Psychic Medium Reveals: How to Develop Your Psychic Power of Clairaudience

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What Is the Psychic Gift of Clairaudience?

According to Psychic Medium expert: your clairaudience ability is rooted in your fifth chakra. This is the gateway to your clairaudience. The word clairaudience is German and means clear hearing. From here you begin to strengthen, unravel and become in tune with your clairaudience ability. Let your attention be present in this space for a few moments. This chakra is known to be a blue color and spins like a disc. See this vibrant blue chakra spinning with beautiful life force. It is alive and well. Your simple attention to this space allows the gift to begin to open.

Let’s experience of glimpse of this inherent gift now, together:

In a quiet seated position, take a moment to swallow. Listen to the sound of this swallow intently and pay attention to all the sounds associated with the swallow.  You may notice that this is much louder than you have ever before realized. This awareness and sensitivity to this sound is your first step in tuning into this ability. As you do this you are recalling auditorally but in a new and heightened way. This simple hearing technique is how it will feel to hear sounds so remember this feeling.

Is Your Psychic Power Predominately Clairaudience?

Let’s take a moment to practice this exercise. Consider the last conversation you had with a friend. Were you paying more attention to the words that were coming out of his or her mouth? Were you taking into account what you saw, heard, or felt?

Try to recall the last live performance, TV show, or movie you saw. Did you pay closer attention to the costuming and bright colors you saw or to the music and what you heard? If you paid more attention to the sounds you heard or the actors/actresses talking, then you were tapping into your Clairaudience (clear hearing). If you paid more attention to what you saw, then this is your Clairvoyance (clear seeing) working.

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Meditation for Psychic Development – Clairaudience

As you lay down to sleep, take a moment to tune into your higher self and invite in your clairaudience. Tune into all of the layers of sounds going on around you. You will notice a symphony of sounds!

  1. Take in three deep breaths.
  2. Imagine placing a radio/boombox near to you and let the sounds stream from the radio to you.
  3. First, listen to the layer of sounds closest to you, within the room you are in.
  4. Next, go to the layer of sounds further out, that encompass the entire house perhaps.
  5. Now, go to the next layer out, within a few hundred yards of your home. Is there traffic in the distance? Planes in the sky? Wind whooshing wildly? Waves of the ocean?
  6. Finally, tune into any distant sounds. Go as far out as you can, and listen.
  7. Listen as deeply as you can. Remember that there is a sound to even silence.
Take special note, if you hear a song. Spirit will often send us songs for a deep message. Be sure to journal and record the impressions and information you received.

The Psychic Power of Clairaudience and How Sounds May Come

You may feel as if you hear sounds inside your head or outside your head. In other words, you may receive an outer (physical) sound or an inner (nonphysical) sound. An outer physical sound may present much like a human voice. Once as I was getting into bed late one night, I heard the voice of my sister call my name as clear as if she were standing right next to me. This is an example of a sound coming outside your head. Remember, these higher vibrational messages of hearing come from love and grace. Welcome them and ask for the meaning for them.  An inner nonphysical sound is more subtle and is like mind talk. It may sound like your own voice.

You may notice that as this gift grows, you become more sensitive to sound. As the ability developed for me, I often heard ear ringing and whooshing sounds. Also, for a time, it was necessary to sleep with earplugs because even slight sounds would wake me. Often, I even felt the sound vibrate through my body. All of these are normal as this ability flourishes for you.

Psychic Development Tool: Dialing In the Radio Frequency

Think of tapping into this ability like tuning into or dialing into a radio station. You wouldn’t listen to the radio without tuning it in and the same is true with this ability. In your meditation or at moments in your day, imagine a radio (or any sound source you prefer) out in front of you. Then, from your ears link or connect to the radio. You want to actually create an energy cord from your ears to the source. This will enhance your ability to tune into your clear hearing gift.

The Psychic Gift of Clairaudience Exploration and Your Spirit Guides

What does it mean to hear higher information from our Spirit Guides? Think of all the ways Spirit Guides can speak to us. We hear Spirit Guides through their own voice and other voices. Many times a message is missed because we think we made it up because we hear it in our own voice. Many times Spirit and/or Spirit Guides speaks to us in our own voice so it’s important to notice any messages that sound like you are thinking them. This is a difficult psychic muscle to train and usually develops last. Remember to be patient with yourself because it will take some time to get used to hearing in your mind. With practice, you will learn how to hear intuitively.

Psychic Exercise to Start Your Day

In a quiet seated position, take few moments to focus on your ears. In your mind’s eye envision both ears gradually getting bigger and bigger and bigger in size. How do they appear to you now? How are they shaped? Is there color? Is there a feeling? Do they tingle or itch? Can you see the wide open and expanded ear canals? See if you can feel your ears pulsing as if they are breathing. Envision them pulsing gently and full of life. Breathe and be present with this image of your clairaudient ears as they reveal themselves to you fully.

As you go forward in your day notice sounds you hear that you had not noticed before. Write them down if you can. This is a simple yet profound exercise in that it is telling your subconscious you are ready to heighten your awareness and begin using this ability.

Psychic Development Training for Clairaudience

Psychic MediumSome hold back due to fear, fear of any kind. Realize this: it is a gift from the highest power; it has love and a lot of goodness attached to it. So, never be afraid to unwrap your fullest potential.

Clairaudient Guided Meditation

Daily meditation is essential as you hone this ability. A free audio clairaudient meditation specifically designed to supplement this teaching is included below for you. Be sure to listen to it daily this week: A Clairaudience Meditation

To develop your abilities further consider my psychic development book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic!

Accurate Psychic Readings by Phone

If you want to learn more or are interested in a psychic reading by phone, this is available to you through our easy to use online booking system.  We would love to hear from you! Unlock your psychic powers and true potential today!

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Psychic Medium Reveals: How to Develop Your Psychic Ability of Clairsentience Quickly

Psychic Development: Clairsentience & Sacral Chakra

Your psychic power of clairsentience is rooted in your second chakra, the Sacral Chakra. This is the gateway to this amazing ability that you were born with. The word clear is from the French word clair. Sentience comes from the Latin word sentire which means ‘to feel’.

The Sacral Chakra is orange in color orange in color and spins like a disc in a clockwise direction. This chakra offers us the opportunity to tune into and feel our emotions and the emotions of others. It is here where you will begin to strengthen, unravel and become in tune with your clairsentience.

Let’s begin opening this ability now, together:

In your mind’s eye, take a moment now to see this vibrant orange chakra spinning with vivacious life force. As you begin to work with this chakra more and more, in time, you will begin to feel it. Now, take your attention to the space in your abdomen just an inch below your naval. You might feel sensations even now, as you place your consciousness in this area. What are the sensations? Focus here and begin to tune into this chakra. Let your attention be present in this space for a few moments. This simple act is telling your Higher Self you are ready to open this clairsentience gift fully.

Find Out If You Have the Psychic Gift of Clairsentience

As you concentrate your psychic development training on this chakra, you may start to wonder how you’ll know whether or not you’re clairsentient. If you are predominately clairsentient, you are more likely to say things such as:

  • “The way I feel is…,” instead of saying “What I hear you saying is…”
  • “When I consider this, I feel…,” instead of “I’m hearing you say…”

If you choose the statements that begin with “I feel”, then it is highly likely that you possess some degree of clairsentience. If you choose the statements that have “I hear” in them, then you may be clairaudient, which means that you’re clear hearing gift is strong. So, pay attention to your language!

Let’s take a moment to consider your emotions and feelings as you navigate your day to day life:

  • Take a moment to recall the last theater performance you went to. When you recall this what are your initial impressions? Do you give attention to vivid costumes and colors you saw, the sounds of the music or the performers voices, or to emotions and feelings it brought for you or that you saw in the performers?
  • Do you find yourself feeling the emotions of others?
  • Can you walk into a room and sense the energy and emotion as well as the energy of the people in it?
  • As you work through issues of importance in your life, do you find yourself considering your emotions or the emotions of others?

If these resonate with you and you are finding yourself answer yes to them. Then you are likely clairsentient!

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Psychic Development for Beginners Using Clairsentience

Psychic medium explains that clairsentience can also be characterized by paying more attention to your feelings in a situation, as opposed to your experience. If you are clairsentient, then you will get chills throughout your body as you gauge and assess emotions. When this happens, you will become aware of signs, symbols and messages of higher consciousness.

It is also important to understand that you can have two or three different Clairabilities strongly present themselves to you. As you continue to grow and learn in your psychic development, you will be able to determine what your strengths are based upon the way in which you interact with the world.

What Blocks Your Psychic Gift of Clairsentience?

It is possible for clairsentience to be blocked by fear. For instance, if you are afraid that you might feel something scary or painful whenever you use this gift, then you may cause it to become blocked. You should always remember that this gift is rooted in grace and love. Consider writing down a mantra in your journal to remind you that you are open and available for this divine gift and that you want it to grow stronger so you can help others.

Psychic Ability Begins with Intention

Before you go to bed at night say out loud while you also write in your journal, “I am open and available to receiving higher knowing. My clairsentient ability is growing stronger every day. I use my ability to assist myself and others.” Writing and stating your intention out loud sets certainty within your subconscious and will amplify the blossoming of the ability.

How Your Psychic Ability of Clairsentience Will Present

Clairsentient messages can present through your physical body in actual body sensations. Body messages can be felt either outside or inside the body. You may feel a touch on your shoulder or an itch on your skin. These all have meaning. From inside your body, you might notice a twinge inside your belly or an ache inside your foot. Sometimes, I’ll feel a tingling in my hands, which is my symbol for someone who’s very creative. It’s possible to get a combination of inside and outside messages, such as getting the chills, which you feel inwardly as well as getting literal goose bumps on your skin. Chills have become a powerful way of confirming that the evidence I’m receiving is real, letting me know I’m fully tuned in during a reading. Other body codes include a whooshing sound through my ears, a facial twinge or ear ringing. Many people experience these sorts of messages without knowing what they relate to.

I once did a reading where I was drawn to my left ear as the client’s mother came through. Usually, a spirit will present giving some indication via the body of how they passed or something that was going on with them before they passed. I asked the client, “What happened to your mother’s left ear? I asked because I was feeling a slight tinge sensation here. In excitement, she explained her mother had a birth defect that caused a misshaping to her left ear. I didn’t have anything wrong with my ear, but I was given indication of something having happened to the left ear by the sensation to the area during the session.

Physical Awareness: Decoding Intuitive and Psychic Signals and Body Messages

Your body is full of information for you, but you must be consciously aware of the present moment in order to experience it. In this modern age, we’re taught to honor our thinking mind and to ignore or suppress our emotional or physical selves as if we were computer brains walking around with a body attached for convenience. The result is that we’re centered in our left brain constantly. This is why we have to take time and special effort to be aware when we are getting psychic messages and/or our loved ones on the Other Side are trying to speak to us to encourage, warn or applaud us about something going on in our lives.

We’ve all probably had that experience where we feel a slight touch, maybe on the shoulder or head. We look around and see no one. That’s a gift from a spirit. If you’re offering intuitive work or you’re a healer that is a particular code that you will need to decipher.

Pay attention when intuitive messages gently come in, be they through you body or other senses, because you don’t get a written letter! You have to be aware, in the present moment, and tuned in to them because they can be very subtle.

Also, be mindful of the Three Times Rule. When I receive an intuitive message three times, for example, I know that my guides or a loved one are trying to tell me something. So, I listen up and pay attention. If you get a message three times, then that’s your indication that the message is psychic or intuitive guidance.

Psychic Development and a Book of Symbols & Codes

I’ve developed body codes to know what each feeling in my body means. Over time, I have developed a book of these codes. If I feel a poking sensation at my left temple, this has a particular meaning. Or, if I feel something in the area of my liver or stomach, then I know there is an issue of relevance for the person I am in a session with. In meditative state, begin working with your Guides and Higher Self to develop a system of codes that works for you. Also, you don’t need to feel physical pain to recognize the code for a physical issue. Ask your guides and spirit to deliver messages of clairsentience gently.

MORE POWERFUL PSYCHIC TIPS: Dynamic Psychic Development Technique to Strengthen Your Intuition

Psychic Awareness and Development Increases Your Sensitivity

You may notice that as this gift grows, you become more sensitive to emotions and physical feeling sensations in your body. As the ability developed for me, I felt a plethora of new body sensations and awareness. You might even feel a poke to an area of your body to find no one there. These are all normal experiences you may have. Be sure to make note of all the new body sensations and experiences in your journal.

It is important to drink plenty of water, get good sleep and exercise daily. The care and attention you give to healthy body balance will serve to enhance awareness and quick tuning into this ability. As you take care of your body in whatever way works best for you, you’ll begin to know it very well. You’ll know when you get a tightening in your chest that’s not normal for you. You’ll feel that very clearly and know whether it has some kind of a symbolic or literal meaning for you or someone near you.

Essential Oil: A Psychic Development Tip

Psychic mediumThis powerful essential oil, Cinnamon Bark, is known to support psychic development. It is said to enhance clear visualization, psychic visions and the development of your clairvoyance ability to see mental images and impressions. Cinnamon Bark can strengthen your ability to focus and may support in attracting love and harmony. It is linked to the element of fire and assists in opening the first chakra, also known as the root chakra.

How to use Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil:

Topical: Dilute 1 drop with 4 drops of olive oil. Test on small area of skin on the underside of arm. Apply to third eye area, slightly above and between your brow.

Develop Your Psychic Ability of Clairsentience with a Body Balance Meditation

In an effort to begin connecting on a deeper level to your body and the gift of clear feeling, please listen to Episodes 4 and 5 of the Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice:

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What Are Your Clairabilities?

Clairabilities are your connection to your higher self, your sixth sense, and the Spirit World. Our 7 Clairabilities use all of your senses:

  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Hear
  • Sight

Through your senses, you open the door to the intuitive psychic you already are! Using your Clairabilities helps you become stronger in your ability to connect psychically with the world around you.

What Are Your Clairabilities?

In learning about your Clairabilities, I teach you how to take your physical senses to a higher level spiritually. I call this “heightened sensing.”

We each have 7 Clairabilities, which are:

  1. Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
  2. Claircognizance – Clear knowing
  3. Clairaudience – Clear hearing
  4. Clairsentience – Clear feeling
  5. Clairkinesthesia – Clear touching
  6. Clairgustance – Clear tasting
  7. Clairolfactory – Clear smelling

What is the Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing Clairability?

Clairvoyance is your ability to connect with your inner third eye. Through Clairvoyance, you receive images and pictures that leave psychic imprints for interpretation.

If you have ever daydreamed before, then you have experienced what it is like to use your Clairvoyance. You can practice increasing your Clairvoyance through the use of simple visualizations. Pick something that is in the room you are in now. Then close your eyes and imagine that same item in your inner vision. Notice the details of it, including color, texture, shading, and shape.

Here’s a fun exercise you can use to connect to your Clairvoyance:

1. Find a deck of cards you feel drawn to.

2. Start with the intention to build your skill and ability to tune and heighten your senses.

3. Draw three cards.

4. Try to guess the suit of these cards only.

5. Do this several times.

6. Notice how you do in your guesses. Resist the temptation to “get it right.” Let go of the outcome. If you are too attached to “getting it right,” this comes from ego and puts blockages in your ability to grow. When you accept what comes to you, then you are able to tune in and expand your ability to use this sense.

7. Pay attention to how it feels when you are accurate. Being conscious of this feeling, increases your ability.

What is the Claircognizance – Clear Knowing Clairability?

Claircognizance is your ability to know things. You may just know about someone or something without being told anything or having researched any information.

This ability is in the Crown Chakra and is the color violet. Put your focus there and imagine this Chakra spinning with aliveness. Notice what you feel as you tune into this ability. As you do, you are communicating to your Higher Self that you are ready to open your ability in this area.

Here’s a fun exercise you can use to connect to your Claircognizance:

1. Get a notebook or a few sheets of paper.

2. Ask a question you want to ask the Universe out loud.

3. Start writing. Write whatever comes to you. It may also come in the form of a picture. Try not to dwell on what you receive, just write.

4. Do this three times on three different sheets of paper.

What is the Clairaudience – Clear Hearing Clairability?

Clairaudience is your ability to hear things, found in your fifth Chakra, the Throat Chakra.

Be aware of your Throat Chakra and tune into the color blue, seeing it spinning beautifully alive. As you do, know that it is opening for you.

Here’s a fun exercise you can use to connect to your Clairaudience:

1. Take a moment to put your focus on your ears. Imagine them growing bigger in size.

2. Notice how they feel and what you see.

3. Try to imagine them pulsing and as if they have their own breath.

4. Breathe deeply and notice them. Pay attention throughout your day that you may notice sounds you have never heard.

5. Write down what you notice from your heightened ability.

What is the Clairsentience – Clear Feeling Clairability?

Your Clairsentience means to feel. It is in your second Chakra, your Sacral Chakra. It is orange in color. Take a moment to put your focus there and see it spinning vibrantly.

Here’s a fun exercise you can use to connect to your Clairsentience:

I created a book of body codes to interpret what the feelings in my body represent during readings. For instance, I may feel a sensation of poking on my left temple area. I then know this has a precise meaning for the client.

You can develop a book of body codes for yourself:

1. Meditate daily on how to increase this and all Clairabilities. Ask your Spirit Guides and Higher Self to work with you to create your book of body codes.

2. Write down sensations you feel at any time of the day when you feel they are psychically connected to you or others.

3. Keep a journal of what you notice.

It is possible for you to increase your Clairabilities. I go more in depth into your Clairabilities with information, fun games and exercises, and more in my newly published book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic. Order your copy now.

How to Know If You Are Clairvoyant

We all have 7 Clair abilities that are part of how we interact with the world. Through the senses of taste, touch, smell, hear, and seeing, these make up our Clair abilities. Clairvoyance is our ability to see clearly. It is located in our sixth chakra, known as the third eye.

What is Clairvoyance?

Have you ever had a daydream?

If I tell you to picture a door right now, do you see it? How about the color red?

If you have had a daydream or saw a door and/or the color red, then you have access to your clairvoyance.

Access Your Clairvoyance

Let’s work on a simple visualization that helps you increase your ability to access your clairvoyance. Notice what is around you at this moment. Pick out something that catches your eye. Look at it for a few seconds until you feel complete with knowing its details.

Close your eyes and then picture that object in your mind’s eye. Notice the details of it in your mind’s eye. Notice if it changes, moves, or sends messages to you through past recollections that come up for you.

As you perform this exercise, you are imagining this object in a way that increases your clairvoyant ability. You may notice that it is very easy to access your clairvoyance. Remember how you feel as you see this object in your mind’s eye. This is what it is like to use your clairvoyance.

Is Clairvoyance Your Primary Clair Ability?

You may already know whether clairvoyance is your top Clair ability.

Here’s how to know for sure:

  • The language you use includes mainly “seeing” words. You start sentences with, “I see…,” or “Look at it this way…,” “I envision…,” “The way I see it…”
  • You find yourself daydreaming often.
  • Your dreams have foretold events or you remember your dreams being vivid, possibly with real life events or metaphor.
  • You imagine objects, people, or seem to see things in your third eye on occasion, often, or anytime you’re asked a question.
  • You describe your experiences (example: trips on vacation or even to the grocery store) with imagery. Example: I saw this huge moose that had antlers as tall as a Grandfather clock.
  • You may notice things about your appearance or other people’s appearances before you notice anything else. If asked to recall something about someone else, you would say, “Louise was wearing a yellow shirt today with jeans.” In comparison, a person who has the primary sense of feeling would say, “Louise seemed to be sad today. It may be because she is getting ready to go off to college and will miss her hometown.”

While you may be predominately clairvoyant, you could experience other clairabilities while experiencing this seeing sense. Take note of other feelings you have when you use your clairvoyance. Keeping up with your strengths helps you identify and use them more frequently in your life.

How to Know if Your Clairvoyance is Blocked

If you have trouble accessing your clairvoyance, fear could be stopping you from using this clair ability. One reason why this happens is because of fear of the unknown. You may have had an experience where you saw something that came to pass or chose to do something and it was a negative experience for you.

Know that in all decisions and all experiences, these are gifts to you from a place of love. All experiences go hand in hand to help you learn how to overcome challenges in your life and find resilience to run the race to the finish.

Whenever you see something that scares you when practicing your clairvoyance, ask for more detail around what you see. Here’s some questions that can help you move past the block of fear:

  • What does this image represent for me?
  • What is the message this image is giving me for my highest good?
  • What do I need to learn from this?

How to Develop Your Clairvoyance

One of the tools I learned through my studies in psychic and Mediumship training is to use a reading screen. Essentially, you focus your vision inward in your third eye and see a giant movie screen there. This is the place where you will see images and begin to receive psychic impressions through your senses.

Here’s how to use the reading screen:

1. Ground it to the center of the earth by imagining a grounding cord extending out from the screen down to the center of the earth. Have some fun with it and imagine a waterfall, or beams of light, or a vine that travels down from the screen and is rooted into the center of the earth.

2. Ask a question about what you want to know. Whatever comes up for you is your answer. It could be a color, an image of an object, or even a person. Remember that when you use your clairvoyance, you may receive literal answers or answers that are disguised in metaphor and symbol.

While you are developing your ability, just relax. Let any image show up for you. Let go of any desire to understand what the image represents at this time. Just be the observer of what images come to you.

Keep a Clairvoyance Journal

Keep a journal beside your bed and in a room where you decide to practice developing your clairvoyance. When you wake up, jot down any dreams you remember from the night before. Write down all of the visual experiences you remember, what you saw, any colors that stood out to you from the dream, and any objects or symbols.

Anytime you catch yourself daydreaming, write down what you see. Anytime you see images come up for you throughout the day, write them down.

Finding Out About What Images Mean to You

I recommend starting the day with meditation. It helped me develop my clairvoyance and continues to help me with inner peace. In meditation, ask the universe to show you what you need to know about your day. Let any images come into your mind’s eye, but resist your desire to interpret them.

Write down what you see in your journal. Then return to it to see what images match what you saw throughout your day. For example: Did you see a storm present for you and later in your day it started to rain? Or experienced an argument between people in your life?

The images could represent any number of experiences in your life. Notice what comes up for you. Make sure to be consistent and do this exercise daily.

If you are ready to learn more and develop your Clairabilities, find out more about them in the “Learn About Your Clairabilities” psychic development for beginners.

Psychic Medium Teaches You How to Tap Into Your Psychic Powers Using Daydreams

Your Psychic Power of Daydreams: Who Would Have Thought? 

Yes, it is true! Not only your dreams, but even your daydreams can bring psychic and intuitive and psychic messages!

Do you daydream? Do you sometimes find yourself caught up in an object or scene, watching it, absorbing every detail, feeling yourself floating but with all of your attention drilling into the object of your vision?

If you’ve ever experienced moments like this, time out of time when you are somehow more intensely awake than usual but at the same time, more relaxed and peaceful, then you are likely showing a tendency toward clairvoyance.  Clairvoyant is a French term for “clear seeing.” It is used to describe one who can empty their mind of what’s right before them and let images of what has been or what will be into their awareness.  This is a skill like any other and one that can be strengthened with persistence and hard work.

A Psychic Development Daydream Tips

One way to exercise your natural clairvoyance is by practicing visualizations.

Let’s try this now, together:

Choose an object – something pleasant to look at – and observe it for a moment.  Then close your eyes and call the object’s image up in your mind’s eye.  Create it there on the back of your eyelids, or create an imaginary movie screed where it appears – see its shape, its color. Allow the different textures of the object to become clear,  See the way the light falls across its surface.  Imagine it until it looks whole and true in your mind, just as it did when your eyes were open.

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This is visualization and the feeling you have as you create the object in your mind is the same feeling a clairvoyant gets when they allow an image to form that they haven’t called up.  Remember this feeling.  Trying to capture it again and again will strengthen your third eye and open it to your own potential.

When I was very small, my mother did exercises like this with us when we were settling down to sleep.  She would take us on imaginary journeys, describing all of the plants and animals, all of the sights and smells along the way.  We went to jungles, to the ocean, to all manner of places exotic and beautiful.  I would see them as I lay there with my eyes closed, listening to her voice, soft and comforting as it described the scenes that rolled by in my imagination.  This was my first experience of visualization and as a child my mother’s voice would put me to sleep.  Now I can put myself into that relaxed and receptive state which allows intuition and insight to flow.

Using Your Powerful Psychic Tool of Daydreams as You Navigate Your Day

Today, pay attention to the little daydreams you find yourself falling into. Intuitive growth can be significantly enhanced through our day dreams. You will learn quickly that often the information coming through during a daydream can be relevant guidance for yourself, someone you will be seeing in the near future, regarding world events, or to spiritual or other kinds of questions you have been thinking about.

Day dreams happen when the conscious mind lets go for a little while because it is engaged in something—that’s why so often a day dream will occur right in the middle of doing a work project, driving or doing something else where your focus is maintained for a while.

Set the intention to be aware when you fall into a daydream and pay attention to the subject matter. Write down some notes and see what the day dreams meant for you. Was it about you, a future event, a friend or a client? Was it about an issue in your immediate family? Did it appear to make no sense at all?

Herbs and Essential Oils to Enhance Your Psychic Powers

When we are learning to tap into the powers of our psychic mind, we want to enhance and support that with the environment around us. An effective and easy way to support your natural psychic abilities is to add herbs in your diet following herbs and essential oils to your environment.


Mugwort and Poppy Seeds: For increased clairvoyance, clarity in mental image impressions and dreams visions. Just add your food for flavor!

Essential Oils:

Awaken, Cedarwood, and Dream Catcher. Apply one drop topically to Sacral chakra or Third Eye Chakra.

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Next Steps For Your Psychic Learning

Most people are so distracted by their thoughts they can no longer feel the aliveness that their breath brings. So then, the bridge delivering them to their innate wellbeing escapes them. Whenever you can, whenever it comes to mind in your day, center on your breath. It is more spiritually transformative than any book, course, coaching or learning of any kind. And, the expense is nil, save for a few priceless moments of time.

 The first steps in your psychic development include daily meditation, quieting your mind and understanding the power of your breath. Learn more on these topics and much more at The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice at iTunes!
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Psychic Medium Teaches You Five Steps to Swiftly Tap Into Your Psychic Power of Seeing Auras

What Are the Types of Psychic Energy?

One aspect of the foundation of any psychic development or clairvoyant program is the understanding of energy, the types and how energy works for you. Understanding the powerful art of psychic energy, along with the sixth chakra (third eye) and your clairabilities you will swiftly expand your psychic awareness and functioning.

Today, we learn about psychic development tools of grounding to maintain spiritual equanimity and replenish your energy. You will begin to use Grounding to focus your creative life force energy to create for yourself.

There are three types of energy: auric energy, cosmic energy, and earth energy.

Auric energies

Auric energy is energy generated by conscious, thinking human beings. It is the energy we know as aura. Humans are a combination of soul (auric) energy, earth energy, and cosmic energy. Psychics call this personal energy combination a PSI signature.

Cosmic Energies

Cosmic energy exists in the cosmos. Cosmic energy is energy generated by the universal mind. It is the force that functions throughout the universe. It is the energy in charge of universal order and chaos. Psychics often visualize this energy as a warm, peaceful, white light. It is an energy infinite in nature but easy to detect and identify. This is the energy we acquire when we refer to feeling energized, invigorated, or rejuvenated.

Earth Energies

Earth energies are those energies emanating from the core of the planet and Mother Nature. This energy is present in every stone, tree, or blade of grass. It is in every plant and every animal. It is energy psychics use to ground themselves when they perform any type of energy work. It is the energy found in the nucleus of an atom, in the force of thunder, in the feeling of the air. Everything in the universe is comprised of this energy—energy that flows naturally, without constraints.

Which Energies Do Psychics Use?

Humans are always making use of all three energies. We use them without being aware we are using them. It is part of our daily routine, like using cosmic energy when we sleep to re-energize or bodies and minds.

Psychics also use all three energies. But they use them in a deliberate way and with a conscious knowing. If you are an empath, you may be taking advantage of auric energies to connect with people, earth energies to receive messages from your surroundings, and cosmic energy to transfer information via telepathy. Acknowledging and accepting the forces of energy are essential to being a psychic. They are essential to develop the power of your psychic connections and to strengthen your overall Sense-Abilities. We radiate our feelings, thoughts and spiritual awareness through our aura. It is the sometimes visible “mist” of color and light that surrounds people and objects.

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The Psychic Development Tool of Cleansing Your Energy Aura

You can cleanse your aura and your entire emotional energy body with deep breathing exercises, swimming or showering, or taking a purifying bath with sea salts, which absorb both physical and energetic toxins. Water is a great conductor of energy and will help dissolve whatever negative emotions you’re feeling. Cleansing your aura daily will help to keep your energy clear.

The Benefits of Reading Psychic Aura Energy

If you find yourself desiring more energy, clarity,  peace of mind or over all well-being then you want to consider delving deep into learning about your aura. As you explore the workings of your auras you will learn about extraordinary capabilities about our human energy field.  You will discover how to strengthen and cleanse your energy auric field, two very essential tools for any beginning or veteran psychic or energy worker. In the study of your aura you will tap your psychic powers and sensory perception to actually see and sense auras of others. Many psychics and intuitives are over sensitive and become like a sponge for outside energies. In the psychic world this is known as psychic vampirism. As you work with your aura, you will begin to develop your psychic and spiritual self-defense, auric protection, and self-reliance.

As a psychic it is paramount that you maintain balance, clarity, and clear focus within your energy field. As you begin to learn to see your aura and the aura of others, you’ll swiftly release and even heal lower, heavy vibrations around you that are not serving you. Most profoundly, from a very empowered space you’ll learn to sever psychic energy cords and ties so that you can maintain the most harmonious relationships! Learn how to do this now in this powerful Energy Cord Releasing Meditation!

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How to See Your Psychic Energy Aura

We are born with the natural ability to see auras, but tend to lose that ability as we get older. It’s not considered a normal ability in our culture, so children grow up thinking there’s something wrong with their eyesight, and suppress their ability to see auras. You can rediscover that ability. Relax as you practice this, and don’t have any preconceived notions about what an aura will look like. Some people see a golden glow around people and objects, others see colors or different levels of light. Whatever you see is fine. You may find that you can auras peripherally. Many psychically sensitive people see visiting spirits or ghosts peripherally, as our logical left-brain doesn’t rule our peripheral vision the way it does our straight-ahead vision. The aura will be most visible at its core, which is inside the body and extending to an inch or two outside of it.

Follow this process to practice seeing auras:

  1. Soften your gaze. Relax your hands and hold them out in front of you, palms facing up.
  2. Concentrate for a minute on an object—a salt shaker, a pen or one of your hands, for example.
  3. Take in the object and the space around it. Now relax and look away. You will probably see a sort of “impression” in the air left by that object. You’ll see both the object and the aura around it—there will be a sort of haze or fuzzy space around where the object was. You may see auras more clearly when you’re not wearing eyeglasses.
  4. Keeping your gaze softened and relaxed, and look back at the object. Try to see the haze around it. You may only see it in your mind’s eye at first rather than your physical eyes, which is fine.
  5. Begin practicing this on people and objects by softening your eyes and looking at them, not directly, but taking in the entire scene they’re in at once. Or look at someone’s nose and forehead—the aura can then become visible to you peripherally.

Keep practicing, knowing this is a natural ability you already have, and that it will come back to you!

Do you want more energy, well-being, clarity, and peace of mind? If you would like to learn more about exploring your aura and receive breakthroughs in your energy field, check out Exploring Auras by bestselling author, Dr. Susan Shumsky.

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Psychic Medium Teaches You All About Animal Totems and How to Initiate Connection

psychic medium

Psychic Development and Animal Spirit

What Are Animal Totems and Symbols?

Psychic medium explains that animal totems may present for long or short periods of time in our lives. They are directly connected to what is presenting now in your life and/or to lessons that are meant for you.

Tune into whether or not the relationship with your animal totem is meant for a number of days or years. Let this powerful animal relationship lead you forward in terms of new knowledge or awareness about your core traits. Animal totems might be presenting to teach you through emotional aspects such as strength, patience, insecurity, fear, confidence or anger.

The Power of Animal Totems 

In short, animal totems help us to learn about our ultimate truths in life. They may present in meditative space and/or dream space bringing much-needed lessons. It is also common that animal totems are a spiritual tool for you. I.e., when you see this animal it is your spiritual reminder to Ground. The time frame in which a particular animal totem is in your life directly correlates with how well you recognize, learn and then incorporate the knowledge into your life.

As I Develop Psychically, How Do I Connect with My Animal Totem?

Be mindful that your animal totem/s (and we do have more than one) have chosen you! They will present when you are fully and completely ready to accept and realize the lessons in their coming.

Most often, your animal totems are wild animals as opposed to domesticated. This is not always the case but often is. Use your gift of Claircognizance (clear knowing) to discern this. You will know there is a higher knowing message for you when the animal totem presents because there is an unmistakable familiar knowing connected to the presence of the animal. Absolute honor, awareness and respect should be expressed as you are now ready for a new segment in your journey. What a gift!

In time, your relationship with these animal totems grows and as this happens deep trust of the messages come. Eventually take on those imbued characteristics and this assists you in understanding, on a deeper level, the animal kingdom, becoming one with the energy.

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Use Your Intuition As You Consider Your Animal Totem

Consider these questions as this will assist you in finding your animal totem:

Is there an animal that captivated you as a child?

Do you feel a deep connection to a particular animal?

What animals do you see repeatedly?

Consider animal traits/characteristics. Which animal most closely associates with your personality?

Which animals do you recognize that you have near you in your home or work space in pictures, song, and art work?

Use Your Psychic Ability and Connect With Your Animal Totem

As you begin to discover your animal totems, try this meditation:

  1. In a relaxed and upright position, quiet your mind for 10 to 15 minutes then simply state out loud to the Universe, “I would like to meet my animal totem.”
  2. Let yourself be a stream of consciousness, naturally allowing information to float in. Be an observer and just watch what animals or bits of the animal kingdom or even nature float in and out. Remember to use all of your senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and feelings while in this space.
  3. What do you see? Is a forest, stream, mountain top, den or nest of some kind presenting? You may be taken to a region or directly to the home of your animal totem. Tune into the richness of the landscape. Notice the colors, shapes, sizes of things here. Is there running water? Notice the clear and pure nature of the running water. Are there ripples in the water created by anything? Now, smell the fragrance of that place. What does it smell like here? What season is it? Is it Spring? Fall? Winter? What does that smell like? Touch the earth, rocks or trees here. What do they feel like? Is there snow, water, or sand? Reach out and touch this too.
  4. Now, give attention to the sounds near you. Do you hear leaves crunching as an animal approaches? Do you hear chirps, flutters, swooshing, animal calls or other sounds? Animal totems may present in various sizes so be attentive to just the slightest and smallest animal. This may even be a newborn animal of some kind. Is there a sound from this newborn?
  5. When you are ready, ask your animal totem to appear. They may do so in the distance or right in front of you. They might also present clearly and very close you. They may even land gently on your shoulder or hand. They understand your feelings. Now, listen and watch for your animal totem’s messages. Open your heart and mind to greet your animal. Allow the animal, lessons and any messages to arrive at its own pace. Be present with this for several minutes.
  6. The animal totem may be fleeting, meaning they come and go quickly. This is okay. Trust that necessary connection was made.
  7. When you are ready, thank your animal totem and send energy of appreciation. Trust in the relationship and know that your relationship has started and is continuing to grow.

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Are You an Animal Lover? Use Your Intuition and Psychic Ability to Develop Your Connection With the Animal Kingdom

Do you want help connecting to your animal totems? Learn Animal Speak – Understanding Animal Messengers, Totems, and Signs to call on the innate medicine of your animal guardians for protection, heal,  uncover your own hidden strengths, and more!