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The History of Controlled Remote Viewing Psychic Ability Training

Even though the idea of remote viewing has only recently come into any kind of prominence, the concept has ancient roots going back to the Greek oracles, as well as pre-modern ‘seers’ in recorded history. However, the primary origin of direct viewing didn’t begin until the twentieth century when researchers, such as J.B. Rhine or Upton Sinclair, began serious attempts to study psychic phenomenon, according to the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA).

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Where Controlled Remote Viewing Psychic Ability Training Started

Controlled remote viewing psychic ability training can be said to have started in earnest in the 1970’s with various government programs sponsored by the CIA and DIA. The most famous of the remote viewing programs, included Project Stargate under the leadership of Dr. Edwin May and Hal Puthoff. The goals were to find any applications of psychic phenomenon and controlled remote viewing services for national defense and intelligence gathering. Official government funding and sponsorship of these remote viewing programs lasted from about 1978 to 1995, according to IRVA.

In the civilian sector, researchers such as Charles Honorton were doing concurrent studies on psychic phenomenon in the form of remote perception and the exploration of the ‘Ganzfield Technique’. According to the IRVA, these programs were attempting to harness the power of controlled remote viewing services for any potential applications in the private sector.

Many of these programs were responses to Soviet programs discovered during the cold war, and they were scuttled when funding ran out after the collapse of the USSR. These programs have only become public knowledge in recent years due to various people associated with them stepping forward with books and other accounts.

My Journey to Help You with Controlled Remote Viewing Services

In my own journey, I discovered Remote Viewing through training with internationally known, Dr. Paul H. Smith, who was a remote viewer assigned to Project Stargate Program.  Controlled remote viewing services provides me with the opportunity to see things accurately to help you in your life challenges. I also teach basic Remote Viewing in packages where you can develop this skill for your own use or to help others.

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