Finding You Again!

Life Coaching with Michelle! Learn how to manifest the life you desire!

Life Coaching with Michelle

Michelle trained with globally recognized spiritualist, Deborah King, to integrate LifeForce Coaching techniques into her own programs.
Through LifeForce Coaching, Michelle is now a certified life coach and will help you create harmony in all aspects of your life!
You’ll learn how to connect with your own calling and deepest passions.
Michelle also worked with Dr. John Gray, leading internationally recognized relationship expert.
Michelle is a certified Mars/Venus coach offering gender intelligence and relationship coaching.

It’s Time to Stand in Your Power!

The Stand in Your Power Life Coaching Program is the first of a series of various life coaching programs Michelle is now offering.

This program gives you an opportunity to work one-on-one with Michelle over a 6 week or 12 week period.

The goal of this program is not limited to enhancing your personal life!

It is recommended for those who desire to understand and bring clarity to their present life journey while also being guided in future endeavors.

The program focuses on releasing relationship blocks, healing old emotional wounds, bringing acceptance, while assisting and guiding you in finding your soulmate.

The concept of ‘gender intelligence’ created by globally known, Dr. John Gray, is an exciting cornerstone of this program.

As a former professional athlete Michelle understands the importance of mind, spirit and body balance.

In this package, Michelle will work with you to create a personally designed Mind Map (blueprint) to assist you in transforming your body to the healthy and vibrant place it was meant to be.

Please be sure to ask about the 30-minute Love Life Energy Evaluation Session to support you in finding your soulmate, creating balance in your present relationships and releasing the blocks you may have in place.

Manifest Your Soulmate Meditation Package may also be of interest as an additional investment in you!

Your Personal Life Coaching Program Will Delve Into Key Areas Michelle Will Help You Master

Recognizing Resistance

One way resistance presents is in our emotions. So, when you feel fear, worry or doubt it is usually your clue there is something present in that experience which is causing the feeling which you want to embrace fully and begin taking a closer look at and learn from.

The Power of Your Emotions

Your emotions are the single best guidance system you have. They are the closest to your soul self (that part of you that always was, always is and always will be) that you will ever get. Learn to tune into your emotions to reclaim control of your life. Say hello to your emotions! They will always guide you right. This can be likened to that gut feeling we all know so well. That is your own intuitive knowing shouting at you. Time to listen!

Your Differences Are Okay

There is room enough in the world for everyone’s beliefs. It is a fallacy that we must all agree. In fact, it was our soul intention to come to here to align with a wide assortment of beliefs and experience, not just a few, from which we might learn. We didn’t expect they would be perfect for all either. There is great value in differing opinions. Learn to honor this in your partner. It starts with appreciating them where they are in life, even if you disagree.

Let Them Off The Hook

Remember, you can’t look outside yourself and ask others to clean up their muck. In so doing, you in essence put them in charge as you are really saying “Do this to make me happy”. Make it a practice to express to others that your happiness depends entirely on you! Choose to see them through the eyes of goodness as opposed to wrongness.

You Can Have It All!

It is your birthright to have that deep meaningful love relationship you have always intended. Anything less than this can be called ‘settling’ and this is not your destiny.

You Are Not Alone

I find that many of my clients express that they have not ever felt loved. This energy block typically travels back to childhood. We will find and unravel this.

Think Good Feeling Thoughts

What you give your thoughts to, you create. We will talk about catching yourself in old, left brain thoughts and slowing down the momentum to that way of thinking, to the extent that you actually recreate the way you think.

Old Paradigms and Beliefs

Do you find yourself saying “I’m afraid to get hurt, again.” Or, “I will never find Mr. Right.” These are old beliefs, and since a belief is merely a thought you have simply thought over and over until you believed it, you can now change this!

Energy Boundaries & Repeating Patterns

Are you carrying on the energy of your parents? Do you recognize that you are having the same relationship obstacles as your parents? Did they have highly charged and anger-filled arguments? And now, do you? You may want to consider the repeated energy pattern you are subconsciously creating.

Energy Cords

Only our pure, positive essence is allowed in our space at any given time. Do you find yourself thinking of that old relationship or the disagreement with your partner to the extent that it overwhelms you? This could be a crossing of energy boundaries that is unnecessary and not serving you.

Take the higher consciousness leap…

The time is now to find your soulmate!

30-minute Personal Love Life Energy Evaluation Session:
a $175 investment

In this half hour session we will take a look at your past and current situation and identify the core relationship blocks. Together, we will tap into what’s ahead so you can be better prepared for choices you are presented with. You will learn how to use your own free will to create and manifest what you desire in your love life and relationships. At the end of this session, you will have a plan of action and plenty of tips and tools to create the desired change in your life.

6 week Program:
a $1200 investment

12 week Program: a $2300 investment

Manifest Your Soulmate Meditation Package:
a $100 investment

This wonderful collection of deep breathing meditations will guide you in finding and maintaining love and harmony in your relationships. The meditations are designed to help you shift your energy to patterns of acceptance and allowing as opposed to resistance. You will find rich sensations of personal alignment and clarity as you move forward in your life’s journey. Perseverance and persistence are the keys of success.


“It’s time to create the life that is your birthright!
Let’s work together to bring this to fruition.” – Michelle Beltran

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