Illuminate Your Feminessence: A must read for every woman who wants to shine – Kindle Edition


Illuminate Your Feminessence will give you permission to step into the amazing person you were put on this earth to be.

Unafraid, unapologetic and authentically you. It’s time to embrace your unique gifts and finally find your voice.

Do you often feel like you’re holding back and playing it safe?
Do you have a yearning to discover what you’re really made of?
Do you feel like you’ve had the volume dial down too low your whole life?

Well, it’s time to turn that dial right up!

Hear how our fearless female authors have made the decision to step out of their comfort zones to truly embrace and illuminate their gifts to the world. Their stories reveal the a-ha moments that drove them to say, ‘Enough is enough. I’m sick of playing it small. I’m sick of standing in the shadows. It’s time to step into the light.’

This book will:
● Teach you to love and embrace your magic
● Show you how to live fearlessly and generously
● Help you find the courage to step into the spotlight
● Remind you of the power your feminessence
● Inspire you to play, create and thrive

Illuminate Your Feminessence will have you reflecting deeply and wondering with childlike excitement about all the possibilities that lie ahead. You’ll find countless synergies with the stories of our incredible co-authors, and discover the practical tools needed to apply these learnings to change the course of your own story. This is your time, Beautiful. The world needs your kind of magic.

And we can’t wait to see what you do with it!