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Tap Into The Healing Power Of The Astral Realm

Out-of-body experiences look different for everyone, but they’re almost always significant. Elevated perception, disembodiment, and a strong noetic quality characterize these events.

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This makes sense since psychic development happens greatly on the Astral plane. Here, we’re going to talk about out-of-body experiences (OBEs), Astral projection, and how you can harness the healing power of the Astral realm for personal development.

The Basics of Astral Projection

When you visualize a human being, you likely think of their physical features. Though we’re made up of flesh and bone, this is only the physical body. Our Astral body is where our spirit resides.

This Astral body is a dimension of your subtle energy.”Astral” means that something is of the stars, so the Astral body exists in another dimension – namely, the celestial spheres. Since it exists beyond time, space, and physicality, you can use the astral body to travel beyond where your physical self can go.

The process for doing this is called “Astral projection.” Your consciousness goes to the spirit realm, which operates at a higher frequency than Earth. It’s made of several layers outside of our 3-dimensional plane, and all of them free your spiritual essence.

Why Is the Astral Realm Healing?

Many people including leading spiritualists believe that we all come from the Astral plane. Our souls are created there, and our Astral bodies are the first thing about us to exist. It’s only after these souls form that they inhabit a corporeal physical body and come down to Earth.

These people believe that after we die and our physical body is laid to rest, our Astral body simply returns to the Astral plane. Many people who have died and come back confirm this. Therefore, it’s who we are in our barest, realest form.

It makes sense, then, that visiting the Astral plane will get you more in tune with ways to heal your mind and spirit as well as the body connected to them.


Tantra is a big spiritual system that exists on the astral plane. It uses and controls energy for the evolution of the soul. One of its uses is to raise consciousness to the next dimension so that people can connect with their Astral bodies.

Tantra recognizes, defines, and uses multiple energy types that people can harness. One of these main energy types is your “chi,” or the energy that guides and energizes your spirit. Another major energy type is your “prana,” which is your bio-energy.

Astral Energy

Astral energy is one of the main types of energy under the tantra umbrella. At its essence, this is “emotional energy.”

It’s one of the most powerful energies in tantra assuming that the person harnessing it keeps it under control. If it’s not in control, it can cause a lot of chaos and unbalance for the person.

But once you learn to control it, you can take energy from multiple emotional states and transform them productively. On the Astral plane, you can get in tune with this energy and direct it toward specific purposes such as healing. You can convert this energy into happiness that resolves depression or clarity that eliminates pain and confusion.

What Can You Heal?

Astral projection strengthens your connection to the cosmos so that you can develop spiritually. In some cases, you can use energy healing to resolve pain, confusion, trauma, bitterness, and stress. The Astral plane’s power works differently for everyone who harnesses it.

Some common uses include:

  • Resolving heartbreak after breakups
  • Gaining clarity on personal issues
  • Naturally healing chronic pain
  • Overcoming trauma and trauma-related disorders
  • Bringing internal peace to the forefront of your mind
  • Reconstructing the mind and body gently
  • Healing energy blockages that cause emotional, mental, and spiritual pain
  • Resolving energy blockages that cause physical discomfort and sexual problems

Some people also cite physical healing. Fewer aches and pains are possible. Astral healing can also promote better sleep so you’re more physically energized and alert.

How to Tap Into the Astral Realm

Like communicating with the dead via mediumship, people can Astral project both involuntarily and on purpose. Experts believe that it’s important to tap into the Astral plane with purpose so you can harness its benefits without confusion or fear. You need to enter the plane with a clear mind and solid plan if you want to access its benefits.

One way to do this is through dreaming. Keep a record of your dreams so that you can recognize them when you’re asleep. Lie still and take control of your dreams so that they can turn lucid.

However, this isn’t the only way to purposefully Astral project. It isn’t the best, either.

Astral projection begins at the third chakra. This chakra, at your solar plexus, links the physical body to the soul. It’s similar to the way that a mother is linked to an unborn baby via an umbilical cord – everything is connected.

Relax your body and clear your mind. Then, once you feel calm and at ease, picture the astral cord extending out of your solar plexus. Envision it extending into the astral plane where your consciousness resides.

Once it extends there, you’ll have reached this other world. You’ll experience a sense of tension and relief that you can use for healing.

Sometimes, people will Astral project for only a few minutes. This is the standard, especially for beginners. However, some people can do it for longer stretches of an hour or more.

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