Meditation, Grounding and Running Energy

Develop tools and techniques
for greater balance and Spiritual growth.

In this private one-hour phone course —

I offer you my own tools for psychic training that I use with great success every day. Quiet your mind, gain more clarity and access your psychic power.


Imagine a life of greater serenity and understanding of self.

Meditation and grounding invite you to better listen to your inner voice, discover a sense of calm and find more clarity in your daily life. Compliment this with an awareness of both your feminine earth energy and masculine cosmic energy and you can learn to strike a powerful balance of inner knowing, strength and equanimity. Tap into your intuitive power in this one hour telephone course.

Meditation, Grounding and Running Energy
may be for you if you:

  • want a greater sense of peace in your daily life
  • need tools to combat anxiety and uncertainty
  • are seeking more balance and clarity in your life
  • want to access your inner knowing
  • are ready to quiet your mind
  • have a desire to better understand your spiritual and physical needs
  • desire a more grounded, connected way of being every day

Stand confidently in your higher knowing.

To tap into our intuitive gifts, we need quiet and calm minds. This private phone course will teach you effective meditation techniques and grounding tools to bring more balance, power and peace to your daily life.

In Meditation, Grounding and Running Energy you’ll learn:

  • The basics of meditation and grounding
  • how to quiet your mind and ground your body
  • how to use meditation for the sake of Spiritual growth
  • how to use my own personal, successful mediation practice
  • tools and techniques for greater focus, clarity and calm
  • ways to better access your own certainty and higher knowing
  • what running energy is and how to uncover it every day
  • the fundamentals of feminine earth energy and masculine cosmic energy
  • how to become more aware of both energies
  • tools to integrate all of these practices into your day to day


This Bonus:

You’ll also receive an mp3 file of our hour together so you can continue to hone your newly discovered psychic abilities.

Ready to experience greater calm, confidence and clarity?

Simply purchase the course and schedule your live one-hour call following the instructions in your confirmation email.

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