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Who Are The Archangels? | Learn Their Names, Meanings and How to Work With Them

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The world of spirituality is vast and filled with celestial beings, each with a unique role and purpose. Among these beings, the archangels hold a special place.

Do you want to know more about these powerful and benevolent entities who are often called upon for guidance, protection, and healing? Read on to explore who the archangels are, and how you can work with them to enhance your spiritual journey.

Understanding the Archangels’ Names

Archangels are high-ranking angels who serve as messengers of divine wisdom and love. They’re believed to oversee the affairs of humanity. Their mission is to keep the balance between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

While there are many archangels, seven of them are the most well-known and frequently invoked.

Archangel Michael

Michael’s name means “Who is like God?” He is often depicted wielding a sword of truth and protection. Archangel Michael is the guardian of courage and strength.

You can call upon him for protection, guidance in making important decisions, and to cut negative cords or attachments.

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength.” This archangel is the messenger of God, bringing important messages and guidance to individuals.

Archangel Gabriel is associated with creativity, communication, and divine guidance. Call upon Gabriel when you need inspiration or help with self-expression.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael’s name means “God heals” or “He who heals.” Archangel Raphael is known as the divine healer.

He can assist with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. When you or a loved one are in need of healing, whether it’s an illness or emotional pain, you can invoke Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Uriel

Uriel’s name means “God is my light.” This archangel is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment.

Archangel Uriel can help you gain clarity in your thoughts, find solutions to problems, and seek divine insight.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel’s name means “Beauty of God.” This archangel is the patron of beauty, art, and creativity.

Archangel Jophiel can help you see the beauty in all aspects of life, including yourself. Call upon Jophiel when you need a fresh perspective or want to infuse your surroundings with positivity.

Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel’s name means “Righteousness of God.” This archangel is associated with forgiveness and mercy.

Archangel Zadkiel can help you release feelings of guilt, anger, or resentment and find inner peace.

Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel’s name means “He who sees God” or “He who seeks God.” This archangel is the patron of love and relationships.

Archangel Chamuel can help you find love, repair relationships, or strengthen the love you have for yourself.

How to Work with Archangels

Working with archangels is a deeply personal and spiritual practice. Here are some steps to help you connect with these celestial beings:

Meditation and Prayer

It’s wonderful to start by finding a quiet and serene space for meditation or prayer. Focus your intention on the specific archangel you wish to connect with. Visualize their presence and invite them into your spiritual space.

Use Affirmations

Using affirmations is all about channeling positivity to help you establish a connection with archangels. For example, you can say, “Archangel Michael, please protect and guide me,” or “Archangel Raphael, heal my body, mind, and spirit.”

Meditative Visualization

Imagine yourself surrounded by the energy of the archangel you are working with. Feel their presence enveloping you, and ask for their assistance with your specific needs.

Offer Gratitude

Get into the habit of expressing gratitude to the archangels on an everyday basis. Gratitude strengthens the connection and shows respect for their divine presence.

Keep a Journal

Maintain a journal to record your experiences and any messages or insights you receive during your interactions with archangels. This can help you track your spiritual growth and the impact of their guidance on your life.

Soul Contracts and Guardian Angels

It’s also essential to understand the concepts of soul contracts and guardian angels. They’ll play a vital role in your spiritual journey.

Soul Contracts

Before incarnating on Earth, many believe that we enter into soul contracts. These contracts are agreements we make with other souls to learn specific lessons or to fulfill particular purposes in our lifetimes.

Archangels can assist you in understanding and fulfilling your soul contracts. This will help you align with your life’s purpose.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels look after people they’re assigned to throughout their lives. They offer guidance and support, and they often work behind the scenes to ensure our well-being.

While archangels serve broader spiritual purposes, guardian angels focus on our individual journey.

How a Psychic Medium Can Help With Archangels

A psychic medium can be an invaluable resource when it comes to exploring the world of archangels, soul contracts, and guardian angels. Psychic mediums possess a heightened intuitive ability to connect with spiritual realms and communicate with celestial beings. Here’s how a psychic medium can assist you:


Psychic mediums often offer courses that provide in-depth knowledge and practical techniques for working with archangels, understanding soul contracts, and connecting with guardian angels. These courses can be a structured way to enhance your spiritual skills.

Private Sessions

Personal consultations with a psychic medium give you an incredible opportunity to ask questions about archangels and anything else related to spirituality.

You can discuss your personal struggles, and your medium can help you connect with your guardian angel and receive messages from the archangels that are specific to your life path.


Many psychic mediums host podcasts related to spirituality and connecting with the divine. Listening to these podcasts can provide you with ongoing spiritual guidance and inspiration, whether you’re learning about archangels or more.

Did You Know These Archangels Meanings?

The archangels are powerful celestial beings who offer their guidance, protection, and healing energy to those who seek it. By learning their names and meanings and by actively working with them through meditation, prayer, and visualization, you can deepen your spiritual connection and enrich your life. Teaming up with an incredible medium can clear up any spiritual issues you have and bring you clarity.

There’s still so much more to unpack about archangels and spirituality. Contact me to schedule your first psychic medium session.

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