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Psychic Medium Teaches You to Discern Life Choices: Was it a Mistake or Not?

Psychic Medium Talks About Life, Choices and Seeming Mistakes

We will all, at one juncture or another throughout our lives, make choices that seem like mistakes. Some of us may even feel like we  make one mistake, after another, after another. But, is it really a mistake? Do we not better discern what we do and don’t want through experience – what some of us could be calling a mistake. What’s more, we are all a work in progress, growing and learning. We are human, after all, and designed by nature to be imperfect.

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Before being too critical of ourselves about our life choices, let’s stop short of naming them mistakes until we consider a few things…

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine Good or Bad Choices

Are you feeling at peace with your choices? Do you feel like you’re second-guessing yourself regarding a decision or choice you made about your life? Do you feel like a choice you’ve made was a mistake? How do we take seeming mistakes or bad choices and view them through the lens of necessary, positive and even divinely brought? Step into your true voice and release your critical voice as you consider these questions:

1. Whose idea was it that it was a bad choice?

Do you really believe this was a bad choice or did someone tell you it was? Take a moment now to think of a time when you or someone you know made a choice and despite the opinions of naysayers, stuck with it. In essence, they trusted their own gut and the choice subsequently turned out perfectly fine or even better than fine.

The lesson here perhaps is that there will always be someone who will say things should have been different. Resist accepting someone else’s darker cloak about the choice unless you believe that too.

2. Was this the best choice you could have made at the time?

There is a good chance it was. Consider the choice of marriage at an early age that didn’t last. Often a 20 year old doesn’t know what they might at 40 years old. Regardless, we always do the best we can at each juncture in our lives.

What’s more, you know your choice was the best one you could have made because it was the choice you made at that time. A Course in Miracles teaches that, ‘’your choices are honorable because they’re your own.” Love yourself to the extent that, even if it was not the best choice, it was your choice. There is no shame in putting your best foot forward even if you feel you somehow fell a bit short. You gave it your best shot in the moment with what you had. Find peace with that knowing.

3. What good has come out of the choice?

Consider the good that has or might come about as a result of the choice. Even if you thought it was a minus at the time, ask yourself how you can turn it into a plus now. Maybe you grew from this? Nothing is entirely bad. In all good there is bad and in all bad there is good. Have a little fun and reframe the experience. Extrapolate what good came of it or what good may come of it going forward. Ask yourself, “Is there is any way possible this can work in my favor?”

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4. What did you learn?

If you learned something, then there is no possible way it was a bad choice. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.”
In essence, the benefit of what you learned far outweighed the burden of the seeming poor choice. You might have felt you lost in some way yet on a deeper level you gained tenfold in wisdom – a priceless education.

5. What part of you is saying this was a mistake?

That part of your mind that thinks the choice was bad or a mistake is pure ego. The very intelligent Universe however knows exactly how this seeming mistake fits in perfectly. This experience would not have been brought to you if you were not needing it. As it is so aptly been said, “your arms are too short to box with God.”

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