A Psychic Development Tool To Uncover Truth

Reading Myself & Others: A Tool To Get Accurate Information

Red Light, Yellow Light, and Green Light Tool:

This technique will help you discover truths about questions or concerns in your life and the lives of others, yet in a different way than using your intuition in a reading space.

In a quiet, calm and relaxed place enter in a meditative state. Now, visualize yourself in a beautiful scenic place in nature that feels safe and comfortable to you. When you are ready, imagine three lights in front of you: one red, one green and one yellow. Next, state out loud your question and ask “What is the truth about _________________? (A particular person or situation).

As you ask each question, notice which light brightens most in your mind’s eye. The red light signifies no. The yellow light may mean that there isn’t enough information to make a decision, so you when you see it, you want to attempt to gather more information about the person, and proceed with caution until you can come to a better understanding of the truth.

This simple tool can be a powerful way to know the truth about situations and people in your life, and to unlock the magical abilities within you to lead you in the right direction.

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