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I’m here to help you awaken your inner voice.

I’m an intuitive life coach, best-selling author, highly-trained remote viewer and the host of the popular podcast, The Intuitive Hour.

Through purpose, passion, and decades of study, I’ve had the great privilege of becoming a leading international authority in the spirituality arena, specializing in psychic functioning, mediumship, and remote viewing.

My soul’s calling is to share my gifts and knowledge to offer intuitive guidance to anyone who is struggling — no matter their circumstance.

Growing up psychic. My normal.

My psychic gifts came to me when I was a young child. I was fortunate enough to have a supportive mother who encouraged these gifts so I could embrace the wonder of them rather than be fearful of them. My mom also happened to be a psychic, so intuition, clairvoyance and mediumship are gifts that run in the family — ones that I’m excited to have and share every day.

They’re what led me to be here, with you, right now.

My circumstance prompted questions I had never asked myself:

What exactly was my potential and how do I go about pursuing it? What was I meant to do and where could I truly be content?

At first, I couldn’t answer any of those questions. But with the opportunity to safely give my spirit a voice, I began to explore me.

The me inside was desperate for expression, and regardless of what might happen, I was determined to let her out and have her say.

I committed myself to a journey of self-discovery through intuitive development and it changed my life. I focused my attention on tuning into my higher self and noticing my connections with the universe.

I’ve always been fascinated by the mind, and my curiosity for the otherworldly knows no bounds.

This deep-seated curiosity and thirst for knowledge inspired me to develop my mind, my consciousness, my inner leanings, and my psychic propensities and use it to lead others to their own best selves and the paths they were always meant to follow.

This curiosity was not the only thing at work for me. Indeed, life comes with ups and downs. Some time before formally developing my psychic abilities, upheaval came from every direction and all at once: the breakdown of my relationship, financial instability and health challenges.

My professional journey
has been anything
but ordinary.

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Air Force Law Enforcement

The humanity that connects us all

My first career thrust me again and again into heartbreakingly sensitive and stressful situations. Working with men, women and children in the U.S. and abroad who barely had enough to eat in areas rife with conflict, I had to solve both human and social problems amidst fear and uncertainty.

Probation Officer

Discovering new realms of the Spirit

I implemented the first-ever K9 Narcotic Drug Detection Program at the department and worked as a Narcotic Drug K9 Handler. My relationship with my canine partner, Kilo, deeply nourished my love of the animal spirit. It also helped me to observe the souls around me in an eye-opening and more loving way. Further, I experienced the immeasurable joy of supporting people as they found inspiration and purpose to transform their lives.

Professional Cycling

Attuning to my body

Outside of the law, my passion for cycling turned into a career that allowed me to build strength and mental resolve. I credit this for the information I receive about nutrition, health and fitness through my clairvoyant abilities.

Through all of my expansive experiences, my calling presented itself.

I made a commitment to help the people who most needed support, inspiration and purpose so they could transform their lives for the better.

My gift of intuition and my clairabilities have allowed me to live my purpose as I serve everyday people, entrepreneurs, therapists, professional athletes, CEOs, authors, celebrities, teachers and others who seek deeper understanding and want to live life wholeheartedly.

Fun fact

When I’m not in the sacred space of working with my clients from my home in Northern California, you’ll find me West Coast Swing dancing to the jams of the day or cruising on my Orbea summiting the next big climb.

Confession? Learning is my obsession.

It always has been. Improving my gifts and skills allow me to support my
clients in the most powerful way possible.



Michelle Graduated Early From Highschool And Attended One Year Of College Studying Criminal Justice


Enlisted In The United States Air Force


Paralegal Certification


Graduated From CSU Chico With A Bachelor’s Degree In Political Science/pre Law


Completed One Year Of Study At Golden Gate School Of Law


Probation Officer & K9 Handler

1999 fun fact!

Michelle Appeared In An Episode Of Baywatch Alongside Actor George Hamilton

2004 to 2006

Completed Master’s Degree Coursework In Secondary Education/k-12. No Thesis

2004 fun fact!

In An Almost 50-mile Solo Breakaway Of The Final Stage At Tour Of Bisbee, Michelle Crossed The Finish Line For A Win Putting Her On The Map In Pro Women’s Cycling. Subsequently, She Was Invited To The Olympic Training Center To Be Considered To Represent The USA Women’s National Team.


Psychic Development Study, Chico And Reno Psychic Institutes


Graduate Mystic Shift Mediumship School

2012 to 2014

Completed Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing Course with author and Operation Stargate Participant, Dr. Paul H. Smith


Life Force Coaching Certification With Spiritual Leader, Deborah King


Published First Meditation Music Cd: Tuning Into Your Clairabilities Meditation Album


Co-authored Two, Best Selling Books, With Spirituality Guru, Sunny Dawn Johnston: 365 Days Of Angel Prayers And 111 Morning Meditations and Published award-winning book, Take the Leap.


Featured At Hay House Radio @ Bright New Voices: Balboa Press Hour


Professional Life Coaching Certificate through Dr. John Gray


Awarded Psychic Of The Year By Shay Parker At Best American Psychics


Published Second Meditation Music Cd: Psychic Development Clairvoyance Meditation


Published Third Music Cd: Guided Meditations For Self-healing & Growth

Jan 2020 to Dec 2021

Supporting Clients Across The Globe During The COVID Pandemic. In The Spirit Of Taking Care Of Her Own Health And Wellness And Understanding The Power Of Pause, During This Time Michelle Got Back In The Saddle And Rode 10,787 Miles (729 Hours, 302 Bike Rides) Throughout The Hills Of Northern California.


Featured In Forbes Magazine, USA Today, and had an appearance On The Rhonda Swan Show

Every opportunity makes me better at what I do and enriches the way I show up in the world. I cannot wait for what lies ahead.

When people hear the words “psychic medium”, the word “woo-woo” often comes to mind.

As an expert in the field of psychic mediumship, my lifelong learner mentality and career experiences have helped me to remain grounded, knowledgeable and always growing.

Our journey begins with a foundation of trust where you feel heard, respected and understood.

I welcome people from all walks of life to explore their own inner knowing and abilities to help them on their path to autonomy, purpose and awakening their intuition.

Michelle in the Numbers

35 years

Client Experience


Private sessions

1 Million+

Podcast Downloads


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Client Experiences

“You have made such a life-saving impact in my life.”

Thank you so much for being a wise and positive influence in my life. I was writing a little bit about my life today, and parts were about how you guided me to a healing path. I am so, so grateful you chose to help me out of such deep darkness. Your insights helped me to literally save my life.

Client Experiences

“She told me things she couldn’t possibly have known…”

My reading with Michelle was such a surprise; my heart started racing & was almost brought to tears. I’ve had several readings with generalizations but it was so obvious she had connected with my brother-in-law and both of my parents.

Client Experiences

“The information that came through from my loved ones was very accurate and timely.”

Michelle accurately validated facts and information that could have only come specifically from my loved ones she was speaking with.  She even allowed me to ask them specific questions at the end of my reading, which was such a treat.

Client Experiences

“Sessions with her make me so grounded and positive.”

I cannot describe how grateful I am to have Michelle as my personal life coach/psychic. I have never spoken to anyone who has such a great wisdom as Michelle does. Her sincere, gentle and kind attitude and deeper understanding make the sessions even more enlightening and powerful.

Client Experiences

“She brings clarity in every situation and helps guide you to your highest self.”

AMAZING!! I have had MANY readings with Michelle for years now. Her gift is phenomenal and the cost of her readings are priceless compared to what you come away with! She is a LIFETIME advisor for me! So very grateful I found her!

Client Experiences

“By far, the very best reading that I have ever had.”

I am a conservative person and feel that Michelle is well worth it. Michelle does not needlessly talk, she answered my questions.

Client Experiences

“I have been able to learn what my soul’s purpose is.”

I would also like to acknowledge Michelle Beltran for showing me how to develop my abilities an understand just what my true potential is…Michelle made this book possible…I would still be hiding under a rock not understanding why I was hearing these voices or why I was so sensitive to others. My thanks for guiding me and teaching me.

Client Experiences

“You were accurate, very helpful and honest in answering my questions.”

Thank you so much Michelle! It was wonderful to talk to you and have clarity on my current romantic situation. My jaw dropped when you knew about an upcoming event happening really soon! Thanks so much again!

You can live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Begin your journey today to take back your power and connect to your Higher Self.

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