Faq & Preparing For A Medium Reading

Understanding how to prepare yourself for a medium reading can help you get the most from your session

How To Prepare For A Medium Reading

Keep an Open Mind

It is important to realize the value of an open mind during a reading. While we have certain desires and expectations about connecting with a particular loved one, we do not always get exactly what we desire. For example, you may desire to connect with a loved one who passed over recently. However, spirit decides when and where they will come, not us. So, please know that while Michelle will try to connect with specific loved ones you desire, this may not always happen. Too much expectation on the client’s part can interfere with divine messages spirit is trying to convey.

Be Patient

Please understand that spirit may take time to adjust to the other side. Think of it as that they are getting situated in a new home. They need time to adjust their passing in the same way that you do. Giving them this time to settle in assists them and makes the transition easier. Simply telling the universe and/or spirit that you are perfectly willing to wait for a time when they are ready to communicate helps them. You may want to request they show you a symbol when they are ready to come through. Also, remember that wanting to communicate with them too badly may hinder communication and Michelle’s ability to connect.


There is no language on the other side. Spirit communicates from a higher vibration and Medium Michelle understands them clearly regardless of what language they spoke while living on earth. Language is merely an earthly way of communicating and for human sake.

Why They Come

Spirits come to us for many reasons. It may be simply to say hello, it may be to guide us in our earthly issues and events and it may be to assist in healing and closure of our grieving. Michelle finds that often spirit has come to offer an apology. It is important to be aware that in addition to choosing when, where, and with whom they will send messages through, spirit chooses “why” they come. It is our task, to listen with an open mind and “hear” their messages. Spirit knows who you need to hear from most.

How Soon Can I Connect With Spirit

Spirit can communicate regardless of how long they have been on the other side. While some do communicate better than others, they all do have the ability to connect with you, whether they have passed one day ago or one year ago. You may also notice in a reading that our loved ones often present with many of the similar personality traits and habits that they did while on earth in a physical body.

What Spirit Knows

Michelle has learned that spirits have certainly come to know a more enlightened state and are more spiritually advanced having passed over to the other side. However, spirit is not all knowing. As previously mentioned, they often retain much of their personality they had while on earth albeit with a new and profound level of awareness.

What Spirit Desires For Us

It is generally the intent of spirit to bring the core of important challenges and issues to the forefront. Sometimes, they desire to do this right away. This is because of an intense desire to bring healing and growth to their loved ones still living. They realize the value of resolving issues and not leaving things unsettled before our own passing. Spirit also understands the importance of unconditional love and that we are all connected.

Steps To Prepare

Sit quietly for a few moments, then tell the spirit you wish to contact that you intend communication. They already know, but tell them anyway.
Recall and think about past memories, smells, traits, events or places you traveled with your loved one.
Set the intention for a joyful, expectation-free session.
Be certain and confident that your loved one has heard you.
Please be sure you are in a quiet place for the reading where you will be uninterrupted.

The Reading Process

Michelle will start the session with a brief explanation of the process, which includes introductions, a prayer, connection and communication with spirit, followed by questions and answers and finally a closing to our reading. During this time Michelle will ask that you do not provide any information or history and that you simply state yes or no to her questions. She works best with no information provided to her – at all.


Michelle is an “evidential” medium. This means, she will provide facts about your loved one that she could not possibly have known, such as particular events, nick names, special activities and the like. You will know it is your loved one she is connecting with. Michelle will first focus on determining who the spirit is, how they passed, what their emotional state was before passing and she will then provide factual evidence that she is communicating with your loved one through specific details provided by spirit. Once this is established, Michelle will provide the messages spirit has for you.

Coming In All At Once

Spirit is excited to be here communicating with you. This spiritual encounter is equally as exciting and welcomed for them as it is to you. Generally, there are many spirits who wish to connect and communicate. Quite often, in the excitement, many spirits come in at once. As a result it can become confusing. Michelle asks for your patience as she communicates with each spirit and works to clarify their particular message.


Michelle receives information in the form of visual images and symbols. She is also clairsentient, which means she is able to receive and “feel” messages in her body from spirit. In this way, she can determine how your loved one passed over. Michelle may also receive messages through clairaudience which means she will actually “hear” spirit communicate words, phrases, sentences and even song. It is not uncommon for spirit to come through two at a time, yet one communicates for the other.

Our Life Lessons

While spirit generally comes with wonderfully insightful and profound healing messages, they will never provide information to the extent that they interfere with your life lessons and/or spiritual growth you were meant to incur. Please realize that a medium reading with Michelle should not take the place of the grieving process. Michelle suggests waiting one to two months after the loss of a loved one to schedule a reading.

Energy Shift

There is significant energy shift following a reading and it takes time to process this shift. Please take time for yourself and allow for the absorbing of the information in the way that works best for you.

How Michelle Sees It

While Michelle is sensitive to the issues that may present during a reading, she feels deeply that it is her spiritual obligation and responsibility to describe, in detail, exactly what presents. You will receive straight forward answers and information.

Healing Energy

Michelle is able to see what the next step is for you regarding your concerns. She likes to call this the “healing energy.” Spiritual and life growth come with not only knowing and finding answers, but also in knowing what might be the next best step. Spirit may also provide a healing and/or healing energy during a reading.

You Too, Can Connect With Your Loved Ones

The easiest way to connect with your loved one is through your dreams. Dreams bring powerful spiritual messages. Before you go to bed, tell your loved one you desire to visit with them. This is all you need to do. When you least expect it, they will come to you. You will know it is your loved one because your dream is especially vivid and full of joy. Dreams from your loved one will never come with low vibration energy/feelings of grief or sadness.

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