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Common Theme Dreams & What They Mean

Why Do We Dream?

We dream because we need to! We must have sleep to rejuvenate and replenish. Dreams are a part of our physiological evolvement and make up, and they are necessary. If this weren’t so, we (and all mammals) would have evolved away form the ability to dream long ago.

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Dreams also help to make sure we stay in that essential sleep state. They become amusement for us, so to speak, to keep us in the sleep state. For example, when the garbage truck rumbles by in the morning, you don’t wake up, yet you do dream of the rumbling thunderstorm in your dream. So, the dream allows you to get a good night’s sleep, by uniquely blending in the exterior noises, so as not interrupt this valuable place of rejuvenation.

As we process and balance the emotions of our daily lives, dreams become a vehicle to align our emotional selves. When you go to bed feeling upset about something your subconscious will actually counter the unpleasant feeling by bringing in dreams about pleasant things. You may dream about a happy and fun outing with family, notice vivid and bright colors rooted in good feelings, or perhaps dream about animals that bring you joy. In this way, your dreams become a balancer of sorts so that you awake refreshed and with a new perspective.

Dreams also help us to problem solve. We’ve all heard the phrase, “I’m going to sleep on it.” Though you may not recall how you are problem solving, know that while in dream state, you are indeed doing just this.

Did you know the words to the song “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney were manifested in dream state? The theory of relativity too was captured in a dream state, as was the inspiration behind the creation of the Singer sewing machine. So, the dream state, in a sense, becomes a schoolroom for incredible ideas of creation, innovation and inspiration.

Trust in Your Own Sense

By far, the best dream interpreter is YOU. I would encourage you to get rid of your dream dictionaries as they are outdated. Think of the word web. What would that word have meant 20 years ago as compared to now? One might have thought of a spider web or a tangled mess of something 20 years ago. But today, for many, the word web conjures up thoughts of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Dream dictionaries are not only outdated, but they are impersonal and have universal meanings as opposed to your meaning.

Common Theme Dreams

Now that you understand a bit more about why we dream and you understand that you are your own best dream interpreter, let’s explore common themes. The most common dreams are:

• Flying Dreams
• Being Chased Dreams
• Teeth Falling Out Dreams
• Infidelity/Relationship Dreams
• Falling Dreams

Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are all about spiritual ascension and deeper perspective, clarity and knowing. When you have this dream it is an indication you are attaining or desiring to attain a better view and awareness of some major issue in your life. We have all heard the saying “bird’s eye view” and this dream is the epitome of that expression taking place somewhere in your life.

Imagine for a moment standing atop a tall ladder. From here, you have a new perspective. Now, go a bit higher and imagine yourself atop a high mountain looking down. You have a far better perspective from the mountain top than from the ladder. Correct? Now, take yourself even higher in plane and look below from this vantage point. What is the view like from here? Now, finally, imagine your perspective from space. Perhaps you are in a giant spaceship? Each vehicle gives you a broader and new prospective entirely all its own. So, when you are flying, be it in your own body or in a vehicle of some kind there is a new and richer level of perspective available for you.

As you are in this dream first focus on trying to enjoy it. Release any fears and understand you are the captain of your dream space. Then, simply look down as you are flying and ask yourself, “What is it I desire a bird’s eye view of in my life?” You will find great awareness here and in addition you realize that you truly are the pilot of your dreams.

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Being Chased Dreams

Being chased in the dream state is very common. In almost all cases involving this kind of dream, the dreamer is being chased by some facet of themselves that they don’t want to acknowledge. In this dream, while being chased, try if you can to turn around and look directly at who is chasing you. You might even have dialogue with them and ask the questions, “Who are you?” and “Why are you chasing me?” Then, when you wake up write down as much as you can recall about the dream. What did they look like? Did they have a particular expression? Then take a moment to ask yourself why you are running from them. For example, if you dreamt of very healthy fit looking man chasing you, then you might ask yourself, “Am I letting my health go? Am I not feeling good about my physical body? Should I begin to get back to a balanced healthy lifestyle I was once had?

Being Chased By Something Scary

We all have a light and dark side. (Dark does not mean bad. Dark just means dark – nothing more, nothing less.) There is dualism within us all that is necessary part of our human nature and energy self. The tragedy here is not that we have a dark side. Rather, the tragedy is that most attempt to run from the dark side as if it were somehow corrupt when in reality it is one with us. There is both good and bad in all of us, and each has value.

Take a moment to consider now all that you love about yourself. What is it? Say it out loud. Now, consider the parts of you (the dark self). Can you be curt or incentive at times? Do you do things in excess that you later feel uncomfortable about having done? Are you crass when you could be compassionate? I want to encourage you to consider embracing that dark self in you with love and grace. It’s through that embracing that you find peace. It’s a revealing of the villain so-to-speak. In so doing, you are no longer dominated by it. Your dreams can assist you in doing this. As you learn to catch your dark side, give it the nurturing which it too needs.

While in this dream, when you are being chased by something scary, the darker self in you is ready to emerge. Take a look then at how the scary chasing person or object feels. Look at it in your dream and ask it, “What part of my dark self wants to emerge now?” and “What am I meant to learn about this side of me now?”

Teeth Falling Out Dreams

Most often when you find yourself dreaming about teeth falling out it is directly related to a need to get in to see the dentist. Yes, it really is that simple. Your higher self is letting you know a checkup is necessary sooner rather than later, so do take this as a nudge to schedule that dentist appointment.

If your teeth seem to be healthy then you want to consider the dream on a bit of deeper level. Did you perhaps say something mean or spiteful to someone and now you hold a sense of guilt and feel as though you want to reclaim those awful words you spoke? This dream could be a message speaking to such an act.

Pay attention to the way your teeth have presented. Are they crumbing or week? This could be telling you that there is not complete truth in your words or that what you are saying is not exactly what you are meaning. Are you meaning what you are saying? Are you expressing yourself fully? Do you say to people you are doing just fine yet you’re not? Remember, it is only an act of self-love to speak your heart and mind fully and honestly.

Are your teeth discolored or gooey appearing? Consider your self-talk and your choice of words and whether or not they are personally empowering. For example, do say, “Oh, I’m so ignorant…I left the house unlocked.” Or, do you say, “Oh, how could I have done that!” Learn to speak with love and understanding about yourself. Instead you might say, “I normally remember to lock my house. Sometimes we just forget things. Next time I’ll remember.”

Infidelity Dreams

Infidelity dreams are extremely common. The most important thing for you to know about his dream, first and foremost, is that your dream state is not indicative or literally tied to your awakened state. So, this means that just because you have a thought or a dream of intimacy with someone you are not guilty of a crime. Release the guilty feeling that comes from the dreams of intimacy with another.

If you find yourself dreaming about someone who is not your partner reflect on the symbol they represent as well as the feeling created in the dream. If for example, you dream of intimacy with an athlete who has an amazing and beautifully sculpted body then perhaps you need more healthy body balance in your life. Here, you are dreaming about that facet which the athlete symbolized and which may be missing in your life.

Do you dream of someone in power or authority like a police officer, yet you have no particular affinity to this person? This could be a message to you that you are feeling out of control or are losing power in your life in some way and you desire to reclaim that. So, in summary, when you dream of someone yet there is no affinity, ask yourself what the person in the dream symbolizes or represents.

Dreaming of an ex-partner is generally an indication of unfinished business and an incompletion of the relationship. So ask yourself what is still unresolved in this former relationship. The goal as one heals and moves forward from a past relationship is to find balance. By this, I mean that any hate, anger, fear, and resentment from the relationship are no longer present and as the relationship is recalled by you at any point in time, you no longer feel highly charged emotions. The relationship has become insignificant if not trivial. Your dreams will help you find this and get to the core of the issue. If you feel vengeance, resentment, or anger this is your clue there is work yet to do on this relationship. While you are in this kind of dream, about an ex-partner, say something firm to them that help to complete the relationship. You might say, “Look at me! I am so beautiful. I am completely happy without you.”

Finally, if you are dreaming about your partner with another, then you want to ask yourself, “What don’t I have that they have.” This dream is not about the person your partner is with, but rather, it is about what they symbolize. So, if you are dreaming of your partner with the bank manager, who you find as financially stable and wise, then ask yourself if financial instability is something missing from your life and relationship. What aspect of the bank manager do you desire?

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Oh dear, I’m falling! That Dreaded Dream that You’re Falling

When you are having this insightful dream of learning, there is generally some lack of grounding or issue in which you are not feeling supported in some aspect of your life. As you are in this dream consider asking “Where in my life do I feel ungrounded?” or “Who is not in support of me or my endeavors?” or “What is not supportive of my goals and desires?“ You will find the right question to ask. The important realization is that some kind of stability, certainty or sure-footedness is missing. Are you feeling abandoned in some way?

A Simple 3 Step Process to Interpret Your Dreams

Step 1 in Interpreting Dreams

The first step to understanding and interpreting your dreams is to pay attention to the feeling that is present in the dream space. As you become more in tune to your dreams you want to explore this fully.

Step 2 in Interpreting Dreams

The second step in understanding the meaning of your dreams is to begin dialogue with them. So, you want to ask yourself, “How does this dream apply in my awaken life?” Trust, intend and expect that the knowing of the dream is being revealed to you and will arrive when you are ready. You want to be patient with the unraveling of the message. It may require that you revisit you dream journal a time or two or even two or three months later. Trust however that the timing of the delivery is divinely meant and over time the meaning will come.

Step 3 in Interpreting Dreams

If you find that your dream is most relevant to your past then you want to take some time to ask yourself why it is that you continue to hold onto it? Understand that your desire to hold onto something ultimately becomes you. By this, I mean that you become what you don’t let go of. This is why holding grudges and not be able to forgive is so damaging and hurts only one person, you. So, as you embark upon Step 3 and tune into the past, present or future remind yourself to eliminate what no longer serves you in your life. Be willing to set it free and in so doing, you set your own self free. Your dream may also be letting you know that there is an issue ongoing now in your life or bringing messages upcoming in your future. So be sure to consider in which place in time your dream is most deeply rooted.

Figuring Out In Dreams

Every one of us has the ability to dream. As we know, so many major creative and innovative breakthroughs have come in the history of the world in dream space. From Mozart to Billy Joel we see musicians and singer/songwriters creating in the dream space. This is also true of famous painters like Salvador Dali and William Blake.

In order for dream work to be effect and assist you in problem solving, be mindful of few things:

• You must pay attention and listen. Dream work requires your active involvement and awareness.
• Believe problem solving in the dream space can be done. If you doubt this or cast it off as hogwash or coincidence, the guidance and insight will be nil.
• Go to bed happy and at peace. What you go to bed with, you wake up with. Consciously release the angst and tension of the day before stepping into bed.
• Imagine and visualize the answers and solving of issues coming to you. Over time, they will indeed.

As a reminder,  and above all, tune into the feeling of the dream first! Your dreams are a gift. Honor that by giving your dream the level of importance it is deserving of as they are to guide you and enrich your life!

Next Steps Now

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