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What’s Blocking Your Intuition

Intuitive Blocks Can Happen

Yes, your intuitive side can from time to time become blocked. It’s actually part of the process and can even increase your ability if you’ll pay attention. So, now that we know that and can embrace it, we have rendered that powerless.

The difficulty inherent in intuitive blocks is that you may not always know (at least right away) what they are or when they are presenting. Let’s now look at what some of those blocks could be so you can identify them.

What Blocks Your Intuition And Intuitive Abilities

Chakra and Aura Energy Blocks

From time to time our energy fields get a little wonky. We may have some energy blocks in our chakra and aura energy centers. Maintaining a balance in all of our chakras are very important. If there energy blocks in these energy centers as well as our aura this can disturb and even block our intuition and intuitive abilities.

A powerful way to open up your psychic awareness is by opening, activating and balancing the chakras. When your chakras are in alignment, your life energy moves easily up your spine to your crown, through which you receive the energies of the higher realms and eventually, enlightenment. When any of your chakras are blocked or imbalanced, those higher energies are blocked from flowing down into all of your energy centers. Have a listen to this powerful meditation at the Intuitive Hour on how to maintain balance in our energy body: A Powerful Chakra Clearing Meditation.

Releasing Doubt

Doubt about your gifts or ability is common but can create a block as well. You know you have allowed in doubt because you feel an emotion or sense of second-guessing, your thinking mind has taken over and worry thoughts have entered. You are most certainly in your thinking mind which is limited and bound by time and space. Your psychic gifts are beyond the mind. They are bigger than you. Set an intention to release doubt and say out loud, “I release doubt from thoughts.” Do this daily.

Are There Phobias?

Phobias and particulars about life come in all different manner of ways. Things you absolutely loathe and don’t understand, could very well be connected to past lives. Think for a few moments: Is there something in your life that you just cannot stand and cannot understand why. Is there a smell of particular odor, a particular food or even a sound of some kind like nails screeching across a chalkboard that creates a rare emotional or uncomfortable rise in you? Tune into this a bit more for a few moments. How do you feel in large crowds or small spaces? Are you frightened of spiders, dislike certain foods, have a desire to hide or be unseen not liking to be the center of attention? Do any of these things or others that come to mind as you ponder this, create anxiety? This is your indication it’s time to soothe your soul, let go of phobias and fears, that are lingering from the past.


When you find yourself saying I need to nail this or you have a sense you must ‘get it right’ or be accurate, that is ego! When you get remotely close that, catch yourself and let it go. Move then into a space of allowing. Meaning, relax and let the information come. Enjoy the journey as it is a process and it is that very process that is the gift. Your desire to be right or ‘get’ images is ego and will hinder your connection.

Your ego would control your life if it could. Be mindful of self talk in which you are comparing yourself to others, belittling yourself, worrying too much, and needing to compete with others to validate your self-worth all point to signs that you have lost touch with your intuition.

So, learn to live in your heart. Meditation absorbs ego right up as you begin to let deeper awareness of who your really are come forward in this quieted space.

The ego is the mind. The real, true you is of the heart. Your intuition is rooted in the heart, feeling-based space not logical thought. So be in silence as often as you can. Life will become effortless as opposed to controlled by the ego.


You are in charge of this work and your intuitive gifts. You have time! They are not going to get up and run away from you! Can we just stop and envision that for a moment. Doens’t that bring a chuckle! Your gifts don’t work that way. So, trust that the knowing of messages will come at the right time. You that the time is right because it is happening now!

You’re not Grounded

Staying energetically grounded is essential. Here’s how you know you’re not grounded: You feel disconnected from yourself and your surroundings. As your intuition becomes more powerful, you will harness deeper relationships with yourself and others, and you will have more empathy for all life on Earth. You will realize that you have the potential to impact this world in a unique way, and that you no longer need to rely on anything outside yourself to thrive on this planet. If you don’t currently feel this way, don’t get discouraged. Simply relax your mind and let the wisdom already within you come to the surface. The fast-paced world we live in can distract us from our true nature very easily, so make sure you unplug from the matrix every once in a while and connect to the vast knowledge of the higher realms.

Take a moment to visit this article here at Your Psychic Library on Grounding: The Essential Psychic Development Tool of Grounding

Damned be Nerves!

There are two kinds of anxiety: the good and the not so good. The good anxiety actually propels you forward. It’s what makes you act, move and do, regardless the anxiety. It motivates you! It’s why the athlete on the start line is shaking their foot or antsy-seeming in anticipation of the start gun firing off. The not so good anxiety is the one that makes you want to curl up into a little ball and hide in the corner and feel like you just want to shrivel up. Use your good anxiety at all times, and especially in intuitive development. Yes, you may get nervous when doing readings and healings or even receiving them. Find a way and a new perspective that supports you in moving forward in your work. Perhaps in these moments you create a positive mantra to keep you present on the gains ahead.


It is possible for any of our clairabilities to be blocked by fear. For example, clairsentience, the ability to feel things in your body can be blocked by fear if you are afraid that you might feel something scary or painful in your own body whenever you use this gift. This can most certainly cause your intuition t to become blocked. Clairvoyance, meaning clear vision, can also be blocked by fear for similar reasons. Meaning, one fears they may see something clairvoyantly that may scare them or that is unwelcome. Understand that your clairvoyance is a gift from the highest of good and love. You might also have an belief system that fears the ultimate outcome, or what people think of you or that your family or friends won’t love you because of your intuitive abilities and your intuition. This can block you from from being intuitive.

Your intuitive gifts are rooted in grace and love, no exceptions. Consider writing down a mantra in your journal to remind you that you are open and available for this divine gift and that you want it to grow stronger so you can help others.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions drop your energy and vibration down. The drag you down and distribute energy in a chaotic direction.  This blocks your intuitive abilities. For example, a very strong emotion that blocks intuition is resentment. Once you hold resentment towards someone or towards ourselves then it opens the door to bringing in any other emotions like anger, hatred or sadness. All of these emotions weigh heavy and they also tend to create a lot of imbalance in our chakra system. Another example is regret. Whenever we regret for something we’ve done in a past, or haven’t done in a past, our mind tends to stuck in that past moment and have that situation as a replay in our heads in a multiple interpretations. This pulls us from the present moment into the past where we get stuck. This does not allow us to stay present and in this moment, fully enjoy life and blocks our intuition from thriving.


Placing expectation is a very strong energy that blocks us from our intuition. As intuitive you may have expectations that you have to be able to see things on demand to be clairvoyant. You may also place expectation of the outcome or the accuracy you’re getting. Expectation like this is limiting and may not let us fully receive the information with accuracy. Once you let go of expectations simply be open to receive the high vibration insight in any possible way it’s coming to you.

Left Brain Mind Noise

We are humans and we are programmed to think. This is a good thing! However it’s the extra, unnecessary chattering in our heads they we can let go of. Before any kind of intuitive development work, learn to quiet your mind. Set the to-do’s aside and make an agreement with your subconscious that you’ll put all the necessary and important ongoings aside and come back to them later. This noise and thoughts are blocking us from our intuition and intuitive abilities. Just five minutes a day in meditation will calm the chaos of the chatter.

Three Tips to Release the Blocks

Psychic Prayer of Protection

Develop a prayer of protection. Say it out loud before and after energy work. Or, as you start and end your day.

This Prayer will root its power into your subconscious and send the clear message to the Universe of your intention for safe and protected, unblocked sessions. It’s important to establish this as part of your practice before you begin energy work, spiritual healing, readings or even meditation.

A protection prayer is not in place for fear that low vibration energies are a threat and will somehow invade your meditative or reading space. Rather, it is a tool to maintain healthy energy boundaries. It is designed to keep your energy within your own space and others energy within their own space. The prayer is a manifestation tool rooted ultimate love and grace wrapping you in pure positive essence of goodness and safety.

Take some time today to develop your own prayer. You may find yourself editing your prayer for a few days as the depth of it fully expresses. In time, you will find a place of knowing that you are complete with your prayer. Be sure to state it before readings, meditations or whenever feels right to you.

Create a Protection Rose

Your pure, positive essence is the only energy allowed in your space. In addition to your Prayer of Protection, a Protection Rose is another energy tool that assists you during your daily life, meditation or any kind of spiritual work to keep healthy energy boundaries in place. A Protection Rose acts like a filter or receptacle that absorbs energies near or around you that are not your own and don’t belong in your space.

A Protection Rose can also serve as a hello of sorts. For example, during my day when the thought of my Protection Rose comes to me, it is a clue to be aware. In these moments, I ground myself, make a conscious choice to become present in the moment (and not distracted by my thinking mind) and become more in tune to the events and occurrences around me. My Protection Rose is giving me a gentle reminder to be mindful of healthy energy boundaries coming in and/or going outward. Here are steps to create a Protection Rose:

  • To help you imagine a rose more clearly in your mind’s eye, while in a meditative space, first find a beautiful rose and study the details of it. See the green of the stem and the leaves, the texture of the petals. Smell it, feel it, and even taste it if you feel drawn to. Is there perhaps a little caterpillar or ladybug on it? Look at the rose and then close your eyes, and see it again in your mind’s eye.
  • The most important thing in creating you rose is its vibrancy—how alive it is and how detailed the image is. While it’s an image you are creating in your mind’s eye, it is a real and absolute symbol of true, raw energy, and this is powerful. Just because it’s an image in our mind doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Your logical left brain may not think so, but the Universe makes no distinction between thought and physical reality. The universe thinks there’s a rose there, right out in front of you, protecting you or doing whatever job you decided it will do. The Universe will honor the intention you set for that rose. The only thing stopping that is you and reality based notions that tangible can be the only reality or proof. As your intuitive ability grows you will begin to understand and trust this concept more and more.
  • Creating a Protection Rose can take a few seconds to several minutes. When I began using this tool, I spent time create it. I desired to see the details of my Protection Rose clearly. I wanted to see the color, the detail of it grounded to the center of the earth. Your process may be similar or much quicker. Honor what feels right to you.
The Power of Visualizing: Imagine a giant syringe and needle

Picture the syringe filling up with brilliant white light and tell the entity you are planning on injecting it with the needle. Usually, the entity or fear will disappear immediately. If you have a strong willed one present, he will still stick around and challenge you.

Imagine the enormous needle entering the Spirit body and slowly squeezing the white light into it.

Watch as the white light, engulfs the entity from head to toe. The entity is at peace now and is returning to the place it came from.

Congratulations on your first low vibration eviction! You will use any one of these techniques on future clients to help them heal or in your dreams or during meditation to evict low vibration entities.

Next Steps in Your Psychic Development

There is much to learn about psychic phenomena. Consider the Kickstart Your Intuition eCourse to help  you get started on learning all about your clairabilities.

In this powerful course, you have the opportunity to awaken your inner voice, gain more clarity around your Soul’s Calling and explore your psychic mind and its potential. Whatever your current understanding, Kickstart Your Intuition will allow you to dive deeper into your Spiritual self and give you the tools and expertise you need to better access your inner knowing. And finally, awaken your intuition.

Where to Go From Here?

I hope you enjoyed this article on the very popular topic of intuition blocks. If you’re looking for more spiritual development information, check out The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice podcast, along with my over 183 episodes covering a wide variety of intuitive development topics.

This article is based on an episode at the Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, one of the Top 8 Podcasts of 2022 To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills right alongside some of the podcast greats: Anthony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Brendon Burchard and featured as 100 Best Spiritual Podcasts.

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