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Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening? When you begin to awaken to your life and your sense of being, a whole new world opens up. Part of this world includes understanding the layers of existence, which are often linked to spiritual dimensions.

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Spiritual dimensions have long been part of different answers to the question, what is spirituality? However, ‘dimensions’ has been used in more recent times by Rudolph Steiner and other channelers. Understanding these dimensions can help you on your spiritual journey to a more fulfilled and aligned life.

This guide to spiritual dimensions will help get you started.

What Is Spirituality?

When learning about spiritual dimensions, a good place to start is to answer the question, what is spirituality? Everyone will have their own definition of spirituality, and there have been many theories throughout time. However, it can be defined as recognizing your essence is connected to something greater than self or this physical realm.

It is not about religion or a specific movement. It is finding alignment, acceptance, and harmony. It is about awakening to a wider consciousness, expanding your consciousness, and transcending the ego to live a more fulfilled, meaningful life.

It is unlearning what you were taught to go beyond the material world and recognize your connection to the whole universe. Spirituality is often linked to metaphysics. This is how the definition of ‘spiritual dimensions’ was first introduced.

What Are Spiritual Dimensions?

Spiritual dimensions refer to the idea that there are realms of existence beyond what most people can usually experience with their five senses. A simple way to think about this is to imagine how the reality you construct would be different if you only had one sense.

You may also resonate if you are developing your psychic abilities. You begin to understand there are ways to tap into different frequencies, such as the past or future, which cannot usually be perceived.

Spiritual dimensions refer to realms or planes which are separate from each other. Channellers such as Matias De Stefano believe there are nine or more dimensions, which are distinct from each other.

Each dimension is different. There are different energies, laws, and vibrations which impact consciousness. Humans are physically in the 3D consciousness. However, it is possible to access other dimensions through different practices.

A Guide To Spiritual Dimensions

Explaining spiritual dimensions comes from a 3D reality, which defines good and bad. So, people often think dimensions have different values.

However, the focus is more on the different frequencies each dimension has. Higher dimensions are said to be less dense and lighter, so you can tap into the divine source.

Here is a brief breakdown of each dimension.

The First Dimension (1D)

The first level of consciousness is without individual identity. It is often associated with basic needs, such as shelter, food, and community. It is often associated with your root chakra.

The Second Dimension (2D)

You can picture 2D, like a cell splitting in two. It is when duality and separation form. The forces create the universe with their opposition.

The Third Dimension (3D)

3D reality refers to current human consciousness. It adds depth and being. So, you can experience your individual self and everything around you.

The Fourth Dimension (4D)

4D is when you are both the ocean and the drop. It refers to changing perceptions and the road to realizing non-physical realities. Your dream state, which your mind recalls, is an example of experience in 4D reality.

The Fifth Dimension (5D)

The fifth dimension (5D) is believed only to be experienced through consciousness. You cannot use your senses to experience it; instead, you transcend the mind and body, time and space. It can be challenging for the human mind to comprehend it, but it is generally thought humans are shifting towards a 5D consciousness from a 3D one.

The Other Spiritual Dimensions

Beyond the fifth dimension, it is thought there are spiritual realms. In total, channelers have connected to nine or more dimensions.

These higher realms are said to be where ascended masters, Archangels and other spiritual beings reside. Some of these beings may have had Earth incarnations, while others have not.

Accessing a Higher Frequency

When you begin to experience a spiritual awakening, trying to comprehend your experience can be overwhelming. Recognizing there are spiritual dimensions can help guide your awakening and ensure you stay at higher frequencies.

It’s said humans are in an ascension stage, sometimes called the ‘New Golden Age’, related to the Age of Aquarius. There is a collective shift to 5D consciousness. Here are some ways you can tap into these higher frequencies to help lead a more aligned life:

  • Energy healing
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Time in nature
  • Guidance

Energy healing can come in different forms, but essentially it focuses on aligning your energy and connecting you to your life force.

Meditation has long been a tool for consciousness development and accessing spiritual dimensions. You can begin to recognize you are the observer of your thoughts, helping you detach from the mind and elevate your consciousness.

Spending time in nature to center and connect to the elements is also a powerful way to ground yourself. You can incorporate time in nature as one of your mindfulness practices, becoming aware of all the life around you and finding peace in the present moment.

Aligning to your true purpose and connecting to what you cannot see is another powerful way to increase your frequency. For example, you can have a session with an intuitive life coach or take a course to guide your spiritual journey.

Amplify Your Psychic Abilities

Spiritual dimensions can be a complex topic to theorize. Once you have a basic understanding, the next step to deeper understanding is to experience these states.

Intuitive life coach Michelle Beltran helps people unlock their psychic potential and deepen their spiritual journey. Are you ready for the next step on your path of self-discovery? Book a session with Michelle to find your soul calling and transform your life.

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