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Medical Intuition: Heal Yourself and Others Physically, Emotionally and More

No matter how logical or rational you believe yourself to be, you’ve probably used your intuition (or gut feeling) at least once or twice in your life to guide you in the right direction.

If you are particularly connected to your intuition, you might use it for medical purposes to benefit yourself and others. This is when you perceive the underlying causes of physical, emotional, and even spiritual imbalances in the body using your mediumship.

This form of intuitive healing goes beyond conventional medicine, relying on an innate ability to tap into a person’s energy and provide insights into their health and well-being. In this article, we will explore the concept of medical intuition further, so let’s get started.

Understanding Medical Intuition

Medical intuition is a practice rooted in the belief that our bodies, minds, and spirits are intrinsically interconnected, and imbalances in one aspect of our being can affect others. It involves intuitively assessing a person’s energy, often referred to as their “energy field” or “aura,” to identify physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances.

A medical intuitive may use their intuitive abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, or claircognizance, to gain insights into the root causes of health issues and guide individuals toward healing.

History of Medical Intuition

The concept of medical intuition has deep historical roots in various cultures. Many ancient healing traditions, such as Ayurveda in India and Traditional Chinese Medicine, recognized the importance of energy balance in maintaining health and well-being. These systems acknowledged that illness often begins at the energetic or emotional level before manifesting in physical symptoms.

The term “medical intuition” gained prominence in the 20th century when renowned medical intuitive Caroline Myss began teaching and writing about her experiences in the field.

Myss has since become a prominent figure in the world of energy medicine. She introduced the idea that understanding the emotional and spiritual aspects of an ailment can be just as important as addressing the physical symptoms.

Identifying Physical Imbalances

Medical intuitives often work with clients to identify physical health issues and offer insights that can complement conventional medical treatment. They may identify underlying causes of physical ailments, such as chronic pain, digestive problems, or autoimmune disorders, and provide recommendations for treatment or lifestyle changes.

For example, a medical intuitive might sense that a client’s persistent headaches are linked to unresolved emotional stress or a dietary imbalance. By addressing these underlying causes, clients can experience relief from their physical symptoms and improve their overall health.

Addressing Emotional and Psychological Imbalances

Medical intuition isn’t limited to physical health. It also delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of well-being. A medical intuitive can help clients explore the emotional or energetic roots of issues like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

By identifying and addressing the emotional imbalances that contribute to these conditions, clients can work toward healing at a deeper level. This may involve practices like energy clearing, chakra balancing, or emotional release techniques.

Enhancing Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual imbalances, though less commonly discussed, can significantly impact one’s overall health. Medical intuitives can assist individuals in understanding and resolving spiritual blockages or conflicts that may manifest as physical or emotional ailments.

For instance, someone struggling with a sense of purposelessness and existential angst may find guidance from a medical intuitive on their spiritual path. By addressing these concerns, they can experience a sense of fulfillment and well-being.

Intuitive Diagnostics

Some medical intuitives possess an uncanny ability to perform intuitive diagnostics, akin to a non-invasive, energetic form of medical testing. They can identify imbalances, blockages, or energy disruptions within the body by intuitively scanning a person’s energy field.

While this method does not replace conventional medical testing, it can provide valuable insights and complement medical treatment.

The Role of Intuition and Trust

You have probably been using medical intuition already without realizing it. For example, if your child comes to you with an ailment, you use your intuition to quickly discern if they need to go to the doctor or you can heal it at home.

The same thing applies to your aches and pains. You might choose to go to the medical professional for some issues. And choose to ignore others, knowing that they will resolve in time.

Developing your intuition is essential when working with medical intuition, whether you are seeking guidance for yourself or offering it to others. Trusting your intuitive insights and learning to differentiate between ego-driven thoughts and genuine intuition is crucial.

You can also take courses on reiki healing or energy healing to clear blockages, balance chakras, and promote overall vitality for others.

Here are some tips to grow your medical intuition:

  • Use meditation, mindfulness, and journaling to enhance your skills
  • Test your intuition regularly by asking it questions (will it rain today?)
  • Think of your intuition as “God within”
  • Use Oracle cards to build your intuition as well
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your intuition, it’s okay to be wrong sometimes
  • Try to go beyond the ailment to the message underneath
  • Connect to your body’s intelligence and intuition as well
  • Don’t let fear cut off your connection to mediumship
  • Get grounded in nature when using your spiritual intuition
  • Use your intuition around food and sustenance as well

Don’t ever think that your intuition will become a 100% gauge on your path to optimum physical health. Sometimes it might falter. But as much as possible, follow your medical intuition when healing your body or emotional health.

You Can Grow Your Mediumship Skills

Our ancestors used to rely exclusively on their intuition to make all sorts of decisions, but we have lost that skill over time due to disuse. Get it back on track by building your connection to your spiritual intuition again.

If you have been feeling that there’s more to your mediumship skills, but you haven’t been able to tap into it on your own, I am here to help. Grow your psychic development by taking a course with Michelle Beltran. Step into your power and never mistrust your intuition again.

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