All About Twin Flame Love – Part 2: The Stages

Are you curious about the twin flame journey? Do you want to know what to expect on the way to this powerful and rare union? There are many stages that we go through. Michelle starts from the beginning stage, when we are completely oblivious to what is happening and will move all the way through to the final stage of the twin flame love! If you are experiencing any of these stages in your own journey, know that you are not alone!

Michelle will also share some of the most asked questions she encounters during a twin flame reading such as:

Are twin flames meant to be together?

Twin flame karma and the ascension process?

Is it true that twin flames are in love with each other?

Are twin flames toxic?

Can your twin flame reject you?

Must twin flames be romantic?

Can you only have one twin flame?

Listen in and get some clarity and understanding about the evolution of this high calling, soul love!

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