On Take the Leap: Excellent! I read almost non-stop within a few hours. I liked that it shared more detail about things I had very little knowledge–such as remote viewing or distant sensing. Also, this book made me realize things about myself…how I impact people with my gifts.

- Subrena Stanley

On Michelle’s talk at the Hay House World Summit: “I’ll be searching for your book shortly Michelle! I love making Intuition or any psychic path easy, and you’re doing that. Thank you!”

- Laura Ordile, Bozeman, Montana

When faced with the need to pray and not sure how to with power and efficiency I looked for a book of prayers and did not find any that fit my needs. I am so grateful for this book that has shown many kinds of angel prayers. I thought that I would have to create one all by myself and look at how many wonderful souls talk to Angels! I love this book and use it a lot!

- Lindsay S. Godfree

Everyday I open this book and read what the angels want to tell me. I just pop it open in a random way and I just feel so good afterwards, it really is a lovely book, full of positive affirmations. Get this one if you can.

- Carmela Ragucci

This book is a beautiful collaboration of women coming together to support each other’s mission by leaning into our Femminessence and shining from within. such a great read and empowering stories from the heart.

- Rhonda Swan

I love the look and feel of the book. The stories are incredible, sharing personal truths and insights. It’s inspiring! Absolutely a must read.

- Genene Wilson

I absolutely love this book, and cannot start my day without choosing a meditation from it. Every meditation is different, but each one I have read leaves me in a state of relaxation and bliss, yet full of joy and so happy to start my day.

- Charmaine Gagnon

Beautiful combination of writings from so many accomplished authors. Love what I am seeing here. Would highly recommend purchasing the book.

- Kendal Vaughan

What a great book to add to my guided meditation practice! I love how there are many different authors! Definitely looking forward to the insight from all of the amazing ladies!

- Peggy Anne