Psychic Protection and Neutrality

Wrap yourself in love and grace so you can make the most of your day.

Psychic protection should be as natural as getting dressed in the morning.

This one-hour phone course will teach you to understand and be aware of the energies around you in order to create boundaries, maintain positive energy and hold a more balanced life force within your personal space.

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Call your life force back to you.

Learn how to consciously access your inherent psychic tools to create a safe, centered and positive space around you at home, at work and wherever life may take you.

Protect your energy,
no matter what surrounds you.


We’ve all been there. Whether we’ve been in a stressful meeting, had a phone conversation with a loved one who is struggling, or been in a crowd and felt just not right — we’ve all experienced (whether we were aware of it or not) the energy of others within our own personal space. And that can be draining, overwhelming, heavy and/or anxiety-inducing. But with the right tools and direction, it is possible to offer yourself psychic protection to keep you feeling better balanced, less influenced and more attuned with your true self.

Psychic Protection and Neutrality may be for you if you:

  • are tired of feeling drained and anxious
  • notice that being around certain people makes you feel down
  • want more balance and positivity in your daily life
  • recognize that your empathic nature often keeps you from living fully in your own grace
  • need tools and exercises to help protect yourself from energy vampires
  • want to live your life with more joy, balance and confidence

In Psychic Protection and Neutrality you’ll learn:

  • what Psychic Protection and Neutrality is
  • how to understand, notice and create healthy boundaries with the energies around you
  • how to maintain pure and positive essence within your space
  • a unique Prayer of Protection we’ll work together to create just for you
  • the steps to create a Protection Rose
  • tips, exercises and tools to help maintain energy equanimity
  • how to consciously be in the center of your head
  • how to call your life force back to you to remain more balanced every day.


This Bonus:

You’ll also receive an mp3 file of our hour together so you can continue to hone your newly discovered psychic abilities.

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