Women Gone Wild, Wealth Edition


This book is filled with women who have not only contributed to the new definition of wealth but have also helped others have a more abundant life full of significance.

These healers, mothers, thought leaders, and change-makers have freed themselves from the perceived value of men and learned to live their life on their own terms with on purpose prosperity.

It’s our time as women to not only live fearlessly but to live financially free. We are being called to awaken our consciousness, consider our impact, and reconnect to ourselves and each other. Join these authors in the sun as free spirits running wild in the world.

about the author

Michelle A. Beltran is a psychic medium, author, and intuitive life coach. She’s become a leading international authority in the spirituality arena, specializing i n psychic functioning, spiritual counseling, and mediumship. Michelle is the owner of Readings with Michelle, LLC.