2015 APP Conference

2015 AAP Conference is upon us!


Conference Theme: LIVING PRECOGNITION CREATING YOUR FUTURE: Integrating precognition into your life; in particular, the important connections with health and wealth.

Joe McMoneagle will be teaching a one day introductory/refresher/training workshop on Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) June 22. The next three days will be focused on learning about and applying precognition. Joe Gallenberger will be joining APP for the first time with his presentation on “Inner Vegas”

The lectures and webinars will be mixed with fun, high energy activities that will get hearts racing and blood pumping! Participants will actively remote view photos they will see in the future that are attaching to winning outcomes. They will also have the opportunity to judge and rate sessions and make predictions that individuals will have the option to personally wager on. APP conferences are always very social and fun filled with shared meals, great conversations, and lots of surprises.

Dean Radin’s webinar topic will be, “Precognition and Your Health”. As part of his presentation, he will discuss a couple of interesting case studies on (correct) forewarning in dreams of breast cancer that was undetectable in conventional diagnoses.

More information here: APP Conference

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