Energy Bubble & Matching Crown Chakra

Energy Bubble & Matching Crown Chakra When Working With Clients

I find great success in creating an energy bubble that surrounds only the readee and myself, and which contains only the most pure, positive high energy. This also serves to create a space that feels safe and secure for the readee.

This is a good time to also match crown chakras with your readee. By this, I mean visualize the readee’s seventh chakra and discern the color of it. As you now know, the seventh chakra is nestled in the top of the head. Visualize this chakra as a circular bubble, spinning, alive and full of life. Then, let the color just come forward on its own, receiving the first that comes to mind. Is it blue?


Now, imagine your own crown chakra as the same exact color, matching the two. You might even visualize an energy cord connecting the two chakras. This is an added way of syncing with your readee in a heightened way so that you ensure accuracy, brevity and clarity as you work with them.

I do these things whether I’m working in a medium session or in a psychic reading, although it’s powerful in a life coaching session or when you’re providing any kind of guidance or counsel to someone. This allows you to quiet outside energies and come to a true place of higher knowing and presence.

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