Clairabilities Psychic Development for Beginners

Learn foundational tools to
expand your psychic potential.

In this private one-hour phone course —

I offer you the tools you need to access and better understand all seven of your Clairabilities. Together we’ll identify your unique intuitive gifts so you can use this new, deeper knowledge in your daily life.

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Take your psychic senses to a higher Spiritual level.

Learn about each of your Clairabilities, receive exercises and guidance to access them and discover how to effectively open your third eye.

Have you tapped into all your psychic senses?


With expert training and effective practice, it is possible to use all of your innate psychic senses, known as Clairabilities, to gain greater clarity, inner knowing and a deeper understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. It is possible to use all of your intuitive senses in your daily life. You can live your life with more grace, calm and confidence. Let me show you how.

Clairabilities Psychic Development for Beginners
may be for you if you:

  • want to better understand your unique psychic gifts
  • have a desire to connect more deeply with yourself and others
  • feel called to listen to your intuition
  • want to stay in tune with your Higher Self
  • are ready to begin and maintain a daily Spiritual practice
  • need tools and exercises that help you access each of your Clairabilities
  • want to live your life with more self-love, balance, clarity and confidence

Stand confidently in your higher knowing.

To tap into our intuitive gifts, we need quiet and calm minds. This private phone course will teach you effective meditation techniques and grounding tools to bring more balance, power and peace to your daily life.

In Clairabilities Psychic Development for Beginners you’ll learn:

  • the foundational tools of psychic development and heightened sensing
  • what your unique intuitive gifts are, and how to use them in your daily life
  • how to better support yourself and others using your internal senses

Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
Claircognizance – Clear knowing
Clairaudience – Clear hearing
Clairsentience – Clear feeling
Clairgustance – Clear tasting
Clairalience – Clear smelling

  • how to open your third eye
  • exercises and techniques to stay in tune with your Higher Self using all of these senses


This Bonus:

You’ll also receive an mp3 file of our hour together so you can continue to hone your newly discovered psychic abilities.

Ready to discover the power of your Clairabilities?

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