What Is The Meaning of Twin Flame Love?

Love is a mysterious thing. There are so many different types of love and no two relationships are the same. There is one type of love that is misunderstood and misrepresented: twin flame love. So what is it? Where does the term come from? What are the different types? How do you know if you’re in one? And most importantly, how can you maintain a healthy relationship with your twin flame partner?

Where Is The Term Twin Flame Derived?

The term “twin flame love” is derived from the idea of twin souls or twin spirits. A twin flame love relationship is a soul-level connection between two people who are destined to be together. This type of love is characterized by its intensity and depth. Twin flame loves are drawn to each other in a way that is almost magnetic.

Do Twin Flames Share The Same Soul?

Do Some people believe that twin flames are the male and female aspects of the same soul. However, every individual’s soul is already whole. So a more accurate definition of twin flame would be two individuals who share the same soul essence, or fabric. Only you and your twin flame share this special connection.

Your true essence of who you are as a soul exists in harmony within itself. But then, you were born into a human body and an earthly experience. Because you were born into a world of polarities, your soul had to embody two bodies – one male and the other female – so that it could recognize itself on an even deeper level while existing in the earthly realm. It does this through the twin flame love! The energy expressed by these forms is regardless of their physical appearance. We love others when we see ourselves in them. And because twin flames have the same soul essence, they understand each other perfectly at a deep level – the level of the soul. This is the magical power of divine love. They will always balance each other out in the world of polarities.

Characteristics of the Twin Flame

Twin flame is used to describe someone who is the perfect match – your soul’s other half. But what are the signs and characteristics of the a twin flame relationship?

Some specific characteristics of the twin flames:

  • You feel at ease and calm around them.
  • There is unexplainable intense passion.
  • The connection you share is unshakeable and based on mutual trust and understanding.
  • You’re both willing to compromise and look past surface-level qualities.
  • This individual appears to believe they are on your side.
  • You feel like you’ve known one another before, even in past lives.
  • You have a sense this is ‘the one’. You don’t know how you know this, but you are certain of it.
  • Moment one was captivating and exhilerating.

Is There a Difference Between a Soulmate and a Twin Flame

Although popular belief associates twins with soul mates, this is not a hard and fast rule. In fact, your twin flame does not have to be someone you fall in love with, though this happens. Your connection goes much deeper than love. With a twin flame, you feel like your life changes and you see the world differently as if for the first time. This can be romantic partner, best friend, or mentor.  Spiritual enlightenment happens with a twin flame because of the intensity of the connection.

You and your twin flame will be impacting each other’s live in positive and negative ways. A twin flame relationship helps us bring together the divine masculine and feminine inside all of us. By doing so, we get to know ourselves better; our biggest strengths down to our most inherent weaknesses.

These relationships help us better ourselves and form a stronger connection with who we are. By melding the feminine and masculine energies into a higher version of yourself, you reach a level of love unlike any other type of relationship.

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What is the Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship?

All twin flame connections are supercharged relationships on a human level. No matter what, twin flames will call each other forward. Consider the purpose of the twin flame love to pave the road to being together:

  • Don’t let your fears hold you back – face them head on! identify and change self-defeating thoughts
  • Steer clear of unsuitable relationships
  • Change your lifestyle and how you live

A strong and stable twin flame relationship inspires both people to grow into better versions of themselves. This, in turn, makes it easier for others around them to do the same.

3 Types of Twin Flame Connections

Twin souls, often referred to as twin flames, are two halves of the same soul. Once separated they become separate souls, but they start out as one. And they always crave to be one again. They are opposite Divine Male and Divine Female energy forces. No matter when and where they incarnate, they remain psychically connected. They exhibit many similarities such as similar appearance, attitudes preferences beliefs and even share life parallels. Some call these synchronicities. This is remarkably similar to biological twins except this happens energetically as opposed to physically.

Monadic Twin Flames

At the moment of their existence, twin flames who emerged at soul creation have the identical “monad” of energy. The energy divided into two separate souls, somewhat like an embryo splitting. This isn’t a single soul breaking up; it’s two souls emerging from the same essence, to use a metaphor. They’re more like fraternal twins than identical twins. Although each soul has their own spiritual journey, paths will intersect when both souls incarnate in the same lifetime. More often than not, these positive experiences will happen when both individuals are supporting one another along their respected paths.

Since they first met, these twin flames are connected by a close, golden cord. Although each soul has its own Higher Self and Spirit Guides, some overlap may occur if the twins have shared many previous lives together. There is still an overall distance between them, though.

Split Soul Twin Flames

This type of twin flame resembles identical twins, where one whole energy separated into two halves at birth. This longing and loneliness is likely from this deep-seated desire to be reunited with their other half once recognized as a twin flame. In this type of twin flame love, being apart can cause immense pain. Furthermore, Split Soul Twin Flames have the same Higher Self and Spirit Guides; even more so, they share similar auras and chakra systems too.

Starseed Twins

This is a slightly different variation on the twin flame concept, which isn’t really a genuine twin flame. Although it shares many of the same principles and powers as other twin flame dynamics, it is not technically classified as such. Many individuals in a twin flame relationship are actually starseed twins bearing extra-terrestrial histories who are here to assist humanity.

Twin flames may have existed before as different life form where the hive mentality was considered normal and where their was a shared telepathy. Many Starseeds are reborn on Earth with multiple souls, so when they interact it’s not just two individuals. Although these connections can be mistaken for true twin flame relationships, there is something special about being reunited after many lifetimes of experiences apart. When Starseeds encounter each other, the intensity of their connection is just as powerful as any traditional twin flame relationship. They come to this planet with a greater purpose which involves helping humanity unlock its potential by introducing unconditional love among people. This is something not many have felt outside of the bond between parent and child. Thus, through their awakening, they are better able to fulfill this mission on Earth.

How to Find Out Your Twin Flame Type

Past life regression sessions with a certified practitioner may be helpful.  Be sure to ask your Higher Self and tune into your own inner knowing. If you work with Spirit Guides or Arch Angels you may choose to sit in prayer space with them. Additionally, a qualified psychics or healer with an expertise in twin flames  can be incredibly helpful in this situation.

What Happens When Twin Flames Meet?

When two people who are twin flames first meet, they often feel a deep connection or reaction. There is an electricity between them. They may feel a head rush, rapid heart beat, or even a sense of having finally arrived. In other words, each feels at home. Twin flames share the same soul essence. So, when they life circumstances bring them together, they will feel this intense familiarity. Couples who have experienced twin flame telepathy describe a variety of extraordinary synchronicities. This is a sense of knowing what the other is thinking. They also might complete one another’s sentences or say the same thing at the same time. It demonstrates that there’s much more going on than meets the eye.

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Can You Have More Than One Twin Flame Love?

When you meet your twin flame, it is like all of the lights have come on. Suddenly, everything makes sense and you feel like you have finally come home. Twin flame love is the most intense, passionate and powerful love that you will ever experience. But can you have more than one?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to have more than one twin flame in a lifetime. Just because you found your twin flame does not mean you will never meet someone else who feels just as special and connected to you.

Can Twin Flames Have a Successful Relationship?

For the most part, twin flame love prevails! Twin flame love is the greatest love relationship one could have. However, it’s important to realize that not all experiences with a twin flame are positive. In fact, for some people, these relationships can be some of the most challenging ones they will ever experience.

What is a Twin Flame’s Divine Soul Mission?

Most twin flames are on a spiritual journey to find their way back to true love, even if it’s difficult. They usually do this together as a couple, but it is possible to achieve unity and completeness independently. It is a tall order for a soul to expand all of creation by spreading more love through conscious choice and divinely inspired effort. Twin flames provide the world examples of love prevailing over obstacles. This in turn teaches the universe how to create more love.

How Do I Navigate a Twin Flame Love?

If you’re in a twin flame relationship, there are some steps you can take to maintain a healthy relationship. Remember that this relationship is not void of rocky roads just like any other relationship. The difference is, there is an ever-present tether that will always bring them back to one another.

First, it’s important to make sure you’re communicating openly and honestly with each other. Second, it’s important to make time for yourself and your own interests. And finally, it’s important to make sure you’re physically and emotionally intimate with each other.

It’s a good idea for twin flame couples to make healthy communication agreements to use during squabbles. This is due to the fact that these sorts of relationships are usually quite passionate. When twin flames get angry with one other, it can be intense. The long-term consequences of this conflict impact our entire world.

Do you think you might be in a twin flame relationship? Have you ever had a soulmate connection? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for even more information on twin flame love, book a session with Michelle today for a twin flame love reading!

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