A Clairaudience Guided Meditation to Open Your Gift of Clear Hearing

Psychic Medium, Author and Intuitive Life Coach, Michelle Beltran invites you to join her for The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. This podcast will teach you how to magnify the powers of your intuitive voice. In her own unique style, Michelle raises her vibrational energy to link with higher realms delivering insightful messages with grace, integrity, and the utmost care. Listen in and expand your understanding of what it means to be psychic and how to awaken, amplify, and trust your inner voice. www.MichelleBeltran.com

This week enjoy a Clairaudience Meditation: This profound, deep meditation is designed to assist you in opening your clairaudience ability also known as clear hearing. This is the second meditation of a series of meditations in the collection, Tuning into Your Clair Abilities.

As we prepare ourselves to open the doorway to our intuitive selves, it’s important to clear the channel through which the higher information and energy flows. We also want to raise our vibrational frequency in order to connect with the higher realms. We achieve this by releasing low vibration energies, opening and balancing our chakras and the finally enveloping our energy in a golden divine light of protection. Whether you are a professional intuitive or healer or simply interested in awakening and developing your own intuition, this guided meditation will assist you in your psychic development journey. This guided mediation will help you open to and hone your own clear hearing (clairaudience) gift and shift your energy vibration so that you can connect with higher realms.