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How to Launch Your Spiritual Business

Don’t Overthink It, Just Start!

So, if you’ve ever been interested in learning how to start a small business from home, now might be the perfect time. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever before are working from home and launching their own startups. 

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Although starting a business from home has its perks, like starting any business, there is a lot to go through in order to set yourself up for success. Today, we’ll talk through some of those steps. 

A common question I hear when a person has a desire to deepen the momentum in their life calling and spiritual journey is “Where do I start?”

So many of you are embracing spiritual living and are ever so in-tune with this aspect of who you are and want to become. You also have question about how to share your passions and talents with others.

Your Steps to Launching Your Spiritual Business

First, take some time to really consider what topic of the spiritual industry you feel that ‘yes!’ energy with. For example, when you think of acupuncture, sound therapy, massage and the healing arts to you get real excited, impassioned or even just curious? That’s yes energy! So go that direction. You must must keep in  mind that you want to build a business that you love and feel a passion for. If you don’t feel that, then wait. Keep brainstorming, searching and being open to that which speak to you loud and clear. If you feel stuck or a block here, don’t be afraid to reach out and consult with someone you trust.

Allow yourself to explore what a spiritual business means to you and what offerings you can bring to those you wish to serve.

Some examples of spiritually based business can include:

Yoga Teacher
Jewelry design
Sound Therapy
Spiritual Coaching
Nutrition Coaching
Feng Shui
Meditation Coaching
Distant Healing
Next comes the question of do you start a spiritual home-based business or a spiritual business. This can feel a bit anxiety-inducing, but it really need not be at all. Do you best to make peace with the unknowns of the how to’s or find all that exact answers now. Embrace the unknowns! We are not meant to know all now. If we did…we would go nuts! Trust that knowing about things comes as you are ready. Let the passion, the desire and the yes! energy be enough to forge forward with.

Third, think about your mission and/or purpose and create your brand story. Meaning, there are oodles of people in the spiritual industry wanting to be entrepreneurs. They all indeed may share a similar purpose as you ( they want to help, contribute, change the world, inspire, give back). But, exactly how each person goes about doing this, how they define the way their business changes the world and what launched that passion into to being is very different and unique. Each person’s journey is one of a kind and very unlike anyone else’s story. So, build your unique story! There is only one you. There will not be another who has the same story and purpose as you.

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Let’s Talk About Your Why

Okay, let’s take this purpose and your story to the next step now and consider now, your WHY  behind what you are choosing. This will help you establish a place among your community and also connect with your clients.

To begin, really take a moment not to reflect on: Why do I want to do this? Think about how you might make and impact, what kind of freedom this may bring you and your family, the financial windfall potentials and so on. Really dig deep to discern what’s inspiring you from within.

It is ever so important that you are aligned with the offering or service you provide. We need you to stand behind it and believe in it. If you don’t believe in it, no one else will. You simply cannot serve others and build a successful spiritual practice if you do not feel completely connected to the business itself – even with all the unknowns!

Building Upon the Business? And Sometimes You Pause

Building your spiritual business is a process that will continue day by day, year by year. In that light, consider these tips now and then re-assess them periodically to ensure you are building a business that aligns with who you are and how you want to show up.

  • Your vision board of success – Take some time to look ahead and plan. Create a clear understanding of what your business goal and expectations are and what success looks like to you for your business. This vision might included major financial goals, property purchases or assets, authoring, speaking globally, or a deep seated desire to contribute on a global level or within your local community. Do spend time finding clarity in what success means to you! This will be a significant step in your ability to show up authentically and in alignment with your vision of success.
  • Commit to the business – As you have clarity on the business goals it’s time step into and commit 100 percent day in and day out! This will be different for everyone but could be as simple as education and training to enhance your expertise, creating meaningful content for your audience, designing new offerings or blogging. Sometimes, it even means taking deliberate time to simply pause and reflect. Understand that your business is ever-evolving and needs your daily love and attention. If you have a vision and a plan to make it happen, it is now on you to put those plans into motion and truly take control of your success as a spiritual business owner.
  • Embrace the rocky road sections of the path – There may be some setbacks! That is an inherent and expected part of any successful business. Some things may feel like they have failed, but many more others will not. You will make mistakes. Not everyone will resonate with your message. Tougher times won’t always feel good, but put on a forge-forward outlook nonetheless. Lean into your failures and learn from them. When you feel you have come to a stuck space, have a plan in place for that. A deliberate point at which you first see you’re spinning your wheels/stuck and then second, create Plan B. These points are opportunities to pivot, not stop.

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Marketing Your Spiritual Business

Once you have established your vision for your spiritual business and have confidence in your offerings, it is time to market your spiritual business and attract the clients you wish to serve. Below are some things to consider for marketing your spiritual business:

Do It Your Way – When it comes to marketing a spiritual business, you don’t have to be like everyone else. Always remember that you are in control of your business and by doing it your way, you will feel more aligned and connected to your success. For example, though there is something to be said for having a blog, it is ok to skip this is if simply does not resonate with you. You may prefer a different way of sharing, teaching and educating your audience such as bringing in a social media platform. The point is, do it your way! You will find the clients you are meant to serve by being true to who you are. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it.

Collaborate with other businesses! Do align with other businesses and people who are aligned with your values. Speak, present, get interviewed, author articles and publish with similar business in your industry in an effort to achieve this. Join forces, align and create projects together in an effort to serve your clients and the community. Remember, you’re not in competition with others you’re in collaboration! Lean right into your industry and community and allow yourself to find success through connecting with and boosting the success of those around you.

Be Yourself – Remember that your brand is all about your unique story! So be you, unabashedly! Your business might take you in the limelight or behind the scenes, either way it should reflect who you are. Your brand need not be what others are doing. Craft your brand through tuning into who you are and what resonates with you. Remember that your following was drawn to you for who you are.

Dole it out! – If you are a business owner you are likely an expert at what you do. Whether it be making a product or providing a service, you know your “thing” inside and out. However, it would be completely understandable that you aren’t also an expert at all things branding and marketing. For this reason, it can be a great idea to get support with building your business in those areas you’re not the expert! For example, if you’re not an expert photographer and you need quality images for your website or media related events, then hire a professional photographer to do your work. Equally, if you’re not a website designer and you want a quality site created for your business, hire the professional web designer who is affordable and who you trust. In short, getting the help of those with expert know-how is worth your while!

Specific Guidance on the Launch

Seven most important things to do now, to launch:

  1. Establish Your Business Name, Slogan and Logo. (Here’s where your personal brand story begins to be expressed!)
  2. Open a Business Bank Account
  3. Get an EIN Number
  4. Build and Launch Your Website
  5. Establish a Business Insurance Policy
  6. Hire and Expert in the Legal Industry to Review Forms and Contracts
  7. Consider Becoming Incorporated as an  LLC

Final Notes & Be Sure to Check Out My Article at Forbes!

Find a mastermind group – Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or simply making a shift towards a spiritually based business, having support can make all the difference. Consider reaching out to a like-minded group within your industry and build that network. Collaborating in this way is one of best tools available to you! From family and friends to mentors and spiritual business coaches, obtaining support can help uplift you, inspire new ideas and visions and allow you to confidently present your business to the world.

Be willing to evolve – As you build your spiritual business it is important to reflect on what your business means to you, who it is serving, and how it aligns with who you are. You may find that over time your vision for your business no longer aligns with who you are. It is perfectly acceptable to shift course midstream and change your business as you build it. Whether you continue to build on your foundation by adding more products and services or make a complete shift to something different, your spiritually based business should always be in alignment with who you are.

To take your busines to the next level and learn very specific marketing steps for your business and to receive one on one business coaching, be sure to schedule a session at our online booking system!

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