Mindset Performance Coaching for Athletes

Michelle Beltran has recently launched a transformative Performance Mindset Coaching Program. This program is meticulously designed to empower individuals to break out of their perceived limitations, tapping into their potential, and achieving their personal and professional goals. The Performance Mindset Coaching Program incorporates a blend of intuitive abilities, mindset strategies, and Michelle’s years of experience in psychic functioning, offering a unique approach to personal and professional development. Participants in the program have reported significant shifts in their mindset, leading to an enhanced performance in career, relationship, financial stability and an improved sense of physical well-being.

Mindset Performance Coaching for Athletes: Train Your Mind, Transform Your Results

Mindset Performance Coaching for Athletes is your bridge to victory. We unlock the champion within, equipping you with the mental tools and strategies to conquer your fears, unleash your potential, and dominate your sport.

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Curious about how our program operates and its duration?

Learn to visualize success, reframe negativity, and bounce back from setbacks with resilience. This isn’t just about winning – it’s about discovering the joy of competing, pushing yourself further, and becoming the best version of yourself, both on and off the field.

Between these weekly calls, you have unlimited access with Michelle for any additional support you might need.

The beauty of this program is that its duration is entirely up to you. There’s no fixed end date because our aim is to bring you continual success. With the clarity, accountability, and support, we’re confident in helping you achieve long-term, consistent triumphs.

Elevate Your Game:
Unleash the Mental Warrior in Every Athlete

  • Master visualization techniques for peak performance
  • Develop mental toughness to conquer pressure and anxiety
  • Build unwavering focus and laser-sharp concentration
  • Cultivate unshakeable confidence in your abilities
  • Learn effective goal-setting and self-compassion strategies
  • Achieve personal bests and reach your full athletic potential


Wondering about scheduling? Have an erratic schedule?

You’ll schedule your weekly call directly with Michelle via email. Michelle finds it works best to maintain that date and time however she is more than flexible always making it easy to arrange, alter, or cancel appointments as necessary.

Most scheduling considerations can be handled swiftly and effectively with a fast phone call or email message to Michelle.

From Doubt to Domination:
Conquer Your Mind, Master Your Sport

  • Elite Mindset – Release doubt, staying positive, see failures as opportunity
  • Commitment – When adversity present you will need to source your relentless determination
  • Intention and Focus – Developing skillset to overcome and persevere
  • Self-discipline – Embrace the pressure, be calm and self-actualize, quality decision making
  • Mental mindset, Thoughts and Beliefs – Learn to use and master mental imagery and meditation
  • Daily Routine – Being consistent, structure in your day, and maintaining good habits
  • Time Management – Prioritizing your training and planning your every decision. Effective time management is essential.
  • Breed a Champion Culture – Surround yourself with like-minded people


Performance Coaching: Crafting Your Lasting Impact

Are you skilled in your field, but yearning to elevate to exceptional heights? Michelle will guide you through advanced growth stages towards optimal performance.

Michelle’s life exemplifies success by empowering others to succeed, and her passion is imparting that wisdom. As an author, globally known intuitive expert and high level athlete, she works with collegiate and professional athletes, top-tier corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals who aspire to author their narratives and establish extraordinary legacies.

Why Mental Performance Coaching Is Ideal for You:

Do you feel like you have untapped greatness within you ready to be accessed? Hard work, talent, skill, and determination to excel coupled with confidence, focus and mental tenacity is key. If you’re ready to shatter these barriers and ascend to the next level, this program is designed specifically for you.

If you are committed to implementing action, then you will extract the greatest value from this mental performance coaching program.

Today, the significance of mental
resilience has reached unparalleled heights.

  • You’ve attempted to become more self-disciplined, focused and mentally resilient, but don’t seem to be making any progress and are starting to doubt if you really have what it takes.
  • Perhaps you’re an athlete that has grown weary of giving it all in your training, feeling unable to tap into your true potential when you’re needing it the most…
  • You’re the ultimate procrastinator and/or struggle with time management issues.
  • You can sense that you’re capable of performing better than your present level, but can’t quite pin down what you’re lacking.
  • You’re eager to unlock the mindset strategies used by world-class athletes to play at an extraordinarily high level — and wish to find out precisely how you can adopt these principles to elevate your own performance be it in sport, your profession, or business

… then you have come to the right place.

Client Experiences

Michelle, you did an excellent reading! Amazing! You were in contact with Randy! What a blessing you are! Thank you, thank you!

- Carrie Garmen

Michelle’s reading was incredibly accurate & insightful! She connected me with my late father, describing many relevant images and memories that indicated to me it was he who came through. Michelle even managed to correctly identify my parents wedding anniversary date! Furthermore, she gave me messages from my father pertaining to current events in my life in a style that was amazingly like my father’s. I do not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wishes to receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as she is a wonderfully gifted spirit medium. Thank you Michelle, you truly are a blessing.

- Jera Babylon Rootweaver

Michelle is phenomenal!  The dates of anniversaries and birthdays were exact to a tee!  The amount of information just pours out of Michelle from and to relatives on both sides of the veil.  Her accuracy, compassion, and down to earth personality just blew me away!

- Michaela Arthur

I had a medium reading with Michelle this afternoon and it was definitely surprising and comforting. She made contact with several spirits/relatives who had messages for me that were proof of the ones she was in contact with.  I was moved to tears that my grandmother on my dad’s side was with me, and she had some helpful and grandmotherly warnings and advice for me.   I was also moved by the fact that another member of my family was with me recently as I was in a minor accident. I felt alone and was very upset, and it is comforting to know that he was with me.  I could go on, but instead, I would urge you to have a reading. It really is amazing.

- Kelly St. Clair

“The information that came through from my loved ones was very accurate and timely.”

Michelle accurately validated facts and information that could have only come specifically from my loved ones she was speaking with.  She even allowed me to ask them specific questions at the end of my reading, which was such a treat.

- Molly Friedenfeld, Author

Quite a reading! Thank you! You’re gifted.

- Amee Thyst

You are very good! And have picked up on a lot of things in my life.

- Venessa

Thanks so much Michelle. Very accurate. This reading has been one of the clearest (if not the clearest) I’ve ever had.

- Yvonne

Well at this time in my life I am very frustrated but I feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So much turmoil I have gone through but I feel I am a stronger person through it all. Your reading was very enlightening – thank you very much.

- Curly T.

“She told me things she couldn’t possibly have known…”

My reading with Michelle was such a surprise; my heart started racing & was almost brought to tears. I’ve had several readings with generalizations but it was so obvious she had connected with my brother-in-law and both of my parents.

- Maryann Sparks, Indianapolis, Indiana

You are amazing and have given me such comfort to know these things. My grandfather must be so happy! I knew he would come through. Again thank you with ALL my Heart!

- Vanessa Stalle

Thank you very much Michelle, you have a gift! Now I’m crying, but I’m very happy. Now, I’m sure that life continues after death. Isaac and you have given me a gift today! Love and light and a very big hug.

- Olivia Olden