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The Psychic Ability of Being an Empath: 12 Traits

Psychic Development: Understanding What It means to be Empathic?

Being an empath is all about ‘feeling’ the emotions of others. This gift presents in many different ways. For example, do you feel that you just know things without being told? Or, do you feel overwhelmed in busy and loud place? Is it hard to be in an airport, mall or busy store? Do you take on the emotions or feeling of others as if they were yours? Or, do you feel the emotions of those near you? An empath will know or feel thoughts about themselves or another from near or even afar.

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Am I a Psychic Empath? Here are 12 Traits:

  1. Do you have to turn off the television when you see violence or tragedy because it is just too unbearable? Do you stop watching or paying attention to the media, altogether, because of this?
  2. Do you actually feel the illnesses, aching, pains or physical symptoms of others when you are near them?
  3. Do you find yourself rooting for the losing team or the underdog in a situation? Are you inspired to support those who you see as being intimidated, bullied or who are suffering?
  4. Empaths are often highly creative and extremely rich imaginations. Is this you? Are you a fantastic day dreamer?
  5. Do you know when someone is telling mistruths or when you are getting partial truth? Do you loathe dishonesty and feel a deep desire for truth?
  6. Many empaths are natural healers. Do you have an affinity toward healing others? Or, are you drawn to holistic, metaphysical or naturopathic solutions and remedies?
  7. An empath will desire quiet time, peace and solitude in their daily lives wherein they can just ‘be’ and breathe and reflect and be in the moment. Often this is sought out through a deep connection and love of animals and children.
  8. Do you find that family and friends come to you to divulge their life issues and problems?
  9. Empaths are of problem solvers seeking out answers. Unresolved or unexplained question are frustrating as the empath searches for resolve and completion.
  10. Do you find yourself intolerant with clutter? Most empaths are free spirited souls, thriving on adventure and new experience. They are sponge-like when it comes to freedom, travel and learning. Is this you?
  11. Rules and regimen are stifling to the empath. Their freedom is essential and so control of any kind is met with great resistance. How do strict guidelines, procedures and guidelines work for you?

If you felt a resonation with any of these traits, it’s very likely you are an empath.

Techniques for the Psychic Empath 

Purple and dark blue colored fruits assist you expanding and opening your third eye. Eat blackberries, blueberries or red grapes. Also, consider flavoring your foods with hemp seeds and lavender. Try burning Vanilla or Lavender incense to support this as well.

  • Psychic Development & Protection Roses

A Protection Tool: Creating a Protection Rose

In your psychic development, you must learn that your pure, positive essence is the only energy allowed in your space.  A Protection Rose is an energy tool that assists you during your daily life, meditation or any kind of spiritual work to keep healthy energy boundaries in place. A Protection Rose acts like a filter or receptacle that absorbs energies near or around you that are not your own and don’t belong in your space.
  • Be in the Center of Your Head in Your Psychic Development

Our lives are full of poignant experiences. If you are an energy worker, intuitive or healer of any kind you are likely coming across equally highly charged experiences – even if you are not consciously aware of it. It is natural to slip into the emotions and chaos of events around use and/or into the energy of the client. This is especially true if you are an empath. More often than not, at these times, your attention is focused outside of you, and you are completely entrenched with whatever situation is pressing at the moment. When you learn how to consciously be in the center of your head you begin to call your life force back to you, finding peace of mind, clarity and balance.

 There is a spiritual space in the center of our heads from which we are better able to filter out much of the noise of the world, and more easily focus on consciously creating our experience. Staying in the center of your head increases your awareness of your body, mind and spirit.

Psychic Medium Michelle Beltran reveals powerful psychic development tips for empaths to cope. Click to learn if you have the psychic gift of being an empath.

 Steps to Being in the Center of Your Head:
  1. You easily get into the center of your head by taking your awareness to this area of your body and acknowledging it.
  2. Imagine a miniature version of yourself right in the center of your head – at the apex of to two crossed lines traveling through the center of your head.
  3. The center of your head is your own space so decorate, design and flavor it any way you choose. Take some time to create this sacred space exactly as you choose.
  4. The center of your head is for you only. If any other people, animals, or issues are there ask them to leave through your Grounding Cord by opening the trap door located directly under the crossed lines.
  • Psychics and Empaths Must Strengthen Root Chakra
The root chakra helps psychics, intuitives and empaths to stay grounded and in the present. When the root chakra is in balance we are in harmony and fully grounded in all matters of life around us. To support maintaining this equanimity, smudge your home, ground and run energy daily, and bathe in sage. Also, eat root vegetables such as garlic, onions, and carrots to enhance grounding. Most importantly, exercise! Try, dancing, cycling, or yoga.
  • Tune into Your Throat Chakra to Access Psychic Awareness
This is the center of communication. Speak your truth, set boundaries and don’t be afraid to say, “No.” You can say no with love, care and grace. Try singing, chanting and sharing your feelings. Feed this chakra with water and tree-growing fruits like apricots and peaches.

What’s Next In Your Psychic Development?

As a psychic empath it is paramount to learn to manage the input of emotions and the physical reactions that accompany them. The empath must put these emotional connections into a space where they can acknowledge them and their physical manifestations as just information to be communicated and nothing more. This takes practice, but people so endowed are mandated to submit to their gifts and deliver the messages they receive. Try this powerful meditation to begin opening your third eye!

Develop Your Psychic Ability at The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice!

Listen to the entire iTunes podcast episode on this topic at The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice!
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  • Kim Spencer says:

    Hi Michelle! I have spoken with you and or have had readings with you for 2-3 years and I’ve always valued my sessions with you so much I’ve bought friends readings with you and my step daughter! I’ve always felt different and after reading about signs of being a empath this morning on your website, almost every sign of being one I have. I’ve been told I’m a healer by my voice (at the time I wasn’t sure what that meant) but all my life I’ve had family, friends, children, and strangers come to me with their problems. I live in the country and everyday and early evenings 5 dogs are always waiting for me to pull up or come outside to play with them. I only have one dog and obsess about all of their feelings getting hurt if I miss a day of not spending quality time with all of them or one dog hurting anot her dogs feelings. The 4 neighbor girls from 3 different homes come to my house to tell me their problems and just to talk daily. Does this mean I’m a empath? Thanks! Kim Spencer

  • Lisa Hopkins says:

    Hi! I just wanted to share my experience with 2 family members that are “energy vampires” . So far the only effective way I have for dealing with them is to actively limit my time with them! I have to literally wear headphones and listen to music. They generally don’t bother me at all. I mean they don’t talk to me at all until they want me to hear or do something for them. This always involves an overwhelming amount of time dealing with them.

    After reading this post made by you I was wondering if you might be able to suggest other ways to deal with these people my mom and sister. I have in the past several years become involved with the use of crystals and their properties for added protection.

    I would very much appreciate hearing anything you can add that might help.

    Thank you

    • Hi Lisa, Please try some energy work: imagine you are surrounded by mirrors, facing outward, that reflect back negative or low vibration energies. This is a simple but powerful technique that will curtail this swiftly. Warmly, Michelle

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