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How to Know If You Are Clairvoyant

We all have 7 Clair abilities that are part of how we interact with the world. Through the senses of taste, touch, smell, hear, and seeing, these make up our Clair abilities. Clairvoyance is our ability to see clearly. It is located in our sixth chakra, known as the third eye.

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What is Clairvoyance?

Have you ever had a daydream?

If I tell you to picture a door right now, do you see it? How about the color red?

If you have had a daydream or saw a door and/or the color red, then you have access to your clairvoyance.

Access Your Clairvoyance

Let’s work on a simple visualization that helps you increase your ability to access your clairvoyance. Notice what is around you at this moment. Pick out something that catches your eye. Look at it for a few seconds until you feel complete with knowing its details.

Close your eyes and then picture that object in your mind’s eye. Notice the details of it in your mind’s eye. Notice if it changes, moves, or sends messages to you through past recollections that come up for you.

As you perform this exercise, you are imagining this object in a way that increases your clairvoyant ability. You may notice that it is very easy to access your clairvoyance. Remember how you feel as you see this object in your mind’s eye. This is what it is like to use your clairvoyance.

Is Clairvoyance Your Primary Clair Ability?

You may already know whether clairvoyance is your top Clair ability.

Here’s how to know for sure:

  • The language you use includes mainly “seeing” words. You start sentences with, “I see…,” or “Look at it this way…,” “I envision…,” “The way I see it…”
  • You find yourself daydreaming often.
  • Your dreams have foretold events or you remember your dreams being vivid, possibly with real life events or metaphor.
  • You imagine objects, people, or seem to see things in your third eye on occasion, often, or anytime you’re asked a question.
  • You describe your experiences (example: trips on vacation or even to the grocery store) with imagery. Example: I saw this huge moose that had antlers as tall as a Grandfather clock.
  • You may notice things about your appearance or other people’s appearances before you notice anything else. If asked to recall something about someone else, you would say, “Louise was wearing a yellow shirt today with jeans.” In comparison, a person who has the primary sense of feeling would say, “Louise seemed to be sad today. It may be because she is getting ready to go off to college and will miss her hometown.”

While you may be predominately clairvoyant, you could experience other clairabilities while experiencing this seeing sense. Take note of other feelings you have when you use your clairvoyance. Keeping up with your strengths helps you identify and use them more frequently in your life.

How to Know if Your Clairvoyance is Blocked

If you have trouble accessing your clairvoyance, fear could be stopping you from using this clair ability. One reason why this happens is because of fear of the unknown. You may have had an experience where you saw something that came to pass or chose to do something and it was a negative experience for you.

Know that in all decisions and all experiences, these are gifts to you from a place of love. All experiences go hand in hand to help you learn how to overcome challenges in your life and find resilience to run the race to the finish.

Whenever you see something that scares you when practicing your clairvoyance, ask for more detail around what you see. Here’s some questions that can help you move past the block of fear:

  • What does this image represent for me?
  • What is the message this image is giving me for my highest good?
  • What do I need to learn from this?

How to Develop Your Clairvoyance

One of the tools I learned through my studies in psychic and Mediumship training is to use a reading screen. Essentially, you focus your vision inward in your third eye and see a giant movie screen there. This is the place where you will see images and begin to receive psychic impressions through your senses.

Here’s how to use the reading screen:

1. Ground it to the center of the earth by imagining a grounding cord extending out from the screen down to the center of the earth. Have some fun with it and imagine a waterfall, or beams of light, or a vine that travels down from the screen and is rooted into the center of the earth.

2. Ask a question about what you want to know. Whatever comes up for you is your answer. It could be a color, an image of an object, or even a person. Remember that when you use your clairvoyance, you may receive literal answers or answers that are disguised in metaphor and symbol.

While you are developing your ability, just relax. Let any image show up for you. Let go of any desire to understand what the image represents at this time. Just be the observer of what images come to you.

Keep a Clairvoyance Journal

Keep a journal beside your bed and in a room where you decide to practice developing your clairvoyance. When you wake up, jot down any dreams you remember from the night before. Write down all of the visual experiences you remember, what you saw, any colors that stood out to you from the dream, and any objects or symbols.

Anytime you catch yourself daydreaming, write down what you see. Anytime you see images come up for you throughout the day, write them down.

Finding Out About What Images Mean to You

I recommend starting the day with meditation. It helped me develop my clairvoyance and continues to help me with inner peace. In meditation, ask the universe to show you what you need to know about your day. Let any images come into your mind’s eye, but resist your desire to interpret them.

Write down what you see in your journal. Then return to it to see what images match what you saw throughout your day. For example: Did you see a storm present for you and later in your day it started to rain? Or experienced an argument between people in your life?

The images could represent any number of experiences in your life. Notice what comes up for you. Make sure to be consistent and do this exercise daily.

If you are ready to learn more and develop your Clairabilities, find out more about them in the “Learn About Your Clairabilities” psychic development for beginners.

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