Psychic Development Tip - Reading Inter-Personal Dramas

Reading Inter-Personal Dramas

Today, while out in the public ie., at work, a shopping mall, grocery store or any place where people interact, observe the seeming petty dramas that arise between people. Perhaps you’ll observe a mother scolding her child. Perhaps you’ll overhear an angry customer at a store. Maybe you’ll observe people waiting in line impatiently.

This exercise is about seeing into these situations to try and decipher what is underneath them. There are many possibilities, including:

1. The people have a spiritual contract to be in the situation they find themselves in
2. One person is in a crisis situation and having trouble managing emotions
3. A person may be under stress at work or at home
4. Someone may have lost a loved one or had a relationship end

There could be many reasons but the underlying principle is that most times when we find ourselves in these kinds of conflicts or upsets with strangers or with circumstances that irritate us it isn’t the person or the situation but something else that is the source of our upset.

Why does an intuitive/psychic need to be aware of this? First, your friends/family or clients may often have a situation like this going on when you are reading them. It is helpful to be able to spot these things and be able to separate them out from the reading or from the person’s attitude or behavior while in the session. Second, this kind of upset could be very important to the client’s reading— a trigger or some emotional stuck energy that needs to be resolved such as learning patience, better listening and communication or setting healthy boundaries for yourself. Third, since readings are a shared growth for readee and reader, this will help you become more and more aware of how the little upsets occur in your own life and how to avoid creating unpleasant interactions and upsets and maintaining positivity in your day.

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