Awaken your inner voice.

Take back your power, discover your soul’s calling and
open yourself up to your unlimited potential.


You were put on this planet with a purpose.

No matter what your calling may be, you’re here to live a life that’s fulfilling, a life that embraces love, wholeness and connection ─ to others, to your deepest self and to the world around you.

Discover the power of your intuitive gifts.

We all have clairvoyant abilities. The greater challenge is not so much in realizing this ability, but rather, in believing in it.

Self-Study Course

Kickstart Your Intuition

Open your own unique spiritual door with my Kickstart Your Intuition psychic development course. Over 5 weeks, you’ll learn about your Clairabilities so you can:

  • Connect to your Higher Self
  • Open your third eye using all of your senses
  • Fine-tune your intuition to develop and tap into your psychic ability

With simple daily practices, you’ll magnify your intuitive psychic potential and expand your consciousness for deeper spiritual connection.

Kickstart My Intuition

Access tools to connect with your highest self.

Grant yourself the freedom to explore your own consciousness,
feel spiritually empowered and bring your psychic gifts to life.

I’m Michelle.

As a lifelong learner, I’ve spent decades studying, honing my gifts and training with world-renown spiritualists and psychic mediums.

I’m an award-winning, highly-trained Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach —

and I’ve made it my mission to help you tune in to your inner voice, explore your spirituality, understand unhealthy patterns and uncover your true potential.

No matter where you need support in life —

I’m here to offer intuitive guidance and create a safe and inviting space for you– a space that empowers you to discover your soul’s calling and in turn, create a greater spiritual connection between us all.


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our services

Personalized support to awaken your inner knowing and
transform your life.

Through my 1:1 support, I’ll work with you to rekindle your passions, reclaim your
joy and achieve a greater sense of peace, confidence and self-love.

Psychic Reading Session

Do you have questions about your relationships, your health or your career?

In my 30- and 55-minute psychic readings, we uncover problems you’re experiencing, access spiritual guidance and explore your soul’s purpose. Through my readings, you’ll better understand old patterns, gain clarity into what your body and soul are trying to tell you and work to transform how you love yourself and others.


Remote Viewing

Have you ever wondered if you could tune in to a person to find out where they are? Or figure out where you’d lost a precious memento? It is possible.

Remote Viewing allows you to see through time and space to uncover knowledge about objects, people and even events in the past, present or future.

I’ll work with you to gain unknown information that you’re seeking and help you develop your own abilities in my Remote Viewing course, Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing.


Psychic Development

Do you feel called to master your own psychic potential?

In my 1:1 intuitive coaching, I’ll teach you the foundational tools of psychic development.
Together we’ll identify your unique intuitive gifts so you can use this new internal sense in your daily life. Gain deeper clarity and understanding and better support the people you care about.



Your journey starts with a single step.

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Client Experiences

Thank you so much Michelle. Words cannot describe how much this meant to me – despite all the crying and tears. I can’t believe how accurate and meaningful this reading was for me, it’ll remain very close to my heart.

- Amy Mince

Quite a reading! Thank you! You’re gifted.

- Amee Thyst

Her skills and intent are fabulous and supportive. New customer.

- A.G.

The best reading I have had in 20 years, she was able to connect with my loved ones, and my spirit guide. I feel very reassured about the decisions I am making. She is a compassionate, intelligent, gifted advisor. She is really amazing.

- Anastacia

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