Meditation, Grounding, and Running Energy Psychic Development Course


Psychic Abilities Training for Meditation, Grounding and Running Energy

In this class we talk about meditation, what it really is and how you too can easily learn to quiet your mind as you move forward in your spiritual growth. Michelle will offer the meditation practice she has used with wonderful success.

We will discuss how this essential tool of Grounding can assist you in rooting and centering. Grounding brings clarity, focus and equanimity into your moment-by-moment day. This balancing tool will guide you to stand in your power, your certainty and your own higher knowing.

You will also learn about Running Energy and how to use this simple yet powerful technique in your daily life. The underlying premise in Running Energy is that there are two fundamental energies available to humans, one being the feminine earth energy and the other being masculine cosmic energy. In this class you will learn to become more aware of these subtle yet powerful energies, how to balance them as well as how to ground in the earth energy and open to cosmic energy.