Love Telepathy Communication Steps & Guided Meditation


Audio 1: 20-Minute mp3

Did you even want to send a thought, some love, or a message to someone you love or are thinking of? Regardless of the distance, you can. Even though you are not in one another’s presence, your thoughts, words, and love energy can reach them through different means. We call this telepathy. 

Do you feel distant from the person you love? Perhaps the relationship is experiencing a rough patch or you’re a part at the moment.

In this jam-packed MP3 audio lesson, Michelle guides you in very specific steps to bring back the person you love! You’ll learn:

  • What is Mental Telepathy
  • What is Love Telepathy
  • Signs of Telepathic Communication Between Lovers
  • Specific Steps to Send Love Telepathically

Yes, you can build this telepathic ability within you!

Audio 2: 15-Minute mp3

It is quite possible, in a telepathic space, to connect with those who you love regardless of distance. Do you desire to send a message, a thought, or some love to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them or to inspire communication with them?

In this deeply transformational meditation Michelle guides and supports you in calling in the one you love in this telepathy love meditation.