A Divine Guided Meditation – Calling in What You are Meant to Know Now

It’s a special time in our world and so many of you are sharing your experiences of a heightened sense of intuition through your increased hunches, creative endeavors, senses, dreams and even in very powerful meditations.

These times call for making time to focus inward. A connection with our soul self … that part of us that acts as a repository for all knowledge and experience gained through its many incarnations and where all memories of the consciousness are stored.

Join Michelle in this guided meditation to access that higher soul space >>>

Do you have a sense there is something for you to know?

Are you feeling stuck?

Is there a lingering decision or matter you want insight on?

Perhaps, you simply are curious about what your next step is in life.

Whatever the case may be, we invite you to join Michelle in this divine guided meditation that will reveal to you: What You Need To Know Now.