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Signs You’re Missing That You Have Psychic Abilities

If you have inherent psychic abilities, you have the potential to bring life-changing support many people who are desiring spiritual guidance in this growing industry. To boot, it turns out to be a financially rewarding career if you’re so inspired to take it to that level. For these and many other fulfilling reasons, it’s worth checking if you have the gift of strong spirituality.

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Read on to learn about the signs of psychic abilities you need to look for. 

What Are Psychic Abilities?

The term “psychic abilities” refers to any sensory ability beyond the known senses. It can be equated to gut feelings, intuition, etc. As you may have figured out, this means that everyone has psychic abilities to some degree.

Psychic Ability Examples

Does this seem unbelievable? How many times have you felt someone staring at you and then you turned around and found you were correct? Maybe you’ve gotten a bad vibe from someone and later found out just how bad of a person they were.

These count as psychic abilities.

Different Ability Strengths

But not everyone has the psychic abilities that a psychic medium has. A medium’s psychic abilities are stronger than those of the average person. He or she will also spend considerable time developing his or her abilities so that they are at their peak.

Anyone can use various methods to enhance their natural psychic abilities. And they may get rather far with their mediumship. But they’ll likely experience faster psychic development if they start with naturally strong abilities.

Types of Psychic Abilities

Another important factor to consider is that there are different kinds of psychic abilities. You may be strong with some of them but weaker with others.

Experts also believe that people with certain star signs are psychically stronger in certain areas than others. So keep a close eye on the psychic ability that comes naturally to your star sign.

Clairvoyance or Clear Vision

If you’re strong in this ability, you can perceive visual information. Scenes, spirits, people, colors, etc. accurately relating to certain events appear in your mind’s eye. These can help you learn something important about past, current, or future events.

People with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn star signs are usually expert users of this ability.

Clairempathy or Clear Emotion

People who have this ability can accurately feel how another person is feeling. So you may just know when your friend or family member is feeling sad even if they don’t show or say anything. You may also be able to sense the feelings of a stranger from somewhere far away.

This ability isn’t attached to a particular star sign.

Clairaudience or Clear Hearing

With this ability, you can hear sounds that aren’t there. You may hear footsteps when no one is there or a person speaking to you. You may also often hear ringing in your ears when a spirit wants to talk with you.

Those with the star signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius can have a strong affinity with this ability.

Clairsentience or Clear Feeling

This one may seem the same as clairempathy, but it’s not. It’s more related to gut feelings. You’re able to know information that you shouldn’t know.

People born under the star signs Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius often exhibit this particular psychic talent.

Clairgustance or Clear Tasting

Do you often experience tastes without anything entering your mouth? If so, you may have clairgustance. The tastes that you sense usually symbolize an event or a person.

Experts don’t associate this ability with a particular star sign.

Clairalience or Clear Smelling

With this ability, spirits can communicate with you through scents. For example, you may smell the perfume of a deceased loved one when they try to talk to you. You can also smell smoke if there’s a fire in your future.

No star signs are particularly skilled with this ability.

Other Signs of Strong Psychic Abilities

Of course, sensing things that aren’t there doesn’t always mean you have strong psychic abilities. The things you sense have to tell you something accurate. Below you’ll find some examples of situations that can prove you have strong psychic abilities.

Your Dreams Are Accurate

You may have too much to do when you’re awake. If so, you may have accidentally ignored any messages from spirits. So spirits may try to communicate to you through your dreams.

Have you ever experienced something in a dream and then experienced it the next day? Did someone tell you where to find an object in a dream and you found it the next day? If so, you may have strong psychic abilities.

Your Intuition Saved You

Perhaps what you may consider a “gut feeling” has saved you more than once. Maybe you hesitated before you walked across a street and avoided getting hit by a drunk driver. Or you applied for a job you had a good feeling about and got the job.

You may think that such events are merely coincidences. But they may not be if you experience them often. Pay close attention to what happens after you experience a certain feeling.

Your Abilities Appear Conditionally

Sometimes, until you strengthen your abilities, they may appear under certain conditions. For example, while sitting on the park bench in the sun, in a yoga class, or even in the shower you have a spontaneous vision or clarity regarding an issue that has been troubling you! Usually this download of insight come because you have relaxed and quieted the mind, which impacts our brain waves. Believe it or not, it’s when we least expect it and are relaxed, that psychic insight comes to us.

Interestingly, you may also feel like you have a sense of deeper psychic knowing about something right after a glass of wine. this too happens because the alcohol has somewhat of a calming effect. Noreen Renier, the only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy and who assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world solving criminal cases often drank one glass of wine before performing psychometry readings! You can also gain similar abilities after a relaxing activity such as yoga or meditation.

You probably shouldn’t excessively drink to assess your psychic ability. But you can pay attention to how you feel or think during the times you have an occasional drink. You can then strengthen your ability through certain methods.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Have you figured out if you have strong psychic abilities? If you have these abilities, don’t expect to become a star psychic right away. You’ll need some time to develop your abilities to their full potential.

The courses that I offer on my site can give you the headstart that you need to develop your psychic abilities. Consider starting your journey with my beginning psychic development course. Find more information about this course on this page.

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