Online courses to awaken your psychic potential.

Amplify your psychic abilities and use your Gifts to transform your life and the lives of others.

Choose your path to spiritual empowerment.

Every soul is unique. I offer a variety of online courses and coaching programs, ranging from beginning to advanced, to support you on your journey.

Kickstart Your Intuition eCourse

A 5-week self-paced online course for psychic learning

In this powerful course, you have the opportunity to awaken your inner voice, gain more clarity around your Soul’s Calling and explore your psychic mind and its potential. Whatever your current understanding, Kickstart Your Intuition will allow you to dive deeper into your Spiritual self and give you the tools and expertise you need to better access your inner knowing. And finally, awaken your intuition.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • become more in tune with your inner voice
  • connect with the unseen world around you
  • use tools, weekly exercises and guided meditations given to you
  • experience greater sense of freedom
  • live a life that honors your soul’s calling
  • connect more deeply to yourself and others

Online Beginning Psychic Development

A 6-week self-paced online course to develop your psychic abilities and access intuitive knowledge

It’s time to enhance your spiritual connection. Online Beginning Psychic Development not only teaches you to deeply listen to your intuition and gain access to your ClairAbilities, but it also explores dreamwork and grounding, photo readings, healing others and how to use your Gifts on a daily basis. Go beyond the basics and access new knowledge, tools, practical exercises, learning guides and readings — and take it all at your own pace. At the end of the course, you’ll also receive a certificate of completion to recognize your dedication and newfound psychic skills.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • find deeper meaning in the world around you
  • begin your psychic transformation
  • learn the basics of psychic readings and connection to Spirit
  • take the next step on your Spiritual path
  • quiet your mind and truly listen
  • gain access to practical tools to support you on your journey

Advanced Psychic Development and Mediumship

A 12-week, by-application-only program to strengthen your psychic abilities and mediumship to carry out psychic readings, connect with Spirit, and help others.

This intensive course is individually tailored to suit the needs of the select students participating in the program. Daily assignments, readings and exercises encourage you to deepen your inner knowing and prepare you to make contact with Spirits and interpret symbols, messages and imagery. Medical Intuitive training further expands your psychic knowledge so you can better understand the needs, pains and feelings of the people you wish to help. At the end of the course, you’ll also receive a certificate of completion.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • bring healing and closure to people who’ve suffered great loss
  • Invest in your career in mediumship
  • help others professionally or personally
  • better understand about the unseen world
  • connect to your own Gifts of Spirit
  • put in the effort to expand your abilities
  • realize the potential that you know is within you

Your journey starts with a single step.

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Client Experiences

I deeply appreciate HOW you move so compassionately through people’s lives. Your gentleness in communication sets you apart and is a really, really important contribution.

- Gena Doyle, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“Thank you very much for opening me up to allowing myself to nurture my intuitive tendencies. I have learned to trust them, as they have never been wrong, but have not tried to develop them to what could be of much more benefit to myself and others.”

- Judy Croon, Spring Hill, Florida

It is a special thing to learn and work alongside you because I admire how you use your gifts and the changes you are bringing about in the world right now, as well as the fact that you help others learn to use their own gifts.

- Gena Doyle, Cape Elizabeth, Maine