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Psychic Medium Shares Tips to Decode Your Dreams

Psychic Medium Teaches Why We Dream

We dream because we need to. We must have sleep to rejuvenate and replenish. Dreams are a part of our physiological evolution and make up, and they are necessary. If this weren’t so, we (and all mammals) would have evolved away form the ability to dream long ago. As you develop your psychic gifts, you will learn your dreams are a way to bring psychic messages and insight.

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Dreams help to make sure we stay in the necessary sleep state. For example, when the garbage truck rumbles by in the morning, you don’t wake up, yet you do dream of the rumbling thunder storm in your dream. So, the dream allows you to get a good night’s sleep, by uniquely blending in the exterior noises, so as not interrupt this valuable place of rejuvenation.

Dreams are a vehicle to align our emotional selves. When you go to bed feeling upset about something, your subconscious will actually counter the unpleasant feeling by bringing in dreams about pleasant things. You may dream about a happy and fun outing with family, notice vivid and bright colors rooted in good feelings, or perhaps dream about animals that bring you joy. In this way, your dreams become a balancer of sorts so that you awake refreshed and with a new perspective.

Dreams also help us to problem solve. We’ve all heard the phrase, “I’m going to sleep on it.” Though you may not recall how you are problem solving, know that while in dream state, you are indeed doing just this.

Did you know the words to the song “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney were manifested in dream state? The theory of relativity too was captured in a dream state, as was the inspiration behind the creation of the Singer sewing machine. So, the dream state, in a sense, becomes a schoolroom for incredible ideas of creation, innovation and inspiration.

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Create a Book of Symbols

The best dream interpreter is YOU. Think of the word web. What would that word have meant 20 years ago as compared to now? One might have thought of a spider web or a tangled mess of something 20 years ago. But today, for many, the word web conjures up thoughts of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Dream dictionaries are not only outdated, but they are impersonal and have universal meanings as opposed to your meaning.

Create a book of dream symbols. Before you go to bed tonight have that blank journal or note pad nearby. Pay close attention to any symbols and jot them down when you awake. Later, this will become in invaluable tool to interpret your dream. Consider an apple. An apple can be a reference to the state of New York, teachers, your iPhone, or health issues and a need for a nutritional change in your life. Each person will be unique in their knowing of what the apple represents. Take some time to discern what each symbol that comes in your nightly dream space means to you.

3 Steps for Interpreting Your Dreams

  • Pay attention to the feeling that is present in the dream space. Be sure to relate that feeling you have to the person or symbol at the time of the dream. As you become more in tune to your dreams you want to explore this fully.
  • Begin dialogue with your dreams. Ask yourself, “How does this dream apply in my awaken life?” Trust the knowing of the dream is being revealed to you and will arrive when you are ready. You want to be patient with the unraveling of the message. It may require that you revisit you dream journal a time or two or even two or three months later. Trust however that the timing of the delivery is divinely meant and over time the meaning will come.
  • Relate your dream to the past, present and future. Ask yourself, “Where is the information I am getting from my dreams going to be most useful?” If you find that your dream is most relevant to your past then you want to take some time to ask yourself why it is that you continue to hold onto it? Understand that your desire to hold onto something becomes you. You become what you don’t let go of. Eliminate what no longer serves you, be it past, present or future.

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Dream Tips to Remember

  • Tune into the feeling of the dream first.
  • Give your dream the level of importance it is deserving of.
  • Create your own dream dictionary or Book of Symbols.
  • Remember, you are the best dream interpreter of all!
  • Trust fully that your dreams will enrich your life.

Your dreams are a valuable and rich source of life guidance, if you will allow it. Remember to have fun with it all!

I Think I’m a Prophetic Dreamer: How Do I Develop My Psychic Abilities?

Great! You must first begin to be more aware of your dreams. Information in dreams comes to you when it can’t reach the waking mind. So develop the facility for recalling dreams. A dream journal can help make you more able to recall the higher vibrational messages delivered to you in your sleep.

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