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Psychic Medium Reveals: How to Develop Your Psychic Power of Clairaudience

What Is the Psychic Gift of Clairaudience?

According to Psychic Medium expert: your clairaudience ability is rooted in your fifth chakra. This is the gateway to your clairaudience. The word clairaudience is German and means clear hearing. From here you begin to strengthen, unravel and become in tune with your clairaudience ability. Let your attention be present in this space for a few moments. This chakra is known to be a blue color and spins like a disc. See this vibrant blue chakra spinning with beautiful life force. It is alive and well. Your simple attention to this space allows the gift to begin to open.

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Let’s experience of glimpse of this inherent gift now, together:

In a quiet seated position, take a moment to swallow. Listen to the sound of this swallow intently and pay attention to all the sounds associated with the swallow.  You may notice that this is much louder than you have ever before realized. This awareness and sensitivity to this sound is your first step in tuning into this ability. As you do this you are recalling auditorily but in a new and heightened way. This simple hearing technique is how it will feel to hear sounds so remember this feeling.

Is Your Psychic Power Predominately Clairaudience?

Let’s take a moment to practice this exercise. Consider the last conversation you had with a friend. Were you paying more attention to the words that were coming out of his or her mouth? Were you taking into account what you saw, heard, or felt?

Try to recall the last live performance, TV show, or movie you saw. Did you pay closer attention to the costuming and bright colors you saw or to the music and what you heard? If you paid more attention to the sounds you heard or the actors/actresses talking, then you were tapping into your Clairaudience (clear hearing). If you paid more attention to what you saw, then this is your Clairvoyance (clear seeing) working.

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Meditation for Psychic Development – Clairaudience

As you lay down to sleep, take a moment to tune into your higher self and invite in your clairaudience. Tune into all of the layers of sounds going on around you. You will notice a symphony of sounds!

  1. Take in three deep breaths.
  2. Imagine placing a radio/boombox near to you and let the sounds stream from the radio to you.
  3. First, listen to the layer of sounds closest to you, within the room you are in.
  4. Next, go to the layer of sounds further out, that encompass the entire house perhaps.
  5. Now, go to the next layer out, within a few hundred yards of your home. Is there traffic in the distance? Planes in the sky? Wind whooshing wildly? Waves of the ocean?
  6. Finally, tune into any distant sounds. Go as far out as you can, and listen.
  7. Listen as deeply as you can. Remember that there is a sound to even silence.
Take special note, if you hear a song. Spirit will often send us songs for a deep message. Be sure to journal and record the impressions and information you received.

The Psychic Power of Clairaudience and How Sounds May Come

You may feel as if you hear sounds inside your head or outside your head. In other words, you may receive an outer (physical) sound or an inner (nonphysical) sound. An outer physical sound may present much like a human voice. Once as I was getting into bed late one night, I heard the voice of my sister call my name as clear as if she were standing right next to me. This is an example of a sound coming outside your head. Remember, these higher vibrational messages of hearing come from love and grace. Welcome them and ask for the meaning for them.  An inner nonphysical sound is more subtle and is like mind talk. It may sound like your own voice.

You may notice that as this gift grows, you become more sensitive to sound. As the ability developed for me, I often heard ear ringing and whooshing sounds. Also, for a time, it was necessary to sleep with earplugs because even slight sounds would wake me. Often, I even felt the sound vibrate through my body. All of these are normal as this ability flourishes for you.

Psychic Development Tool: Dialing In the Radio Frequency

Think of tapping into this ability like tuning into or dialing into a radio station. You wouldn’t listen to the radio without tuning it in and the same is true with this ability. In your meditation or at moments in your day, imagine a radio (or any sound source you prefer) out in front of you. Then, from your ears link or connect to the radio. You want to actually create an energy cord from your ears to the source. This will enhance your ability to tune into your clear hearing gift.

The Psychic Gift of Clairaudience Exploration and Your Spirit Guides

What does it mean to hear higher information from our Spirit Guides? Think of all the ways Spirit Guides can speak to us. We hear Spirit Guides through their own voice and other voices. Many times a message is missed because we think we made it up because we hear it in our own voice. Many times Spirit and/or Spirit Guides speaks to us in our own voice so it’s important to notice any messages that sound like you are thinking them. This is a difficult psychic muscle to train and usually develops last. Remember to be patient with yourself because it will take some time to get used to hearing in your mind. With practice, you will learn how to hear intuitively.

Psychic Exercise to Start Your Day

In a quiet seated position, take few moments to focus on your ears. In your mind’s eye envision both ears gradually getting bigger and bigger and bigger in size. How do they appear to you now? How are they shaped? Is there color? Is there a feeling? Do they tingle or itch? Can you see the wide open and expanded ear canals? See if you can feel your ears pulsing as if they are breathing. Envision them pulsing gently and full of life. Breathe and be present with this image of your clairaudient ears as they reveal themselves to you fully.

As you go forward in your day notice sounds you hear that you had not noticed before. Write them down if you can. This is a simple yet profound exercise in that it is telling your subconscious you are ready to heighten your awareness and begin using this ability.

Psychic Development Training for Clairaudience

Psychic MediumSome hold back due to fear, fear of any kind. Realize this: it is a gift from the highest power; it has love and a lot of goodness attached to it. So, never be afraid to unwrap your fullest potential.

Clairaudient Guided Meditation

Daily meditation is essential as you hone this ability. A free audio clairaudient meditation specifically designed to supplement this teaching is included below for you. Be sure to listen to it daily this week: A Clairaudience Meditation

To develop your abilities further consider my psychic development book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic!

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What’s Next?

I hope you enjoyed this article on the very popular topic of clairaudience. If you’re looking for more spiritual development information, check out The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice podcast, along with my over 183 episodes covering a wide variety of intuitive development topics.

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  • Zoya says:

    I feel it amazing…..but i m not trying it yet ….i can’t ve firm on my openions …

  • Jay says:

    My Clairaudience has been developing for the last year which started as tiny high pitched tones in my right ear then my left ear. Now I can hear up to 5 tones when my vibration is high or when I’m excited about something and sometimes the tones are quite loud in both ears. I can hear like electronic cricket sounds which will hide when my attention is brought to them, but lately the cricket sounds are not hiding anymore. The most beautiful sounds are birds chirping and they can get loud , there is a distinct Robin chirping like it is right next to me. I really enjoy this ability!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank for your great article it is very informative.

  • EMILY COOK says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve had ear ringing for a few years now and it’s moved to my other ear. Just delving into the tip of the iceberg with this!

  • Brittani collins says:

    How do I distinguish one whisper from multiple? Seems like many spirits have something important to say…

  • Emma says:

    Hi there I’m not sure if I’m Claire audient or voyant. I will get messages in the form of pictures in my head and then when I tuned into the ringing last time i experienced extreme spinning with my eyes closed. I felt scared I might come out of my body and held onto my cat for an anchor. Also have had extremely powerful song messages which will have huge relevance to a moment in my life and are very helpful. Have had big voice a couple of times when there have been two extreme moments in my life. But often get messages in symbolic images like flowers or birds. My spirit animal was an ugly toad when it arrived and I was repulsed by it. But I got strong message to go to a certain beach on holiday. So I did. 9 hours away. When I arrived a toad found me and sat on me for 45 minutes. I felt intense feelings of love. I’d never seen a toad before. I drove 9 hours to this beach and booked this holiday because of the vision that told me to. Felt such intense love for this toad. I have had only a few experiences, very spaced out over the years. Only now someone has told me they think I have a gift and I have no clue what to do!!

  • Jay jones says:

    Hello Michelle, I love your meditations by the way. I have a question I hope you can answer. I started meditating last year as I have started an ascension in my life. I was having ringing in my ears. One night as I was falling asleep I heard a VERY CLEAR conversation going on to the left of my ear!! It scared the heck out of me. It was 2 people talking having a very casual conversation like they were walking down the street. I got freaked out by it and asked my spirit guides to make it stop. The conversation faded out. Now that I realize what it was I REALLY want my gifts back. I feel like my spirit guides are not giving it back to me because I was scared. I’m ready now. What can I do to have it back!? Thank you Michelle

    • Hi Jay, It’s a good question you ask! Sometimes clairaudience can be blocked by fear. For example, if a person fears they may hear something using this clairaudient gift that may scare them or that they deem as unwelcome, then this creates a block. Understand that your clairaudience is a gift from the highest of good and love. So, before you step into this work be sure to find a good healthy perspective. Next, your question, as it’s stated, implies that your gift left. Yet, it didn’t. It simply went into a kind of hibernation due to fear. So now, simply set the intention within your subconscious to bring it back. This can be support by saying ‘out loud’ in meditation and/or right before you rest your head to fall asleep over the next three nights: “My clairaudience is blossoming and I will begin to receive messages using my gift of clear hearing.” Do let me know if I can help in any other way. Warmly, Michelle

      • Jay Jones says:

        Michelle you are an angel! Thank you so much for your confirmation that IT NEVER GOES AWAY!!. I have done meditation after meditation and thought Gosh, my guides must not trust me with such a gift. I will update you in about a week with my results using your advice. I’ll be doing more of your guided meditations in the meantime. God bless you Michelle! Thank you for all you do to help us on this journey. *air hug*

  • Tiffany says:

    Hi my my name is Tiffany, I’ve been reading the psychic twins Psychic Inelegance. I’m very strong in all the clairs and I’ve also been fairly adapt at automatic writing. Lately my husband and I are both psychic and can channel messages but lately it seems like we have this buzzing in our ears that is like a buzzing feeling but not. It’s really hard to explain its almost like a wave length coming into our ears and our ears get very warm almost like our ears have hot flashes. Lately during my journaling sessions I’ll start automatic writing information from our spirit guides and angels with out me even knowing that I’m doing it until I read the journal entry. But it seems like our Clairaudience is working over time I’ve prayed to archangel Michel to help shield us a little bit form disturbances from the other world that don’t apply to us which helped my husband and I emensly but even now I feel like my ears keep heating up through vibrational frequencies. Could you give some help on how to tune down those frequencies since everyone’s curious about how to tune up the frequencies, there’s not much on how to tune it down so you can still go through every day life like normal. Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

    • Hi Tiffany, Welcome! I’m appreciating your question so much. First, as with Steve’s question (below) be sure to visit my podcase, The Intuitive Hour, where you’ll find episodes on the fundamental tools of psychic development: Grounding, Running Energy, Neutrality, Protection Rose and Protection Prayer. All of these are essential tools for those working with their psychic gifts and abilities. You’ll want to use these tools daily and they are your foundation. Also, please review The Rules of Psychic Development where you’ll learn you are in charge and your gifts are much like a faucet – you turn them off and on as you desire. Remember that your gifts are for you, work with you and are of love and light. Finally, set an intention and say out loud when you set this intention, “Thank you gift of hearing. I ask and require that you come in a tone that suits me and is not too loud.” Do keep in touch and enjoy your learning Tiffany. (: Warmly, Michelle

  • Samuel says:

    Hi Michelle! Thank you for your post, it’s good to hear I’m not crazy when I’ve been hearing things. I think when the first time my spirit guardian contacted me, I felt a whoosh of energy around my head and it was as if I was underwater with a fishbowl over my head. Is there anyway I can reach out to my guardian so I can have a longer conversation? It felt like I wasn’t in control and it was just once and to never happen again.. Also sometimes my voice in my head seems like I can’t control it and it says mean things, how do I know if this is my subconscious or my spirit guardian?

  • Samuel says:

    Hi Michelle! I heard my spirit guardian talk to me once. How do I engage a conversation with him because I feel like it was one and done? Also sometimes the voice in my head is negative but still leads to be intuitively correct. How do I know if it’s my subconscious or spirit guardian?

  • Melanie says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve recently discovered that I’ve unlocked my gift of clairaudience. I am having an extremely hard time meditating; it almost seems impossible. The only time I hear the voices of my deceased loved ones and other spiritual beings are when I am about to sleep or in a “twilight” state of mind. It sometimes even startles me! I easily get startled and I can’t stand it. I want to be relaxed and not cave into fear. I want to learn this more than anything! Thanks so much and I will definitely be using your article as a reference to learn.

  • Chelsea says:

    Hi there!

    I think it’s clear now — all the things that has been happening to me. I had an imaginary friend when i was a child and up to now, i still believe that she is true although she isnt. I was always in our garden when i talk to her, i even pretend to carry her like a little fairy and called her Lisa. I’ve never forgotten about her.

    Also, if I miss someone or I simply want to hear their voice, I can I don’t know how I do it but I can.

    At work, they would tease me that jump scaring me never works, even if they jump behind me or scare me, I don’t — as my ears get extra sensitive (like it rises) when someone tends to approach me, near or far.

    I want to learn more about this because I think it’s a gift! Though, I have been extremely interested in the universe lately, is this linked? Thank you! _Chelsea

  • Rachel says:

    I’m looking forward to listening to this meditation and practising these exercises, I think I used to use Clairaudience, information would come in my head as I wrote it down, I couldn’t write quick enough so gathered it wasn’t just me thinking. Why would it come and go?

    • Hi Rachel, You’ll receive what you’re meant to. If you didn’t get it all now it’s b/c it isn’t meant. There is never a need to try and capture it all now – that is ego rooted and fear based. Just sit back and allow it the come to you, whatever that may be. Warmly, Michelle

  • Nikki says:

    I feel and hear. I was able to see spirits as a child. I didn’t embrace it so it went away. What is the ability for physically seeing spirits and feeling them?

    • Hi Nikki, It is common that our gifts were alive and well as a child yet they go dormant b/c the environment around us is not supportive of this blossoming. Our gifts can always come back later in life with intention, study and development of them. Warmly, Michelle

  • Shhu says:

    I remember being as young as 5 and I could hear people taking, saying things, so many different voices but no person around talking. I remember at school I would see someone and know they were going to fall over and within a minute they did, or know their pencil was going to snap or something. I have vivid dreams that then happen, lately I’ve been getting vivid images in my head – like a film is playing – in great detail – but not know what it means- along with the vivid images come strong emotions, like fear, happiness – each vision is different. I always wanted to learn more about these things. I haven’t a clue where to start.

  • stephanie thomas says:

    I have always wondered why I have thoughts “hear myself telling myself something” . When I have these episodes they are more like a quick random fleeting thought that’s gone as quick as it came. The thoughts that come to me are more like warning interventions in a sense. For instance my spouse recently committed Suicide and I had 4 different thoughts throughout the day. The first was me leaving for work after saying goodbye and I thought to myself tell him you love him but I just told him I loved him so I ignored it and I
    left. The second was irony, seeing a hall on the way to work and thinking we could have our wedding reception there unknown to me that we would have his repast a week later at the hall. A few hours later I thought “go to lunch with him” I ignored it again. An hour later we’re texting and another thought came “call him” I ignored that also. 30 minutes later he was gone. Thoughts like these happen all the time and it’s usually I think of something I should do and then I don’t do it and something happens. I had one experience about 10 years ago where I heard someone speak to me like they were standing next to me and told me to leave the home I was in. I listened that time. I also have been seeing the number 143 for over a decade and the frequency picks up when change is coming. I would like to hone into this ability if it’s what I think it is.

  • Finding Kim says:

    I have been searching for this missing girl for the family for 37 years. Her name is Kimberly Moreau. I have set up anonymous tip lines and give information to our state police. I sometimes feel like when I am out searching alone in the woods, I can hear something saying over here!! it comes from different directions depending on where I am but I cannot focus long enough or seem to get to the spot. Maybe you could help find her? A simple Google search of her name will give you much information about the case. Many have tried to help before, with no results. Everything looks so similar, by a bridge by the water, near a rock or big tree. Maybe you can help? Try a reading send me some coordinates? I will do some meditation that was a link on your page. Thank you.

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