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Special Guidelines for Reading for Different Age Groups and Demographics

As an exceptional psychic or medium, it’s a good idea to have experience working with all age groups. There is a completely different feeling working with someone who is a child, teenager, an adult and a senior citizen. All walks of life bring about a different experience.

Take some time thinking about how it would be like to work with a small child. You will find working with children is magical. They are naturally open to Spirit. The veil has not fallen and they have not had time to be completely brainwashed by our society and media.

Now take some time to think about how it would be working with someone who is very old and who is coming from a completely different era. What would be the challenges? Your vocabulary would need to change slightly and you should be sensitive to their understanding of the afterlife.

Different Nationalities: What would be the challenges of having a reading with someone who is of another nationality or who speaks a different language? For example, if you are reading someone who is of the Asian, Hispanic or Italian decent who did not speak your first language fluently, what would be different or challenging?

Give some quality thought to each of these kinds of sessions and journal about it.

Homework: Challenge yourself to complete two intuitive/coaching sessions this week, even if just 10 to 15 minutes. They can be informal of course. One should be with a small child or senior citizen. Be sure to journal about your sessions, capturing what went well, and what you may do different next time.

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