Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing Psychic Abilities Training


Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing Psychic Abilities Training

Instructed, first hand, by Dr. Paul H. Smith, formerly assigned to the military’s own psychic spy unit known as Stargate, Michelle teaches you how to access your psychic abilities through this beginning controlled remote viewing course.

Remote viewing is a tool through which you can access your psychic ability and intuition. Everyone can learn to remote view! In quieting your mind and allowing subconscious data to come forth through the use of your senses (clairabilities), you can find answers to past, present and future questions. How can I use remote viewing effectively in my life? Do you want to know the outcome of a future event? Did you lose your keys or something valuable and want to find it? Are you trying to remember a code or lock combination? Even if that forgotten information dates back to childhood, it can be accessed and recalled. Join Michelle as she guides you through the step by step protocols of the art of controlled remote viewing.

This is a one hour, telephone course taught by Michelle. The hour is recorded and an mp3 file will be emailed to you on completion of the course.

In this course you will learn:

  • A Brief History of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)
  • What CRV Is and Is Not
  • Do You Have to Be Gifted to Learn Remote Viewing?
  • What can CRV be used for?
  • Theory of CRV and Human Consciousness
  • Frequently Used Terminology
  • Types of Remote Viewing
  • Challenges with Remote Viewing
  • Tuning into Your Senses
  • CRV Structure, Rules and Guidelines
  • The Stages of CRV
  • Drawing and Sketching in Remote Viewing
  • The Process: How to Remote View
  • Best Time to Remote View
  • The Cool Down and Meditation
  • CRV Affirmations
  • Hemi-Sync and Its Value
  • Process for Home Practice by Dr. Paul H. Smith