Online Beginning Psychic Development

Tap into your psychic ability and intuitive Gifts.

Expand your psychic mind. Learn to heal yourself and others. And access tools to help awaken and interpret your inner voice.

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You know there is more to life. You just don’t know how to access it.

You understand somewhere deep within yourself that life — your life — has more to offer. It’s time to honor your potential and step into your power.

Uncover your psychic potential and forge deeper connections with yourself, others and the unseen world around you.

Online Beginning Psychic Development is a 6-week, self-paced course that provides you with essential tools to realize your psychic abilities, discover your soul’s calling and access your intuitive knowledge.


Imagine being able to use your psychic gifts to guide, support and empower yourself and others.

There is so much more to life than simply surviving. There is a voice inside that is deeply rooted within each of us. It’s time to listen. With my 20+ years of experience, I will help you (re)connect with that voice inside, develop a relationship with your Spirit Guides, explore the fundamentals of Auras, Chakras and Protection and learn how to use your new psychic knowledge to heal, help and better understand others.

Beginning Psychic Development may be for you if you:

  • Are ready to expand your understanding of yourself and the world
  • Are searching for deeper meaning and connection
  • Want to quiet your mind
  • Have a desire to immerse yourself in psychic work and its transformative impact
  • Cannot wait to rekindle or magnify your ClairAbilities
  • Feel called to help others in a more meaningful way

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Beginning Psychic Development at a Glance:

6 weeks

of online beginning psychic

Daily practical exercises

to help awaken your psychic

knowledge-based reading

Such as PDF, assigned books and
personal articles

Psychic photo readings

to enhance your ability to receive accurate psychic information, perform readings, and connect with spirit

learning guides

and instructions to supplement your

Online workbook

1x weekly online workbook


A certificate of completion upon graduation

Guided meditations

to further enhance your learning

Learning schedule

A self-paced, flexible learning


These Bonuses:

A 30% discount on everything in my store throughout your program

An autographed copy of my book, Take the Leap

A digital copy of Take the Leap

1x weekly one-hour telephone call with me to review and discuss exercises and homework and to ensure you’re on track

6 Weeks of Psychic Development

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Dream On


  • Using Your Dreams/Dream Work
  • Prayer of Protection
  • Energy Cords
  • Neutrality & Staying in the Center of Your Head
  • Harmonic Relationships

Ground Yourself


  • What is an Empathic?
  • Clairvoyance
  • Grounding
  • Mind power, thoughts + perspective
  • Running Energy

Going Deeper


  • Clairsentience
  • Claircognizance
  • Kundalini
  • Lower Level Eviction
  • Sacred Space

Signs & Symbols


  • Symbols
  • Photo Readings
  • Past Lives
  • Day Dreams
  • Healing Others

Psychic Readings


  • Preparing yourself for a reading
  • Remaining objective
  • Asking for clarifying information
  • Preparing the client for a reading
  • Concluding readings

Use Your Gifts


  • Clairaudience
  • Mind Noise
  • Psychometry
  • How to recognize information in your own body
  • Using your gifts on a daily basis
  • Bonus Activity – Animal Totems

Spiritual growth is for everyone.

Whether you wish to become a certified psychic or you simply want to enhance your own spiritual connection and abilities, this course will help you…

  • better understand and listen to your inner voice
  • utilize psychic tools such as grounding and running energy
  • interpret dreams
  • support, guide and heal others
  • develop your psychic reading skills
  • undertake your spiritual journey
  • learn to live a deeper and more spiritual life

i’m ready!

Client Experiences

Quite a reading! Thank you! You’re gifted.

- Amee Thyst

On Michelle’s book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic: Mind Blowing … Not finished with the book yet but so far I feel like I relate to everything she is saying. I highly recommended you listen to her podcast “the Intuitive Hour” It is very insightful and for me personally Michelle really explains the difference between your logical brain and just simply knowing things and you cant explain how you know. I dont want to give too much away on the podcast. I known you will enjoy both. – Karen Calimano

- "Mind Blowing"

Her skills and intent are fabulous and supportive. New customer.

- A.G.

Thank you so much Michelle. Words cannot describe how much this meant to me – despite all the crying and tears. I can’t believe how accurate and meaningful this reading was for me, it’ll remain very close to my heart.

- Amy Mince

The best reading I have had in 20 years, she was able to connect with my loved ones, and my spirit guide. I feel very reassured about the decisions I am making. She is a compassionate, intelligent, gifted advisor. She is really amazing.

- Anastacia


My schedule is never consistent. Can I still do this?

Absolutely! Beginning Psychic Development is a self-paced, online course so you can go at your own speed and practice in a way that works for you. And you have access to lots of material to support your learning process along the way.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

We keep it simple! With downloadable resources and easy-to-follow exercises, this course is for anyone with access to the internet!

Are there refunds if this course doesn’t work for me?

Yes! If after Week 3 you feel this program is not going to work for you for any reason, we’ll refund your purchase entirely.

Does this really work?

Yes, it does. But like anything new that you learn, it takes practice, patience and the ability to open your mind to change to become proficient. Remember, I offer weekly support to help you stay on track so you can reap the transformative rewards.

It’s time to magnify your psychic potential.



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