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Join Diane Ray as she talks to Michelle about Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic, her writing process and the inspiration behind the book.

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About The Book:

 If you find yourself moved by a strong suspicion that there is more to life than what can be seen or easily explained, then this book is for you. If you find yourself with an overwhelming desire to explore what lies outside the realm of physical science or earthly understanding, this book will inform you. If you want to know what abilities function outside the domain of natural laws, this book will enlighten you.

“Michelle’s book should be a must-read for all students beginning the spiritual path.”

— Dr. Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D

About Michelle

Natural born psychic medium

Michelle Beltran grew up in Northern California where she attended elementary school and college. She has a twin sister with whom she shares a unique and special bond.

From experience, Michelle knows that human beings are capable of great change. During her first career as a probation officer, Michelle’s belief in a person’s capacity for deep, permanent changes made her commit to assist those who most needed to find inspiration and purpose to transform their lives.

Michelle’s core philosophy is this: “We all have clairvoyant talents and abilities. The greater challenge is not so much in realizing this ability, but, rather, in believing in it.”

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