Connect with Spirit

You don’t have to be a psychic medium to receive messages from the Other Side.

Whether you realize it or not —

we all receive signs and symbols in many forms from loved ones who have passed. In this hour-long phone course, I’ll teach you how to open the Spiritual door so you can become aware of these Spirits and their messages.


Imagine reconnecting with a loved one who has passed.

It is possible to connect with Spirit. You can discover how to intuitively sense when Spirits come to you, even if you’ve never consciously tapped into your psychic abilities until now. I’m here to help you understand when, how and why your loved ones communicate with you. You don’t need to be a psychic medium. You only need to learn how to open the door and listen.

Learn to communicate with the Spirits who are reaching out to you.


In this mini mediumship development telecourse, you’ll learn to quiet your mind and access your Gifts so that you can recognize when loved ones are trying to communicate with you from the Other Side.

Connect with Spirit may be for you if you:

  • are ready to discover your gifts and learn how to use them
  • have a loved one who has passed and need to reconnect with them
  • believe there is more to the world than what we can consciously see
  • want to understand the messages your loved one is trying to share
  • are curious about psychic mediumship
  • need tools and exercises to begin to develop your abilities and connection to Spirit

In Connect with Spirit you’ll learn:

  • what mediumship is and is not
  • why and when Spirits come to us
  • in what language Spirits communicate
  • how to discover and use your Gifts
  • the golden rules of mediumship
  • how to go on a sensory field trip and begin to access your abilities
  • how to develop your reading screen
  • prayer and meditation to help open the door to connecting with the Other Side
  • how to initiate Spirit communication and match spirit energy
  • my technique for sensing Spirit energy
  • five tips to connect with loved ones
  • ways to quiet the left brain


This Bonus:

You’ll also receive an mp3 file of our hour together so you can continue to hone your newly discovered psychic abilities.

No one is lost. Develop your psychic Gifts and connect with the Other Side.

Let’s equip you with the tools to reach beyond what seems possible. Simply purchase the course and schedule your live one-hour call following the instructions in your confirmation email.

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