become more aware of these subtle yet powerful earth and cosmic energies and how to use them as a balancing technique. This is an essential tool will also assist you as you become in tune with your psychic knowing through your Clair abilities and your Higher Self.

How to Run Energy

Exercise: Please take 15 to 30 minutes to complete this exercise. Running Energy may be done in a few minutes or during a longer meditation state. As you learn to Run Energy you may find the process does happen more quickly however and may take only a few minutes. You may feel a great sensation of energy or you may have no sensation at all. Both are fine.
1. Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor.
2. Ground yourself.
3. Bring your aura in closely around you, about 12 inches around.
4. Let your energy body travel to the depths of the earth and find pure Earth Energy that is just right for you.
5. Bring this Earth Energy up through your feet chakras, up your leg channels into the first chakra and out and down your Grounding Cord. With each breath, breathe in this Earth Energy fully.
6. Let your energy body travel up into the cosmos and find pure Cosmic Energy that is right for you.
7. Bring this Cosmic Energy to you through your 7th chakra. Let it travel down the back of the head in two channels. Then at your neck it splits into four channels, traveling down either side of the spine, down your back, then into your first chakra where it mixes with Earth Energy.
8. Let the two energies mix fully. When you are ready let part of this divine essence travel up through each chakra and out the top of your head. Allow an equal amount travel down your Grounding Cord.
9. At the 5th chakra (throat chakra) allow some of this divine essence travel down your arms, out your hand chakras and into your aura.

Running Energy Guided Meditation

Do you want more guidance? Be sure to listen to this Running Energy Guided Meditation with Michelle now!

Clairaudience Guided Meditation to Unlock Your Psychic Ability

Unlock Your Clairaudience with Michelle

This profound clairaudience guided meditation to unlock your psychic ability will do support you in tapping into and accessing your psychic gift of clear hearing like never before. Join Michelle in this deeply transformative psychic development meditation. Click below to begin the meditation now …


#clairaudience #clairaudienceguidedmeditation #michellebeltran

Do you have a question on psychic development, remote viewing, mediumship you would like Michelle to answer for you? Michelle offers private sessions and development courses. Email Michelle here:

I want to share more psychic development learning with you! It’s something so innate to us all and an ability we all do have – if we will listen.

It is quite possible for any individual to make the conscious decision to develop, rekindle, or magnify the powers of their intuitive voice—their psychic mind. Learn how here and get your 4 FREE chapters!

Click the link and get my FREE ‘Develop Your Clairvoyance’ eBook! Discover Powerful Techniques to Expand Your Psychic Ability:

The Michelle Beltran Beginning Psychic Development Program is unique in that you learn at your own pace, yet you still get to work with Michelle one on one. In this course, you’ll tap into your deep inner soul self. This is where true change happens!

My book is available! Get 4 FREE chapters at… In my new book I’ll show you how to access your psychic abilities!


A Guided Meditation to Open Your Clairvoyance

Access Your Clairvoyance Now

This deep, guided meditation to open your clairvoyance will support you in activating your third eye. In this transformative meditation, you’ll begin to awaken, amplify and trust your inner voice.

#psychicdevelopment #clairvoyancemeditation #howtoactivatemythirdeye

Do you have a question on psychic development, remote viewing, mediumship you would like Michelle to answer for you? Michelle offers private sessions and development courses. Email Michelle here:

I want to share more psychic development learning with you! It’s something so innate to us all and an ability we all do have – if we will listen.

It is quite possible for any individual to make the conscious decision to develop, rekindle, or magnify the powers of their intuitive voice—their psychic mind. Learn how here and get your 4 FREE chapters!

Click the link and get my FREE ‘Develop Your Clairvoyance’ eBook! Discover Powerful Techniques to Expand Your Psychic Ability:

The Michelle Beltran Beginning Psychic Development Program is unique in that you learn at your own pace, yet you still get to work with Michelle one on one. In this course, you’ll tap into your deep inner soul self. This is where true change happens!

My book is available! Get 4 FREE chapters at… In my new book I’ll show you how to access your psychic abilities!


Raise Your Frequency and Find Your Passion

What You Think and How You Vibe, Matters

Everything in the universe has its own vibration. For instance, the Earth’s magnetic frequency resonates at 7.83 hertz. Earth’s frequency of 7.83 hertz has benefits on people, promoting rejuvenation, grounding, balance, enhanced memory, and more. People themselves have their own frequency as well. A person whose frequency is vibrating low likely has more negative characteristics such as low self-esteem, jealousy, fear, and anxiety. A person who is vibrating high will likely exhibit confidence, a sense of empathy, courage, and resilience. One’s frequency can waver throughout the day as energy is continually changing. However, it is essential to know how to raise and maintain a high frequency to allow manifestations to happen.

One of the reasons some people experience difficulties when it comes to manifesting their dreams is because they are not maintaining a high vibration for a long enough duration. Thus, elements of fear and uncertainty sweep in, conflicting with that person’s genuine desire to attain their goals. Luckily, there are several ways to raise one’s frequency and maintain it.

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Get Out in Nature

Most people spend several hours, if not all day, communicating with other people. Take a break from work and city life. A nature walk or hike will be very beneficial for those aspiring to raise their frequency. Be sure to connect with animals and children as they help us to be fully present and in the moment! Feeling rushed to complete assignments, meet deadlines, and take care of responsibilities can create stress. This stress is, many times, linked to one’s anxiety. These debilitating emotions lower one’s frequency, making it harder for them to think clearly. Being out in nature allows people to experience more quiet alone time. This time also allows for introspection and reflection.

Remove Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship will significantly hinder a person’s frequency. Many times people take on the energy that is in their environment. This energy can come from people who might have toxic habits such as gossiping, complaining, over-indulging, etc. Aside from peer pressure, there is also an energetic exchange involved when surrounding one’s self with people who are also vibrating lower. To raise frequency, self-love should always be maintained, which means that a person does not subject themselves to lesser treatment from anyone.

Eat Lighter

Some people attest to feeling heavy and tired after they eat a heavy meal or certain fatty foods. These foods also translate into a person’s spiritual and mental well-being. It’s essential to consume foods that are nourishing to one’s body, mind, and soul. Preferably, foods that come from the Earth.

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Get Passionate About Something!

For many people, having a great job, a loving family and supportive friends are the embodiment of a great life. For other people, that’s just not enough because they feel there’s a piece missing. Many hobbyists have passions that go beyond their daily lives but which are reserved for only them. It’s their “me” time. In today’s day and age, there are countless ways to reach out to other like-minded individuals who share the same passions, giving people a sense of inclusion and community that humans hold so dear. The problem for many people is that they don’t know how to seek out a passion. Many experts agree that the trouble lies in searching with your brain instead of your heart.

Being passionate about something is a feeling. It isn’t necessarily logical. It’s something that brings enjoyment and pleasure. To try to calculate a hobby logically is an almost pointless exercise, just like asking friends their opinion on what they think you would be interested in. Only you know in your heart what you are truly passionate about.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can start by asking yourself a series of questions to try to narrow down the options. Ask yourself if there has been a consistent theme throughout your life, something you have always found yourself gravitating towards. Ask yourself what your ultimate fantasy would be, assuming money was not an option. Ask your friends how they would describe you since their answers might offer clues about your personality and perhaps provide a new perspective that you aren’t seeing. On the flip side, ask yourself what people tend to seek your advice about. Are you the go-to computer expert or sewing master?

Some people find their passion through a strong desire to help others or make a difference. Is there anything you see that makes you so enraged or upset that you feel an irresistible urge to do something to fix it? Some people are not satisfied with donating money or attending rallies, they feel a strong need to dive in and personally do their part to make the world a better place.

Think about any skills that come naturally to you, such as drawing or baking. These might be great jumping-off points for hobbies or even a side hustle. Not all hobbies need to be non-profitable, although that shouldn’t be the motivation. In an ideal world, everybody would get paid for doing the job they are most passionate about.

Putting it all Together

Sometimes it’s easier said than done! Still want some guidance on the path for you? Take a look at my podcast, the Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice where I teach you to tap into your intuitive knowing. As you access your higher self … your psychic self, these answers come to you in clarity.

The Meaning of Repeating Numbers You’re Seeing


How it Shakes Out: You’re in Good Company

One of the most common questions I’m asked relates to the meaning of 111 or 222, 333 and so on. You’re not alone. This happens among many!

While each situation is all its own it usually shakes out like this:

You begin to see recurring numbers wherever you go. It’s almost as if they’re following you. The recurring numbers appear to you on license plates, clocks, on billboards, digital screens, book covers, zip codes, house numbers, odometers … you name it! You see the numbers 2:22 on your phone clock. You head to work and the mileage the odometer in the car reads 222. You swing by the coffee shop and in the drive-up lane you notice the car front of you has 222 on the license plate. At this point, you’re saying, “Alright Universe, what’s happening here?!” At first, this is a pleasant and welcomed surprise. You have a sense this is a synchronicity of some kind. You’re sure there is something bigger than you at work here. And, there is! The repeating numbers keep on though. In time, you notice that it’s happening to others around you. The surprise and delight turn to a spiritual knowingness of a higher power near which then turns to “I’ve seen enough … I’m a believer! Now, what’s the message Universe?”

Why You’re Seeing Repeating Numbers

Before we look at what the actual digits mean, you want to understand why these repeating numbers are coming to you!

Universal Matrix of Mathematics

Absolutely everything in the universe, even we as humans, are part of a mathematical structure. Look around you now, everything you see (and don’t see) is made up of particles. These particles have energy. You can think of the energy as a charge or frequency. This makes them spin. The spinning particles are purely mathematical. Even space, which has dimension, is mathematical having its own geometric pattern. When you understand that all things are mathematical you begin to understand why repeated numbers present themselves. It just makes sense. Not only that but when we are born into this world our unique number signature is encoded into our name and birth date. These numbers capture the essence of our life path.

Your Birth Number & Numerology

Numbers are the makeup of the universe and so it turns out that numbers are the easiest way for higher realms to get our attention. Even the day you were born comes with a powerful mathematical influence. Your birth day number is an extremely important mathematical number, albeit on a personal level. In the realm of Numerology, your birthday numbers are the five most influential numbers. This highly charged mathematical number reveals telling insight about your life calling, traits and skills you possess, and even challenges to be mindful of in life. At the core, mathematics is even deeply embedded in your birth day and is here to help you along your life’s path.

With this in mind, let’s now look a bit further behind the coming of these recurring numbers.

What’s the Point in This Numbers Communication?

As you already know, recurring numbers are a higher message confirming goodness and divine aligning in your life. To be more specific however, a few other things may also be happening:

  1. Spiritual Awakening: When someone is undergoing a spiritual awakening, which often comes on the heels of a depression, loss, or life trauma of some kind, you begin to see the world through a new lens. Desires, interests and hobbies and even friends change. New things move you. It becomes important to spend every moment of every day doing the things you enjoy most and with people who add to your life. You begin to set boundaries with people and speak your voice. It is during this time that you may begin to see recurring numbers as the Universe knows you’re ready to receive them and the insight that comes with them.
  2. Warnings and/or Support: Sometimes recurring numbers are a strong nudge and even a warning to listen up and pay attention. Other times, it’s your Higher Self saying hello, letting you know they are present and supporting you.
  3. You’re on Track: Being in alignment means you have never been in a more perfect time and place that is right for you, than now. Over there, figuratively speaking, is not better than where you are now. Regardless what your present circumstance, where you are now is perfect. Even in chaos or a bottoming out, you’re in alignment. That’s a tough one to swallow, isn’t it? Think of it like this: the bottoming out you may be in directly correlates with the extent of the momentum coming to you ahead. In this perspective perhaps now, you can grasp that and understand that you are always in alignment. Settle into the knowing that there is a perfect plan in place, it’s unraveling now and you’re doing just fine.

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Who Is Bringing These Recurring Numbers?

  • Your Higher Self
  • Spirit guides
  • Angels
  • The Universe
  • Spirit/Loved Ones on the Other Side

What to Do When You See Repeating Numbers

It’s important for you to know what to do when you see these repeating numbers mean. Let’s begin!

  • When you are in a situation in which you’ve seen a recurring number pay attention to what has just happened in the hour prior and after.
  • Consider what you were thinking in that very moment as the numbers present.
  • Emotions are the single best way that our Higher Self, Guides, and loved ones can reach us. So, consider the emotions you’re feeling in the moment the recurring numbers are delivered.
  • Take a deep breath, exhale and say, out loud, “Show me what I am meant to know about this recurring number Universe.” Then, tune into all senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Let the message come to you through your senses. Trust the very first message you receive. It may be a slight knowing or a gut sense. Trust it. You may receive an image, or flash of images somewhat like a movie. You may know exactly what it means or may be unsure what it means just yet. If you’re unsure, it’s okay! That is still your answer. Just let it be until the knowingness of its meaning breaks through to your conscious mind. This can take a day or two.
  • Remember to offer thanks to the higher forces who are bringing this invaluable insight. When I’m shown a recurring number I say, “I’m honored to receive this message of meaningful guidance. I offer deep gratitude for this.”

What the Recurring Numbers I See Mean: Finally, Some Clarity!

Here is guidance to get you started in discerning the meaning of the repeating numbers you’re seeing! Caveat: You’re the best interpreter! This explanation is merely a guide. Always trust your own internal sense of the meaning of recurring numbers first!

Recurring 1s

You are manifesting a new beginning. Time to start something new. The ‘out with the old, in with the new’ energy is all about you now. Set yourself free to create your own unique path and break away from the group/pack. Honor your autonomy and move into a take-action and proactive space regarding creative endeavors. Be especially mindful now of your thoughts; you create what you think so give constant thought to what you want in order to bring it in. Pay attention to your ideas, beliefs and feelings as you engage in new beginnings. Release fear. You’re in your power. You are a conscious creator.

Recurring 2s

This is a time to be cooperate and harmonize with others. Call for your most diplomatic self. Find balance in your life. Process, heal and find closure with unresolved lingering emotions. Embrace the romantic relation abound and/or coming; begin a partnership and connect with others. An opportunity to heal yourself and others is ahead. Embrace it. Trust your intuition and develop your psychic self. Trust your own inner guidance system. Embrace your feminine power and/or that feminine aspects of yourself. Stand tall, communicate effectively and be willing to say no with grace, love and care. Your Guides are with you now.

Recurring 3s

Spontaneous, playful, joyful and fun energies are abounding in creative expression. Wallow in them. Laughter is your best remedy now. Be with friends, family and be more social. Expression creatively forthcoming in written form such as journaling. Speak your truth; be mindful to put your feelings to words and express those emotions in a healthy way. Spend time with children and see the world through their eyes. A vacation or rest time is welcome. Nurture, personal care and rejuvenation are essential now. You’re right where you are meant to be. The Ascended Masters are near you.

Recurring 4s

Be steady now and create a foundation. Ground yourself and others around you. Be pragmatic. Discipline and stability are your focal points. Time to put the ideas, desires, and intentions to reality; be relentless, forge forward and nose to the grindstone. Wisdom in finances, particularly regarding saving. Be honest, with integrity, forthright and take your responsibilities seriously. It is time to build the foundation for the future. Make a commitment to your future; persist and persevere. Attention to your health now and physical activity; be in the outdoors. Your angels are near you.

Recurring 5s

This tells you to make positive changes and embrace challenges. Major life changes ahead; prepare for change. Be willing to be flexible and go with the flow. It’s an exploratory, adventurous time: break free from the restraints.  Meeting new people; trying new things and experiences. It’s okay to change the routine; think outside the box. Time to practice temperance and moderation. Follow your passion and take a risk. Be seen and heard; promote yourself. A new you is ready to be born. Be mindful of the much-needed makeover. Progressive and innovation opportunities abound.

Recurring 6s

Family, love and unity are in full swing. Love is on its way. Make quality time for those you love. Be there for family and friends and those who are counting on you. Address the elephant in the room. Nurture those in need. Donate to a charity; open your heart. Love yourself first. Focus on a bountiful home and your health. Heal yourself; let go of the relationship that is no longer serving you. Begin a family. There is a child coming; prepare for the new life literally or symbolically. Be mindful that we are all one; employ the law of one; center with source energy.

Recurring 7s

It is a time of calm, go within. Make quiet time alone; pray and be in your sacred space. Listen and authentically hear as you interact with the world around you. Be patient, there is plenty of time. Reflect before you act. Nourish your body with yoga, meditation and just be. Discovery time for the spiritual you and the mysteries of the Universe. Study metaphysics and your personal and spiritual development. Do your research; get back to school, a learning endeavor ahead. Reuniting with a master or craft you set aside. Time to teach, educate, and inspire others. Be near animals and the outdoors now, especially water.  A loved one from the other side is connecting with you.

Recurring 8s

Financial and career abundance. Abundance is on your path. Budget; resolve debt and legal matters. Focus on career. Change in job; promotion, consider new position or employer. Adopt a perspective of abundance; you’re right on track and finances are improving. Be willing to move. There can be balance in the spiritual and material worlds; the coexist in harmony. Reclaim your personal power; chin up, head high always. You are more than your ego. Quite the left-brain chatter coming from ego. Recognition is coming your way, accept it. Justice is being served; Karma is balancing. Archangel Raziel is near you.

Recurring 9s

Conclusion of a cycle, transformation and letting go. Prepare for endings and complete projects. Forgive yourself and others to foster deep transition on all levels. Allow yourself to let go; trust and surrender. Forgive and be patient. Be tolerant. Resolve conflicts, heal past wounds, especially with family. Be compassionate. Humanitarian, animal-related and environmental interests and pursuits are to be explored. Give selflessly now. A creative, artistic opportunity serves you now; explore the arts. Open your mind; there is vast change and a level up ahead. Archangel Uriel is with you now.

Recurring 0s

Fresh start, reaching your potential and freedom of choice. You have come full circle. You are starting a new phase and chapter. Buy a home, have a child, write a book. Care for your health. Train for a race, redesign the kitchen, embark on something completely new. All possibilities are within reach. Your potential is limitless. Clean out the closet, spring clean, give away what you don’t need. You are infinite, eternal and one with all this, ever was or ever will be. You are ever tethered with the Universe wrapped in the warm blanket of the divine.

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There Is so Much More Ahead for YOU!

It is a blessing and gift to see repeating numbers! An incredible new you is blossoming so embrace and enjoy this time. Remember that it’s a sign your Higher Self is at your back and there is so much more ahead for you, if you will listen.

Further, there is an underlying ripple effect at work here. You may begin to see unique synchronicity happening in other areas of your life as well. Be especially mindful of your dream space as this is one of the easiest ways for our Higher Self to send us messages. Breathe in all additional this divine alignment as it unravels!

Strap on your seatbelt! There is so much more ahead for you! Be sure to check out the online Beginning Psychic Development Program as well as the dream series at my podcast, The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice!

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Dream Interpretation: Common Theme Dreams & What They Mean

Why Do We Dream?

We dream because we need to! We must have sleep to rejuvenate and replenish. Dreams are a part of our physiological evolvement and make up, and they are necessary. If this weren’t so, we (and all mammals) would have evolved away form the ability to dream long ago.

Dreams also help to make sure we stay in that essential sleep state. They become amusement for us, so to speak, to keep us in the sleep state. For example, when the garbage truck rumbles by in the morning, you don’t wake up, yet you do dream of the rumbling thunderstorm in your dream. So, the dream allows you to get a good night’s sleep, by uniquely blending in the exterior noises, so as not interrupt this valuable place of rejuvenation.

As we process and balance the emotions of our daily lives, dreams become a vehicle to align our emotional selves. When you go to bed feeling upset about something your subconscious will actually counter the unpleasant feeling by bringing in dreams about pleasant things. You may dream about a happy and fun outing with family, notice vivid and bright colors rooted in good feelings, or perhaps dream about animals that bring you joy. In this way, your dreams become a balancer of sorts so that you awake refreshed and with a new perspective.

Dreams also help us to problem solve. We’ve all heard the phrase, “I’m going to sleep on it.” Though you may not recall how you are problem solving, know that while in dream state, you are indeed doing just this.

Did you know the words to the song “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney were manifested in dream state? The theory of relativity too was captured in a dream state, as was the inspiration behind the creation of the Singer sewing machine. So, the dream state, in a sense, becomes a schoolroom for incredible ideas of creation, innovation and inspiration.

Trust in Your Own Sense

By far, the best dream interpreter is YOU. I would encourage you to get rid of your dream dictionaries as they are outdated. Think of the word web. What would that word have meant 20 years ago as compared to now? One might have thought of a spider web or a tangled mess of something 20 years ago. But today, for many, the word web conjures up thoughts of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Dream dictionaries are not only outdated, but they are impersonal and have universal meanings as opposed to your meaning.

Common Theme Dreams

Now that you understand a bit more about why we dream and you understand that you are your own best dream interpreter, let’s explore common themes. The most common dreams are:

• Flying Dreams
• Being Chased Dreams
• Teeth Falling Out Dreams
• Infidelity/Relationship Dreams
• Falling Dreams

Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are all about spiritual ascension and deeper perspective, clarity and knowing. When you have this dream it is an indication you are attaining or desiring to attain a better view and awareness of some major issue in your life. We have all heard the saying “bird’s eye view” and this dream is the epitome of that expression taking place somewhere in your life.

Imagine for a moment standing atop a tall ladder. From here, you have a new perspective. Now, go a bit higher and imagine yourself atop a high mountain looking down. You have a far better perspective from the mountain top than from the ladder. Correct? Now, take yourself even higher in plane and look below from this vantage point. What is the view like from here? Now, finally, imagine your perspective from space. Perhaps you are in a giant spaceship? Each vehicle gives you a broader and new prospective entirely all its own. So, when you are flying, be it in your own body or in a vehicle of some kind there is a new and richer level of perspective available for you.

As you are in this dream first focus on trying to enjoy it. Release any fears and understand you are the captain of your dream space. Then, simply look down as you are flying and ask yourself, “What is it I desire a bird’s eye view of in my life?” You will find great awareness here and in addition you realize that you truly are the pilot of your dreams.

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Being Chased Dreams

Being chased in the dream state is very common. In almost all cases involving this kind of dream, the dreamer is being chased by some facet of themselves that they don’t want to acknowledge. In this dream, while being chased, try if you can to turn around and look directly at who is chasing you. You might even have dialogue with them and ask the questions, “Who are you?” and “Why are you chasing me?” Then, when you wake up write down as much as you can recall about the dream. What did they look like? Did they have a particular expression? Then take a moment to ask yourself why you are running from them. For example, if you dreamt of very healthy fit looking man chasing you, then you might ask yourself, “Am I letting my health go? Am I not feeling good about my physical body? Should I begin to get back to a balanced healthy lifestyle I was once had?

Being Chased By Something Scary

We all have a light and dark side. (Dark does not mean bad. Dark just means dark – nothing more, nothing less.) There is dualism within us all that is necessary part of our human nature and energy self. The tragedy here is not that we have a dark side. Rather, the tragedy is that most attempt to run from the dark side as if it were somehow corrupt when in reality it is one with us. There is both good and bad in all of us, and each has value.

Take a moment to consider now all that you love about yourself. What is it? Say it out loud. Now, consider the parts of you (the dark self). Can you be curt or incentive at times? Do you do things in excess that you later feel uncomfortable about having done? Are you crass when you could be compassionate? I want to encourage you to consider embracing that dark self in you with love and grace. It’s through that embracing that you find peace. It’s a revealing of the villain so-to-speak. In so doing, you are no longer dominated by it. Your dreams can assist you in doing this. As you learn to catch your dark side, give it the nurturing which it too needs.

While in this dream, when you are being chased by something scary, the darker self in you is ready to emerge. Take a look then at how the scary chasing person or object feels. Look at it in your dream and ask it, “What part of my dark self wants to emerge now?” and “What am I meant to learn about this side of me now?”

Teeth Falling Out Dreams

Most often when you find yourself dreaming about teeth falling out it is directly related to a need to get in to see the dentist. Yes, it really is that simple. Your higher self is letting you know a checkup is necessary sooner rather than later, so do take this as a nudge to schedule that dentist appointment.

If your teeth seem to be healthy then you want to consider the dream on a bit of deeper level. Did you perhaps say something mean or spiteful to someone and now you hold a sense of guilt and feel as though you want to reclaim those awful words you spoke? This dream could be a message speaking to such an act.

Pay attention to the way your teeth have presented. Are they crumbing or week? This could be telling you that there is not complete truth in your words or that what you are saying is not exactly what you are meaning. Are you meaning what you are saying? Are you expressing yourself fully? Do you say to people you are doing just fine yet you’re not? Remember, it is only an act of self-love to speak your heart and mind fully and honestly.

Are your teeth discolored or gooey appearing? Consider your self-talk and your choice of words and whether or not they are personally empowering. For example, do say, “Oh, I’m so ignorant…I left the house unlocked.” Or, do you say, “Oh, how could I have done that!” Learn to speak with love and understanding about yourself. Instead you might say, “I normally remember to lock my house. Sometimes we just forget things. Next time I’ll remember.”

Infidelity Dreams

Infidelity dreams are extremely common. The most important thing for you to know about his dream, first and foremost, is that your dream state is not indicative or literally tied to your awakened state. So, this means that just because you have a thought or a dream of intimacy with someone you are not guilty of a crime. Release the guilty feeling that comes from the dreams of intimacy with another.

If you find yourself dreaming about someone who is not your partner reflect on the symbol they represent as well as the feeling created in the dream. If for example, you dream of intimacy with an athlete who has an amazing and beautifully sculpted body then perhaps you need more healthy body balance in your life. Here, you are dreaming about that facet which the athlete symbolized and which may be missing in your life.

Do you dream of someone in power or authority like a police officer, yet you have no particular affinity to this person? This could be a message to you that you are feeling out of control or are losing power in your life in some way and you desire to reclaim that. So, in summary, when you dream of someone yet there is no affinity, ask yourself what the person in the dream symbolizes or represents.

Dreaming of an ex-partner is generally an indication of unfinished business and an incompletion of the relationship. So ask yourself what is still unresolved in this former relationship. The goal as one heals and moves forward from a past relationship is to find balance. By this, I mean that any hate, anger, fear, and resentment from the relationship are no longer present and as the relationship is recalled by you at any point in time, you no longer feel highly charged emotions. The relationship has become insignificant if not trivial. Your dreams will help you find this and get to the core of the issue. If you feel vengeance, resentment, or anger this is your clue there is work yet to do on this relationship. While you are in this kind of dream, about an ex-partner, say something firm to them that help to complete the relationship. You might say, “Look at me! I am so beautiful. I am completely happy without you.”

Finally, if you are dreaming about your partner with another, then you want to ask yourself, “What don’t I have that they have.” This dream is not about the person your partner is with, but rather, it is about what they symbolize. So, if you are dreaming of your partner with the bank manager, who you find as financially stable and wise, then ask yourself if financial instability is something missing from your life and relationship. What aspect of the bank manager do you desire?

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Oh dear, I’m falling! That Dreaded Dream that You’re Falling

When you are having this insightful dream of learning, there is generally some lack of grounding or issue in which you are not feeling supported in some aspect of your life. As you are in this dream consider asking “Where in my life do I feel ungrounded?” or “Who is not in support of me or my endeavors?” or “What is not supportive of my goals and desires?“ You will find the right question to ask. The important realization is that some kind of stability, certainty or sure-footedness is missing. Are you feeling abandoned in some way?

A Simple 3 Step Process to Interpret Your Dreams

Step 1 in Interpreting Dreams

The first step to understanding and interpreting your dreams is to pay attention to the feeling that is present in the dream space. As you become more in tune to your dreams you want to explore this fully.

Step 2 in Interpreting Dreams

The second step in understanding the meaning of your dreams is to begin dialogue with them. So, you want to ask yourself, “How does this dream apply in my awaken life?” Trust, intend and expect that the knowing of the dream is being revealed to you and will arrive when you are ready. You want to be patient with the unraveling of the message. It may require that you revisit you dream journal a time or two or even two or three months later. Trust however that the timing of the delivery is divinely meant and over time the meaning will come.

Step 3 in Interpreting Dreams

If you find that your dream is most relevant to your past then you want to take some time to ask yourself why it is that you continue to hold onto it? Understand that your desire to hold onto something ultimately becomes you. By this, I mean that you become what you don’t let go of. This is why holding grudges and not be able to forgive is so damaging and hurts only one person, you. So, as you embark upon Step 3 and tune into the past, present or future remind yourself to eliminate what no longer serves you in your life. Be willing to set it free and in so doing, you set your own self free. Your dream may also be letting you know that there is an issue ongoing now in your life or bringing messages upcoming in your future. So be sure to consider in which place in time your dream is most deeply rooted.

Figuring Out In Dreams

Every one of us has the ability to dream. As we know, so many major creative and innovative breakthroughs have come in the history of the world in dream space. From Mozart to Billy Joel we see musicians and singer/songwriters creating in the dream space. This is also true of famous painters like Salvador Dali and William Blake.

In order for dream work to be effect and assist you in problem solving, be mindful of few things:

• You must pay attention and listen. Dream work requires your active involvement and awareness.
• Believe problem solving in the dream space can be done. If you doubt this or cast it off as hogwash or coincidence, the guidance and insight will be nil.
• Go to bed happy and at peace. What you go to bed with, you wake up with. Consciously release the angst and tension of the day before stepping into bed.
• Imagine and visualize the answers and solving of issues coming to you. Over time, they will indeed.

As a reminder,  and above all, tune into the feeling of the dream first! Your dreams are a gift. Honor that by giving your dream the level of importance it is deserving of as they are to guide you and enrich your life!


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