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What to Expect After an Energy Healing

Studies show that anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern in the United States. With so many people struggling with anxiety, finding ways to manage our minds is a critical health skill.

Mediumship is one of the many ways we can find relief in natural healing. Through the benefits of energy healing, we can find ways to encourage our minds and bodies to overtake difficult concepts. But how does energy healing work, and how can you steer your psychic development toward it?

If you’re curious about energy healing, we’re here to offer our guidance. Read on to learn more about energy healing and emotional release strategies.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

To start, it’s important to note that there are currently no scientific studies that focus on energy healing. However, energy healing is a long-standing tradition and technique throughout countless cultures around the globe.

Energy healing comes in dozens of different modes, from sound healing to crystal healing. The Institute of Noetic Science has a lengthy list, but even its resources are not exhaustive.

Energy healing aims to encourage the flow of energy through the patient’s body. By doing so, a medium can help align spiritual energies and keep the patient in proper health.

Types of Energy Healing

With so many modes of energy healing, a medium can learn plenty of different methods. Understanding multiple methods of energy healing is an ideal way to encourage your psychic development.

Here are some of the most common types of energy healing.

Healing Touch

Healing touch is a common physical therapy in relation to energy healing. For this method, the healer uses their body-traditionally, their hands to help coax energy through the patient’s body.

Most often, this will involve light massaging or running fingers down someone’s limbs. Healing touch often focuses on the heart, head, and arms.

Some scientific journals have found links between some methods of healing touch and better health. Primarily, this comes from encouraging blood flow and promoting healthy circulation. Stiff muscles are most commonly relieved from this method.


Reiki has some similarities to healing touch but is less focused on physical contact. While some physical contact is often involved, it’s less directly necessary. Some reiki healers have had success healing without physical contact.

The practitioner uses their hands to channel energy to and from the client’s body. Through this method, the practitioner helps to improve the balance of energy.

Qigong and Yoga

Qigong is a popular practice that comes from ancient traditional Chinese methods. Similar to meditation, Qigong includes breathing exercises and simple movements. These movements help to optimize energy and maintain health.

Similar to Qigong in some respects is the practice of Yoga. While Yoga can have a more intense physicality, there are many simple meditative stances and steps. Consider which of these is best for you, and attempt both to see which provides better natural healing.

Reflexology and Acupuncture

More physical types of energy healing include reflexology and acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a popular Eastern method that includes inserting thin needles into pressure points. These are often placed on a patient’s face, shoulders, or back. The practitioner can then channel energy through or out of these focal points.

Reflexology applies pressure to the patient’s feet. The process helps to balance the body’s energy and promotes healing throughout the body.

Post-Healing Benefits

What are the benefits of energy healing? The technique has become popular worldwide for its wide array of benefits. Here are the two most sought-after benefits.

Ease of Anxiety

As aforementioned, anxiety is a common mental strain. Energy healing often seeks to ease or dismiss anxiety throughout its practice.

Some beliefs say that anxiety is caused in part by stagnant or unbalanced energies. Through energy healing, practitioners can help to rebalance energies and shed unnecessary ones.

It’s far from uncommon for a patient to experience an emotional release. After the release, positive energy will blossom and grow.

Lowering of Stress

Another way to ease anxiety is to lower stress. Energy healing can help to remove stress in the same manner that it relieves anxiety.

That said, it’s important to note that energy healing cannot help if you won’t allow it to. Some forms of stress are self-inflicted and can impede healing energies.

It’s crucial to look at what is causing your stress and anxiety. If it’s within your power, you should seek to minimize exposure to these sources. Once the negative energy has stopped flowing in, positive energy can more easily heal your body and spirit.

Possible Side Effects

What, if any, are the negative side effects of energy healing?

Thankfully, there are rarely negative side effects to energy healing. While some may feel that a healing wasn’t effective, it’s rare for a healing session to make matters worse.

Here are some side effects to keep in mind during your healing session.

Tingling Sensations

One common physical symptom is the sensation of a leftover tingle. Some people do not find this to be a negative side effect at all. To some patients, this is a relaxing and refreshing feeling.

In extreme cases, it may have the same sensation as a sleeping limb. The sensation will often pass within a short period.

Lower Energy

Another common symptom is lower energy. For clarity, this refers to one’s energy for activities and not their spiritual energy.

Healing is a difficult process, and energy healing can leave the body feeling drained. Your body may need a moment to restore your energy after channeling so much spiritual energy throughout your body and spirit. Don’t rush this process and do your best not to strain yourself physically or spiritually.

Encouraging Your Psychic Development Through Mediumship

Energy healing is one of the most powerful tools in mediumship. When focusing on your psychic development, spending time highlighting energy healing can help to strengthen your spiritual understanding. Attempt several different methods and try to find what works best for you.

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