All About Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

Psychic Medium, Author and Intuitive Life Coach, Michelle Beltran invites you to join her for The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. This podcast will teach you how to magnify the powers of your intuitive voice. In her own unique style, Michelle raises her vibrational energy to link with higher realms delivering insightful messages with grace, integrity, and the utmost care. Listen in and expand your understanding of what it means to be psychic and how to awaken, amplify, and trust your inner voice.

What is clairaudience? Where is it located? How do I know I’m clairaudient? What if I’m afraid I’ll hear something I don’t want to hear? In this episode Michelle talks all about this amazing psychic modality and offers several techniques to help you begin opening to your own clairaudience ability!