Kick-Start Your Intuition Ecourse

It’s Here! The Kick Start Your Intuition eCourse!

Due to popular request, we’re now offering a 5-week online e-course to assist you in developing your psychic and intuitive ability!

I have always taught that it is possible for anyone to make the conscious decision to develop, rekindle, or magnify the powers of their intuitive voice—their psychic mind. This e-course was created to teach you to open the door to your psychic ability. The path to the supernatural world of the psychic begins by expanding and fine-tuning intuition, and then paying close attention to both the seen and unseen world that surrounds us.

Our mind is not simply a function of our bodies like an arm or a leg. It is a powerful tool from which we can access universal truths and expand our understanding of our inner-selves. If you find yourself moved by a strong suspicion that there is more to life than what can be seen or easily explained, then this e-course is for you. If you find yourself with an overwhelming desire to explore what lies outside the realm of physical science or earthly understanding, this e-course will inform you. If you want to know what abilities function outside the domain of natural laws, this e-course will enlighten you.

A little bit about the e-course:

In this e-course, you’ll learn all about your Sense-Abilities (Clairabilities):

Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
Claircognizance – Clear knowing
Clairaudience – Clear hearing
Clairsentience – Clear feeling
Clairgustance – Clear tasting
Clairalience – Clear smelling

You’ll  learn to connect with your higher self, your sixth sense, through the use of all of your senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. These senses will be the doorway through which your connection with your intuitive psychic self becomes stronger. Through understanding these abilities, you take your physical senses to a higher spiritual level.

And there’s more:

  • This affordable self-paced e-course allows for you to work through the material and lessons on your own time.
  • You’ll receive an automatic email each week filled with that week’s reading, exercises and guided meditations.
  • This is designed to be an interactive e-course, if you choose, so please share your ideas or questions with your peers via our online learning community at our Facebook page.
  • Those enrolled in this e-course are personally invited to email Michelle with any questions or comments.

Sign up today! You’ll receive one-on-one guidance including questions and answers from Michelle!

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9 thoughts on “Kick-Start Your Intuition Ecourse

    • Hi Andrew, Thank you for reaching out today! I’m sure happy to learn you’re following the Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. The Kick Start Your Intuition E-course is written only however. In this way, you may feel it serves to supplement the podcast. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Warmly, Michelle

  1. On your Podcasts it says this course is free so I don’t know if you can change that but just wanted to give you the heads up.

  2. Hi Michelle.
    I have been listening to your podcasts this morning. It states that this course is free but it doesn’t show that here. Can you help me with this? Thank you, Tammy

  3. I’m extremely interested in your e-course but I’m not a fan of meditation. I usually end up falling asleep or I lose interest so I’m wondering how much meditation is there with this? I LOVE the readings, the use of chakras and essential oils….. but meditation just isn’t for me. Any information on this would be appreciated!

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