Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Development

Deepen your psychic awareness and share your Gifts with the world.

Immerse yourself in my advanced psychic development program to amplify your psychic ability and connection to Spirit. Carry out psychic readings, support others through loss and use your Gifts of Spirit to navigate the unseen world and its profound impact on the people it touches.


You want to use your Gifts to help those in pain or hardship. But mediumship is a practice you’re still struggling to understand.

Whether you’re seeking to expand your psychic abilities personally or professionally, you know that you have a calling to help ease people’s pain. It’s possible to sharpen your practice and embrace your calling as a psychic medium.

It’s time to challenge yourself and become the force for good in the world you were meant to be.

Begin your journey to greater healing and spiritual expansion.

Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Development is a 12-week, application-only course that teaches you to grow and strengthen your psychic potential. Explore Clairvoyant healing, learn to communicate with Spirits, expand your understanding of empathy and intuitive listening and develop your psychic reading skills. Your journey has just begun.


Communicate with the Spirits of those who have passed on.

You can bring healing, understanding and closure to people
who have suffered great loss. Whether you’re seeking a career
in mediumship or you have simply been called to grow your
abilities to help those you care about, I’m here to support you
on your spiritual journey. Together, we’ll improve your
ClairAbilities, explore intuitive healing modalities, practice
channeling your Guides, refine psychic readings and look at the
many ways Spiritual connection can take place. At the end of it
all, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion to recognize the
work you’ve done. The Spirit World is wide open to you if you’re
prepared to truly listen.

Advanced Psychic and Mediumship
Development may be for you if you:

  • are ready to deeply connect to your Gifts of Spirit
  • feel called to help others heal
  • are prepared to do the work to heighten your abilities
  • know there is more to the world than what we see
  • can dedicate time daily to your skills and studies
  • recognize that mediumship is your Soul’s Calling
  • are profoundly curious about the world beyond
  • are acutely aware that your Gifts are within you so you can transform the lives of others

Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Development at a Glance:

Application only

Select Students

12 weeks

of intensive learning and training

Real-life reading

Real-life readings and practice on others

Medical intuitive work

1 full week of medical intuitive work included within the course

Telephone calls

2x weekly one-hour telephone calls with me to review each week’s assignments

Practical exercises

Daily practical exercises to help amplify your psychic and mediumship abilities

Daily meditations

to quiet your mind and enhance your connection

Daily assignments

Such as video, audio, definitions and revisions


A Certificate of Completion upon graduation


These Bonuses:

A 30% discount on everything in my store throughout your program

An autographed copy of my book, Take the Leap

A digital copy of Take the Leap

Inside the Course

12 Weeks Of Advanced Psychic And Mediumship Development

Week 01

Getting Our Feet Wet

In this module, we discuss dreamwork, prayers of protection and Clairsentience. We explore the sensations you notice in your body and emotions that allow you to understand and connect both with Spirits and the people you are looking to help.

Week 02

ClairAbilities and Exploring Destiny

In our second week, we explore Remote Viewing and ClairAbilities including Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairgustance (tasting) and Clairolfactory (smelling). We discuss the realities of free will and destiny and dive deeper into your potential.

Week 03

Energize, Ground and Heal the Body, Part 1

In this module, we discuss Dark Forces and lower astral entities as well as how we utilize White Light and Grounding to make safe connections. We explore photo readings, Kundalini and the Astral Body as well as how Spirit families come in. From this week onward, you’ll be given a weekly photo to perform a mediumship reading of. You will be asked to determine if the spirit is living or passed and provide details of them.

Week 04

Energize, Ground and Heal the Body, Part 2

How do we heal? Further practicing and expanding upon last week’s module, we continue with our grounding and healing exercises, delve into dream work, psychic photo work and chat work, as well as the Chakras, psychometry and Past Life Meditation. Continuous practice of meditation and intuitive work is imperative. These are big steps and I’m here for you!

Week 05

Developing Your Skills with Readings

This week is all about readings, from how to prepare yourself and a client to how to actually perform an in-person or phone reading. We frame the mechanics of a client reading so you can begin to master your own processes.

Week 06

Retrieving Evidential Information and Mediumship

This week we plunge into the realm of evidential information. We discuss symbolic information, personality quirks of spirits, how to remain objective, what to do when clients can’t or won’t confirm information and how to refrain from divulging too much information.

Week 07

How to Ask the Right Questions of Clients

This week we focus on asking questions during readings with clients and best practices for asking clarifying questions without gaining too much information. We also explore symbols, imagery and archetypes as well as healing and reading people across different age groups and demographics.

Week 08

Working with Challenging Clients

There will be times when clients have limiting beliefs about connecting with Spirit. We navigate dealing with clients who confirm little or no information, managing their expectations, and fostering the most effective and supportive reading.

Week 09

Medical Intuitive Week. What to do with Medical Information

In this module, we discuss how Spirits communicate your client’s medical or health issues and how to recognize pain and information in both your own body and your client’s. We also navigate ways to manage urgent or critical information and how to share bad health news.

Week 10

Readings for Clients with Recently Departed Loved Ones

How do you communicate with ‘New’ Spirits who don’t yet communicate well? How do you know if a client is ready for a reading? This week, we discuss these questions and the ways in which we use Spirit Guides to assist us in sourcing information about a recently departed Soul.

Week 11

Daily Integration of Your Gifts

As we draw closer to the end of your course, daily practice and integration of your Gifts are a necessity. We explore world events, predictions, mind noise, daydreams and precognitive dreams and the practice of upside-down drawings. We examine impressions, visions and images to continue to strengthen your abilities.

Week 12

Review, Celebration and Conclusion

This week is all about review, practice, integration and establishing a powerful practice to take out into the world. It’s also about celebrating your newly developed mediumship abilities!

You have a Gift. What will you do with it?

By committing to this course, you’ll expand your Gifts of Spirit and transform the lives of those who have lost people close to them. Whether you wish to become a certified psychic medium or you have a calling to help the people you care about, this course will help you

  • expand and sharpen your ClairAbilities
  • utilize your Gifts to connect with Spirits and Spirit Guides
  • interpret symbols, dreams and personality quirks of Spirits
  • provide closure to those who have lost their loved ones
  • magnify your psychic reading skills
  • navigate the complicated feelings of a client during a reading
  • transform the way you live your life and see the worlds around you


Client Experiences

I deeply appreciate HOW you move so compassionately through people’s lives. Your gentleness in communication sets you apart and is a really, really important contribution.

- Gena Doyle, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“Thank you very much for opening me up to allowing myself to nurture my intuitive tendencies. I have learned to trust them, as they have never been wrong, but have not tried to develop them to what could be of much more benefit to myself and others.”

- Judy Croon, Spring Hill, Florida

“You have made such a life-saving impact in my life.”

Thank you so much for being a wise and positive influence in my life. I was writing a little bit about my life today, and parts were about how you guided me to a healing path. I am so, so grateful you chose to help me out of such deep darkness. Your insights helped me to literally save my life.

- Lizzy Leahy, El Paso, Texas

“I have been able to learn what my soul’s purpose is.”

I would also like to acknowledge Michelle Beltran for showing me how to develop my abilities an understand just what my true potential is…Michelle made this book possible…I would still be hiding under a rock not understanding why I was hearing these voices or why I was so sensitive to others. My thanks for guiding me and teaching me.

- Stephanie Bryan

“She told me things she couldn’t possibly have known…”

My reading with Michelle was such a surprise; my heart started racing & was almost brought to tears. I’ve had several readings with generalizations but it was so obvious she had connected with my brother-in-law and both of my parents.

- Maryann Sparks, Indianapolis, Indiana


I’m not sure I can commit to daily practice. Can I still do this course?

This course is by application only and for those who are serious about advancing their Gifts. If you cannot commit to daily practice to improve and heighten your abilities, it is not the right time for you to take this course. Please consider applying again when you feel called and ready to make a full commitment. I look forward to connecting at that time!

How much time a day should I be putting into practice and study?

You should be prepared to spend two to three hours a day in practice and study during this course.

Are there refunds or redos if I don’t end up having the time to complete all of the necessary coursework?

If by Week 2 of the course you feel you cannot manage the time commitment, we’ll refund your purchase in full. The program is designed to suit your needs, so if redos or repeats of particular weeks are of interest to you we are happy to accommodate this on a case by case basis.

Is connecting to Spirits ever dangerous?

Myth: Mediumship is dangerous. In fact, it is of the ultimate love and light. The connection with Spirit is made possible because of the strong love bond between the person living and the Spirit on the Other Side. In essence, it is your love and theirs that makes the communication bridge possible between the physical and non physical world. WIthout love there is no Spirit communication. We are working in the energy of the utmost love and light as we connect with Spirit.

I’m already a professional psychic. Will I learn anything?

Yes- this is one of the most comprehensive and supportive advanced mediumship and psychic programs available.

I don’t want to be a professional psychic but I have a keen psychic gift. Is this for me?

This program is for professional and personal psychic development! If you have at least 2 years of experience, this program is for you. If not, I recommend that you start with my Beginning Psychic Development course

Can I really learn to help people?

Yes, you absolutely can! If you dedicate yourself to this practice, you have the ability to help people and help heal them. While it does not always come easily, it truly is a blessing to use these gifts. And remember– I offer you weekly support to help you grow every step of the way.

Begin your life-changing journey today.

Your investment