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How to Predict the Future Using Your Dreams

Have You Ever Had a Dream Guiding You About the Future?

If so, you sure would be in good company! So many people have experienced dreams foretelling what’s ahead and even things like déjà rêvé, the feeling of dreaming something before it happened.

By and large, when we dream, we are in a passive experience wherein we project our thoughts, ideas and emotions into a movie screen of sorts. At some juncture, amidst this often abstract and creative experience there comes an occasional dream that seems “precognitive” in nature. This becomes apparent to the dreamer of course when that dream actualizes. It is here when the dream is met with a powerful awareness that what was once dreamed of, is now actual.

There is nothing supernatural or fanciful about this kind of dream. In fact this innate ability to imagine and or think about what’s ahead for us has given our species an enormous advantage through the course of evolutionary history. Remember this everyone: the forward-thinking capacity of the human mind operates in both waking and dreaming.

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Clues Your Dream is Telling You What’s Ahead

Listen to what you hear!

Pay particular attention the last dream right as you wake. Often, you will wake hearing a song or a few words and it’s not attached to an image or symbol. If this happens, pay attention! There is a reason you’re waking with this echoing in your mind. This is your subconscious requesting you listen to the dream and a clue of a connection to your daily life and/or what’s ahead. Be sure to listen and receive the words exactly as you hear them. Don’t make assumptions and take the message word for word.

Are You Inspired or Feeling Emotion?

If you feel a strong emotional urgency to pay attention to the dream then this dream may also be a suggestion that time is of the essence and the dream will come again in life. An example may be a dream of a birthday cake and someone birthday that is feel with especially intense emotion.

You can identify this emotion filled dream as it often comes amidst many placid dreams. So the emotional intensity of the dream is easily noticed and may even then repeat.

Have You Had This Dream Before?

Dream events and dream symbols that repeat over and over again and in a short period of time often suggest the likely approach of a waking event. If the dream occurs two or three nights in a row and has intense emotion, do take note!

What do you see? Symbolic Images

Precognitive dreams present a visual symbol letting you know time is of the essence. For example, preceding a precognitive dream you see a clock either facing forward or moving in a forward direction or hands of the clock facing forward. This lets you know to pay attention as this is to present again ahead, but in real life. The clock face becomes a symbol of a probable precognitive dream. This is just an example. You might also see a calendar, an hour glass, an image of the moon passing. Be mindful that you may receive a symbol unique to you that displays the message that time matters. Meaning: Let’s say you’re a musician, so your symbol showing time is of the essence may be a metronome, or a conductor of an orchestra.

Last Dream

The last dream before waking is an important one. This is in part because it’s the dream we remember. This is your subconscious being very intentional and giving you clear indication that information in this dream is useful. This doesn’t mean that other dreams earlier in your sleep or as you fall into sleep are not precognitive so do still look to these earlier dreams for insight.

It’s like a Peloton

Precognitive dreams often come in clusters, packs or herds. So, as you notice one precognitive dream present, be on the lookout for more to follow!

Specializing in Your Expertise

We all have natural talents that are inherent to us. You may notice that your precognitive dreams follow areas of your expertise. Over time of journaling your dreams of this nature you may have numerous precognitive dreams about finances if you’re seasoned in the financial investment industry. A therapist or counselor who specializes in family events or relationships may receive precognitive events of this nature. Some people tune into purely positive precognitions and others only find negative precognitions. Over time you may even notice that an area of specialization actually expands or changes as you grow and your interest changes.

We Dream of What Interests Us

Like the emotion filled precognitive dream, the curiosity filled dream, too, gets our attention. You may notice these unique dreams are all about people or things that you want to know more about or are very intrigued by.

Look for the Oddities

Did you have a dream of an odd object? Make note of that odd thing about a place or event as the ‘oddity’ tells you it is ahead. This oddity symbol or phenomenon suggests that our dreaming perception may recall more easily or pay attention to the odd or unusual aspect of a future place or event.

How to Inspire Your Dreams to Guide You & Things to Look For

  1. Set an intention to connect with your dreams. “Universe, I intend to receive guidance and insight about what’s ahead, using my dreams.”
  2. Start smaller: Say out loud before you rest your head to fall into sleep, “Universe, show me what image will appear on the front page of the New York Times on _____________ date.” You will be amazed at what presents!
  3. Keep a dream journal. In your journal record and date each dream in detail as possible.
  4. Sketching and drawing count. So, if words, emotions, images or sounds don’t manifest draw an expression of your dream as best you can. This is also a way your subconscious communicates with you, just like thought or writing words.
  5. Come back to your dream later. Insight like this can be subtle!  So, study your dreams, stay with them. Listen to their wisdom on a literal and symbolic level. You’ll begin to analyze patterns of events and meaning of certain symbols in your dreams.
  6. Be open and receptive before and after your dream! Your subconscious will begin to send you signs and symbols and messages, if you will listen. So, be especially tuned in and open to heightened messages. They may come to you in the form of symbols, thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations.
  7. Pay attention to your body when you wake. Did you notice an ache, tingle, or unusual sensations in your physical body after a dream? This can be information about what’s ahead for you!
  8. Put it all together. Precognition may manifest itself to you in what may seem like jumbled pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. Your job is to be patient and put it all together, over time.

Tips to Keep In Mind

  • It really is important to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Be sure to keep a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Set down the electronics at night.
  • It’s helpful to keep your sleeping area cool and dark.
  • Stay away from eating large meals or drinking alcohol around your sleep time.
  • Relax! The best way to do this is through meditation, soothing delta wave music, or something entirely your own that just feels right to you. Certainly not scrolling through social media.

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Bottom Line!

You can find truly profound insights through your dreams! If you’re a beginning, you might also tap into hidden creative or artistic expression and insight ready to come forward as well as meaningful inner wisdom regarding yourself and others. Connecting with your dream space is profound! Not only can you gain insight of the future but you just may find that this practice tuning into your dreams with intention supports you in unlocking your full potential in life!

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Where to Go From Here?

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