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21 Signs Your Child Is Psychic

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In years teaching at Montessori schools, I began to grasp the magnitude of the psychic children in the world today. Being a psychic child myself, and being raised by a psychic mother, it was easy to identify these children. Sometimes, psychic children are called crystal children, rainbow children, and gifted. I like to call them special.

The first tell, was that they carried an energy and essence of, “I’m deserving of being here.” This psychic child became unmistakable to me, and I gather you too, if you are a teacher or parent of one. You would understand their high self-worth energy. This can be difficult for a teacher to deal with because this unique child could not stand the idea of there being any authority over them. Their soul wanted to be taught in a way that involved them fully, not spoken down to. It felt as if they were already young adults.

21 Signs Your Child is Psychic

We are all psychic yes, and that includes our children.

Our children today are unique and entering life with a new level of intelligence, new ways to understanding and new ways of processing their lives. For many, this new way of processing is perceived by others as psychic ability.

So how do you know if your children are psychic? Pay attention! Children with psychic ability are often easy to identify, especially when you know what to look for. Here are some of the top signs displayed by psychic kids.

1. You can’t get anything by them! If they sense you’re not having a good day they know it! They are very in tune to you, as their parent, and your emotions and state of mind, feeling responsible or feeling your pain.
2. The psychic child loathes authority. They want to be talked with not at or to.
3. Highly self-motivated.
4. Can seem anti-social and want to spend time alone. Further are very content to spend time occupying themselves.
5. They might say they feel like the odd duck out, isolated by friends or think people think they are strange or weird.
6. Natural leaders. The have a mission, and always know what they need to do. They can see ahead of time how a project was going to unfold.
7. ADHD or physical limitation.
8. They embrace unique people. The children coming up today are far more naturally mature and wise. They’re able to embrace the differences in everyone and know how important that is.
9. They want choice. We honor this by respecting their smaller choices first and letting them choose the smaller things, then building on that by hearing what they say about summer camp, or what team they want to play on, or why they don’t like a particular class at school. It means that if they say they want to be an artist or a dancer, we don’t jump in and assure them that, “those people don’t make any money” or “that’s too difficult—there’s too much competition in that field.”
10. The psychic child does not like rules. Putting them in a box and having them follow rules that don’t suit their individuality only makes them want to get outside the box, to be rambunctious or to resist what they’re told. That is actually a beautiful sign, because that resistance means they are expressing who they are and honoring their authentic selves. The child is trying to create a balance between getting along in the world and remaining true to their own instincts.
11. A strong affinity to animals and nature. The outdoors and animals are safe to them.
12. Your psychic child may be talking with imaginary friends.
13. They are very energy-sensitive and can get overwhelmed by it leading to physical issues like headaches or overall tiredness.
14. Does your child have a desire to sleep with the light on and/or have a fear of the dark or even being alone?
15. Psychic children may have very rich and vivid dreams or nightmares and they feel their dreams guide them.
16. Seem wise beyond their years and have insightful, thoughts and opinions or say things that blow your mind! They also have deep desire to share their perspectives and insightful teachings.
17. They remember or talk about their past lives or remember going to places they’ve never been to in this lifetime.
18. Psychic children can be highly emotional and you may notice mood swings or outbursts out of nowhere not provoked by anything.
19. Trouble falling asleep, as well as not wanting to go to bed. This is because they don’t want to miss anything! Sleep can be boring, and they want to do, be and explore.
20. They receive visitations from spirit and are curious about the otherworldly. Intense fascination with angels, spirit guides, or ascended masters. They’re also fascinated by other cultures or ancient civilizations and intuitively seem to know a great deal about them.
21. They experience flashes of light, hear things, or have other unexplained occurrences.

Your psychic child is here now on this planet to be a changemaker! We want to support our psychic children on their unique paths as best we can. Humanity stands to gain 1000-fold with the gifts the psychic children are harnessing. Their abilities are necessary to the world at large. Their uniqueness is to be celebrated.

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